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Israel Update


israel Update

israel Update

The latest news and information about Israel that’s not generally reported in the UK media. Also featuring some of Israel’s incredible innovations and achievements.

September 12

Israel Update 12.9.19

ROCKET ATTACKS ON SOUTHERN ISRAEL ON CONSECUTIVE DAYS   On Tuesday Gazans fired two rockets at Ashkelon and Ashdod, where P.M. Netanyahu was holding an election rally. “Leave quietly,” Netanyahu told the crowd before calmly walking off the stage. He returned minutes later to resume his speech. The IDF responded, hitting 15 targets in Gaza. […]

September 5

Israel Update 5.9.19

ISRAEL & THE UK   For the first time Israeli airforce jets have flown in UK airspace to joining 50 aircraft from the German, Italian and American air forces for the 20-day Cobra Warrior exercise, a high-intensity tactical drill. Defence cooperation between Israel and Britain has been increasing in recent years. Read more here   Israeli […]

August 29

Israel Update 29.8.19

IRAN IN DIRECT CONFLICT AGAINST ISRAEL Israeli fighter jets carried out airstrikes in Syria to thwart a planned attack on Israel by Iran-backed fighters using armed drones late Saturday, targeting operatives from Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force as well as Shiite militias who had been planning on sending “kamikaze” attack drones into Israel […]

August 15

Israel Update 15.8.19

NOTE: The Israel Update is taking a break for a couple of weeks. BREAKING NEWS The Interior Minister announced on Thursday that Israel has decided to deny entry to two US congresswomen, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, over their support for boycotting the country. Reportedly the Minster would consider letting Tlaib enter Israel in order […]

August 8

Israel Update 8.8.19

MURDER OF ISRAELI TEENAGER The body of  teenage yeshiva student Dvir Sorek who had been stabbed to death was discovered outside a West Bank community in the predawn hours of Thursday morning, prompting a massive manhunt for the killer. He was studying at the Machanayim religious seminary and had joined the IDF while continuing his […]

August 1

Israel Update 1.8.19

UNITED NATIONS RELIEF & WORKS AGENCY FOR PALESTINE REFUGEES IN THE NEAR EAST. (UNWRA)   From journalist Ian Williams: In June, a file landed on my desk, a devastating expose of the top management of UNRWA.The confidential report, compiled by the ethics office of the agency, cited “credible and corroborated reports” that members of the […]

July 25

Israel Update 25.7.19

  FOCUS ON WATER TECHNOLOGY   Israeli company Watergen has just launched a new partnership with the community of Flint, Michigan, providing what could be the first large scale solution for drinking water by placing a 350 unit in the community church. In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency found dangerous levels of lead in the […]

July 17

Israel Update 17.7.19

ISRAELI NGO “SAVE A CHILD’S HEART” HELPS RWANDAN CHILD HEART DISEASE PATIENTS   Eight children diagnosed with cardiac disease travelled to Israel recently to receive life-saving heart treatment at Wolfson Medical Centre, thanks to “Save a Child’s Heart” (SACH), an Israeli organization working to save children from developing countries.An earlier group of eight children have […]

July 11

Israel Update 11.7.19

ISRAELI SUPPORT FOR ISIS ABUSE SURVIVORS A delegation of 15 Yazidi and Christian survivors from Kurdistan and Iraq (currently resident in Germany) participated in a two-week post-trauma course in Israel, addressing the abuses they suffered at the hands of the Islamic State.  Read more here COUNTER TERRORISM Israeli intelligence agencies have prevented dozens of Islamic […]

July 4

Israel Update 4.7.19

HAMAS CORRUPTION EXPOSED   Suheib Yousef, the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Yousef, has left the terror organisation. He described how he worked for Hamas in Turkey…saying the Hamas setup there was also used to conscript people, including children, in the West Bank to carry out terror attacks against Israelis. “The point of the attacks […]

June 27

Israel Update 27.6.19

BAHRAIN CONFERENCE   Business executives, billionaire investors and Middle East diplomats gathered in Bahrain on Tuesday for a White House-led, two-day “Peace to Prosperity Workshop.” The conference has raised hopes for increased cooperation between Israel and its Arab neighbours. Read more here   A Saudi diplomat said: “We and other countries are willing to make […]

June 20

Israel Update 20.6.19

 VIOLENCE FROM GAZA CONTINUES   Three students had a narrow escape last Thursday night when a rocket fired from Gaza (the second fired that day) hit and damaged a Sderot yeshiva, sending concrete and glass flying. Had the missile struck a few minutes earlier when the main study hall was filled with students, a few […]

