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Israel Update


Israel Update

Israel Update

The latest news and information about Israel that’s not generally reported in the UK media. Also featuring some of Israel’s incredible innovations and achievements.

August 9


Before I take a break, some information concerning the recent flare-up in Gaza. H.R.G.   OPERATION BREAKING DAWN     From Friday until late Sunday night Islamic Jihad fired 1,100 rockets at Israel, 200 of which landed within Gaza. Of the 990 rockets that made it into Israel, 380 were intercepted by the Iron Dome […]

August 4

Israel Update 4.8.22

Israel Update is taking a break for the next 2 weeks. I hope to be back on or around 25 August. HRG.   ARREST     Islamic Jihad’s West Bank commander Bassam al-Saadi, was arrested by the IDF on Tuesday. Reportedly 50 of the group’s operatives have been detained and are undergoing questioning by the […]

July 28


E.R.     With self-triage upon check-in and robots to help you find your way, the world’s largest emergency room opened in Israel on Thursday at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre (Ichilov).Read more here   COUNTER TERRORISM A Palestinian man armed with a knife, suspected of planning a stabbing attack, was detained by police officers […]

July 21

Israel Update 21.7.22

JERUSALEM ATTACK A Palestinian who holds a permit to work in Israel, stabbed an Israeli man with a screwdriver on a bus in Jerusalem on Tuesday. Ynet news photographer Meshi Ben Ami, who was passing by, shot and wounded the attacker. Prime Minister Yair Lapid said, “I congratulate the Ynet photographer who happened to be at the scene and […]

July 14

Israel Update 14.7.22

US PRESIDENT BIDEN’S VISIT TO ISRAEL   President Biden’s remarks upon landing in Israel on Wednesday Transcript: here     He visited Yad Vashem to participate in a solemn ceremony and spoke at length to two Holocaust survivors. Video (6’15’’) View here   President Biden and Israeli P.M. Lapid signed a joint strategic declaration on Thursday, […]

July 7

Israel Update 7.7.22

TERROR ATTACKS     Itzhak Dahan, 47, suffered serious head injuries after being stabbed Tuesday morning while walking to prayers near Bnei Brak. A Palestinian suspect was subsequently arrested in a joint operation by the police and Shin Bet intelligence agency. Read more here     The Israel Security Agency thwarted 172 substantial terrorist attacks […]

June 30

Israel Update 30.6.22

DISSOLUTION OF KNESSET (PARLIAMENT)     Israel’s Knesset voted to dissolve on Thursday, with new elections scheduled for Nov. 1. Under a previous coalition agreement, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid will replace Naftali Bennett as prime minister until a new government is formed after the elections.Read more here     ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING   Lord Ian […]

June 23

Israel Update 23.6.22

ISRAEL’S KNESSET (PARLIAMENT) EXPECTED TO DISSOLVE NEXT WEEK   The Knesset on Wednesday voted to dissolve itself in a preliminary reading vote, effectively triggering a fifth snap election in three years. The bill will probably now be moved to the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee to be prepared for a second and third reading, which […]

June 16

Israel Update 16.6.22

ISRAEL & THE EU     Israel, Egypt and the European Union signed a memorandum of understanding on Wednesday in Cairo that will see Israel export its natural gas to the E.U. for the first time. The landmark agreement will increase liquified natural gas sales to EU countries, which are aiming to reduce dependence on […]

June 9

Israel Update 9.6.22

EGYPT & ISRAEL     Intensive consultations are underway between Israel, Egypt and the European Commission to export Eastern Mediterranean natural gas to Europe. Read more here     Israel and Egypt are also working on plans to increase bilateral annual trade to $700 million within three years.Read more here     In March, Egypt […]

June 2

Israel Update 2.6.22

 SAUDI ARABIA   After lifting a ban on Israelis in its territory, dozens of businesspeople with Israeli passports have landed in Saudi Arabia, taking advantage of warming relations between the countries to advance bilateral economic agreements. These visits have resulted in two multimillion-dollar desert agriculture deals, in addition to a medical equipment contract…Officially, Saudi Arabia […]

May 26

Israel Update 26.5.22

ISRAEL & THE EUROPEAN UNION     Israel and the EU have been in negotiations for the past month to export gas to Europe via Egypt. Israel’s Energy Ministry Director General said that the European Commission “officially asked for Israel’s help to get through the energy crisis,”. Israel has been preparing to double its export […]

May 12

Israel Update 12.5.22

Probably no Update next week, hopefully back on 26 May.HRG   TERRORISM     Yonatan Habakkuk, Boaz Gol and Oren Ben Yiftah, three young fathers, were murdered by two axe and knife-wielding Palestinians in Elad on Israeli Independence Day last Thursday evening. Four others were injured. 16 children were left fatherless by the attack.Read more […]