June 13

Israel Update 13.6.19

  HIZBULLAH PLOT IN THE UK REVEALED   Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency provided information that led British law enforcement to thwart a 2015 plot by Hizbullah to attack targets in the UK. Reportedly, a stockpile of ammonium nitrate commonly used in bomb making was concealed in thousands of disposable ice packs in a north London […]

May 30

Israel Update 30.5.19

  As an election is called for 17 September, a reminder that internal Israeli politics are outside the ambit of this Update. HRG   DEVASTATING WILDFIRES ACROSS ISRAEL   Fuelled by scorching weather, more than a thousand fires devastated towns and forests across Israel from Thursday to Saturday, forcing thousands of people out of their homes. […]

May 30

Israel Update 30.5.19

  As an election is called for 17 September, a reminder that internal Israeli politics are outside the ambit of this Update. HRG   DEVASTATING WILDFIRES ACROSS ISRAEL   Fuelled by scorching weather, more than a thousand fires devastated towns and forests across Israel from Thursday to Saturday, forcing thousands of people out of their homes. […]

May 23

Israel Update 23.5.19

LAG B’OMER SAMEACH TO MY READERS   GAZA – WHAT THE “CEASEFIRE” LOOKS LIKE   Last week’s Update mentioned fires started in Israeli communities by incendiary devices, sent from Gaza.T his 9  second video of a massive fire in an Israeli wheatfield shows the horrifying reality of the Gazans’ terrorist attacks on Israeli agriculture and […]

May 16

Israel Update 16.5.19

CO-EXISTENCE   Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs shared a kosher Iftar meal (the evening feast taken to break the Ramadan dawn to dusk fast) in Hebron on Monday. The event was organized and sponsored by the Judea and Samaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a joint Israeli-Palestinian group that wants to strengthen economic ties between […]

May 9

Israel Update 9.5.19

Today, May 9, Israel is celebrating its 71st birthday. However, the initial focus of this longer-than-usual Update is to review the massive attack on Israel last weekend. HRG   Between Saturday and Sunday, May 4-5, Islamic Jihad and Hamas launched over 690 rockets and mortars indiscriminately at Israelis from Gaza. Four Israeli civilians were killed […]

May 1

Israel Update 1.5.19

YOM HASHOAH – HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY IN ISRAEL (The date in the Jewish calendar, 27 Nisan, is the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising)   Each year, six Holocaust survivors are chosen to light torches at Yad Vashem on Holocaust Remembrance Day, which begins Wednesday evening, 1st May, in memory of the six million Jews […]

April 24

Israel Update 24.4.19

  Chag Pesach Sameach to my readers. HRG   THE ROYAL AIR FORCE INSTALLS ISRAELI INVENTION   Israeli firm Elbit Systems’ Emergency Personal Locator Beacon (EPLB), the first to be accredited on life jackets for unassisted operation in water, has made its inaugural operational flight on the RAF’s Typhoon aircraft. In the event of an […]

April 17

Israel Update 17.4.19

  Chag Pesach Sameach to my readers. HRG   BERESHEET MISSION   It was a bittersweet end for SpaceIL’s Beresheet probe, the first privately funded lunar lander sent to the moon. During the landing attempt the main engine cut out and communication was lost, ultimately resulting in Beresheet crashing into the moon’s surface. But before its […]

April 10

Israel Update 10.4.19

A brief round-up as internal Israeli politics, and therefore most Election news, is largely outside the ambit of this Update & is extensively covered elsewhere. HRG CO-EXISTENCE   In a survey published last week by online magazine Sicha Mekomit,76% of Arab respondents and 53% of Jewish respondents said that, in their daily lives, relations between […]

April 4

Israel Update 4.4.19

REMAINS OF ISRAELI MIA SOLDIER RETURNED TO ISRAEL.   Sgt. First Class Zachary Baumel will be buried in Jerusalem on Thursday 37 years after he died during the First Lebanon War in 1982 at the age of 21. His father died 10 years ago and his mother Miriam is 90. Read more here   Throughout […]

March 28

Israel Update 28.3.19

GAZA ROCKET DESTROYED HOME IN CENTRAL ISRAEL SEVEN ISRAELI CIVILIANS INJURED, INCLUDING CHILDREN. Luck and miracles saved seven members of the British-Israeli Wolf family from almost certain death, when a rocket from Gaza landed in their home at around 5:20 a.m. on Monday…On a normal morning, Daniel would have been asleep in bed. But he […]

March 20

Israel Update 20.3.19

NOTE: I was in Tel Aviv last Thursday evening when the warning sirens went off. We took shelter in a stairwell along with others, including young children, waiting there some minutes until after the sirens ended, as 90 seconds wasn’t long enough time to reach a bomb shelter. It was an unnerving experience. HRG   […]

March 13

Israel Update 13.3.19

This Update is continuing to highlight the attacks on Israeli communities close to the Gaza Border and the IDF soldiers protecting them, as this topic is virtually unreported outside Israel. HRG   GAZA   A cluster of balloons launched from Gaza, carrying a missile warhead for the first time, landed in Israel on Saturday. Israeli […]

March 7

Israel Update 7.3.19

TERROR ATTACK   Two Israeli soldiers were wounded in a predawn car-ramming attack in the West Bank on Monday, one of them seriously, the army said. The force opened fire on the three occupants of the vehicle, killing two and wounding the third. Read more here   The car-ramming attack on Monday involved three Palestinians. […]

February 28

Israel Update 28.2.19

NOTE: Internal Israeli politics are outside the remit of this Update.   GAZA BORDER VIOLENCE CONTINUES Hamas has recently increased its night time rioting near the Gaza border fence, which includes throwing explosives and using loudspeakers to simulate missile alerts. The goal, to frighten the Israeli residents, is working. Psychological distress is especially evident among […]

February 21

Israel Update 21.2.19

GAZA BORDER – VIOLENCE CONTINUES   Over the past few weeks, Gazans have been rioting every evening. On Sunday they carried out a violent demonstration along the northern part of the Strip, during which tyres were set on fire and rioters hurled explosive devices toward Israeli soldiers. A soldier was wounded by shrapnel to several parts […]

February 14

Israel Update 14.2.19

TERRORIST MURDER   A Palestinian man, suspected of brutally murdering young Israeli woman Ori Ansbacher, 19, in a Jerusalem forest on Thursday, was arrested. The suspect who was in Israel illegally has reportedly confessed to the murder. Read more here   A group of Palestinian and Israeli coexistence activists paid a condolence visit to the […]

February 7

Israel Update 7.2.19

  GAZA ROCKET ATTACKS ON SOUTHERN ISRAEL Alert sirens sounded Wednesday evening in a number of Gaza border communities as a rocket launched from the Strip exploded in southern Israel… Earlier in the evening, a rocket fired from Gaza towards Israel failed to clear the border and landed inside the coastal strip. In response, an […]

January 31

Israel Update 31.1.19

AID TO BRAZIL   130 IDF soldiers left Israel on Sunday for the area of the collapsed dam in Brazil. The delegation includes engineering experts, doctors, search and rescue teams, firefighters, and soldiers from the Israeli Navy’s underwater missions unit. Search and rescue teams are equipped with advanced means of cellular location, underwater radars and […]

January 24

Israel Update 24.1.19

  IRAN FIRED A MISSILE FROM SYRIA TOWARDS ISRAEL ON SUNDAY Israeli fighter jets struck Iranian and Syrian military targets, air defence batteries and Iranian Quds Forces positions throughout Syria early Monday in response to the firing of a missile by Iranian forces in Syria toward the Golan Heights. The missile was intercepted by the […]

January 18

January 17

Hizbullah threat The IDF on Saturday located a sixth attack tunnel dug by Hizbullah from Lebanon into Israeli territory. “The tunnel was 800 metres long on its Lebanese side and infiltrated dozens of metres into Israel. The tunnel is two metres high, one metre in diameter, and approximately 55 metres deep. It’s equipped with railway […]

January 10

January 9

Gaza On Sunday morning, a bomb was flown into Israel using a large cluster of balloons and a model drone. The explosive device landed in a carrot field in southern Israel. In response, Israeli military helicopters attacked two Hamas observation posts. Subsequently, Gazan terrorists fired a rocket into Israel early Monday, which was intercepted by […]

January 3

January 2

Happy 2019 to my readers! Aid to Indonesia Volunteers from Israeli NGO IsraAID flew to Indonesia (a Muslim-majority country having no diplomatic relations with Israel) to provide safe water and psychological support in the wake of the tsunami disaster. Some IsraAID workers had been there since the last earthquake. Watch the video on Youtube Hisbullah […]

December 20

14 – 20 December

Hizbullah The Israel Defence Forces located a fourth attack tunnel dug by Hizbullah from Lebanon into Israeli territory, the army said Sunday. The UN Interim Force in Lebanon said Monday: “Based on UNIFIL’s independent assessment, UNIFIL has so far confirmed the existence of all the four tunnels close to the Blue Line in northern Israel. […]