May 5

Israel Update 5.5.22

Unable to compile the usual Update this week so just a few items about the week’s main events. Atzmaut Sameach! HRG   YOM HAZIKARON & YOM HA’ATZMAUT IN ISRAEL   Israel on Tuesday evening and Wednesday, Yom HaZikaron (Memorial Day), honoured the nation’s fallen soldiers and victims of terror with memorial services, visits to cemeteries […]

April 28

Israel Update 28.4.22

YOM HASHOAH – HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY     Israelis stood in silence on Thursday 28 April at 10.00 a.m. while a two-minute siren was heard across the country in remembrance of the 6 million Jewish victims of the Holocaust. People halted where they were walking, and drivers stopped their cars to get out of the […]

April 14

Israel Update 14.4.22

Pesach (Passover) & Easter greetings to my readers. No Israel Update next week, hopefully back in a fortnight.   TEL AVIV TERROR ATTACK     The three victims of the terrorist shooting attack last Thursday night in Tel Aviv were laid to rest on Sunday. Eytam Magini, 27, recently got engaged. His friend, Tomer Morad, […]

April 7

Israel Update 7.4.22

At the time of writing (Thursday afternoon) the Israeli government is in the midst of a political crisis resulting from the resignation from the coalition yesterday of MK Idit Silman. Her departure means that the current ruling coalition has lost its razor-thin 61 MK majority out of 120 seats.     MORE NEWS FROM THE […]

March 31

Israel Update 31.3.22

  FURTHER TERROR ATTACKS       Two Israeli Arab terrorists from Umm al-Fahm opened fire at people at a bus stop in Hadera on Sunday. Two Israeli Border Police officers ran toward the site after hearing the gunshots and were killed in the exchange of fire, as were the assailants. “Our officers managed to […]

March 24

Israel Update 24.3.22

ARAB TERRORIST ATTACKS   Four Israelis were killed and two others wounded Tuesday in a car ramming and stabbing attack at an outdoor shopping mall in Beersheba in Israel’s deadliest terror attack in years.  The terrorist from the Bedouin town of Hura, stabbed a woman to death at a gas station, then rammed a cyclist […]

March 17

Israel Update 17.3.22

Purim Sameach to my readers!     UKRAINE/RUSSIA: ISRAEL’S MEDIATION EFFORTS     Israel’s PM Bennett has reportedly played a central role in advancing negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, and has been the “primary international mediator” during the talks, the Financial Times reported, citing three people familiar with the matter. Bennett held several phone calls […]

March 10

Israel Update 10.3.22

FIRST ISRAELI LEADER’S STATE VISIT TO TURKEY IN 14 YEARS.   Turkish President Erdogan said Wednesday he believed that Israeli President Herzog’s “historic visit will be a turning point in relations between Turkey and Israel”. Read more here   Israeli President Herzog arrived in Ankara at the start of an official visit on Wednesday, the […]

March 3

Israel Update 3.3.22

ISRAELI AID FOR UKRAINE   Israel sent 3 flights with 100-tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine within 24 hours on Monday/Tuesday.  The aid included 17 tons of medical equipment and medicine, water purification systems intended to supply 200,000 people, emergency water supply kits to supply 100,000 people, winter tents to house 3,000, 15,000 blankets, 3,000 […]

February 24

Israel Update 24.2.22

UKRAINE     Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid on Thursday called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a “severe violation of international order.” which Israel condemned. Read more here     Israeli NGOs are sending aid to refugees. SmartAID is sending supplies and setting up Wi-Fi hot spots for aid workers and refugees in Poland. United Hatzalah […]

February 17

Israel Update 17.2.22

BAHRAIN     Naftali Bennett became the first Israeli prime minister to visit Bahrain on Monday. He said: “Israel and Bahrain are dealing with major security challenges that stem from the same source, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran….We are fighting Iran and its henchmen in the region day and night and we will help our […]

February 10

Israel Update 10.2.22

VITAMIN D STUDY     Israel scientists say they have gathered the most convincing evidence to date that increased vitamin D levels can help COVID-19 patients reduce the risk of serious illness or death. Researchers from Bar Ilan University and the Galilee Medical Centre say that the vitamin has such a strong impact on disease […]

February 3

Israel Update 3.2.22

  VISIT OF PRESIDENT & MRS HERZOG TO UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, received President of Israel Isaac Herzog, the first such official Presidential visit to the UAE. The national anthems of the two countries were […]

January 27

No Israel Update this week

‘m taking a break from the Update this week and hopefully will post again next week. Meanwhile, Storm Elpis has hit Israel and heavy snow has fallen in Jerusalem and the North. Pictures here of an unusually snowy capital city: View here

January 20

Israel Update 20.1.22

Dedicated to the memory of my dear Mum, Esther bat Henoch whose 20th Yahrzeit is this evening/tomorrow 19 Shevat. HRG   CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   Last week’s figures where available in brackets for comparison.   Israel reported Thursday that about 72,000 (48,095) new coronavirus cases had been diagnosed the previous day.  Among the hospitalised patients, […]

January 13

Israel Update 13.1.22

  CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   Last week’s figures where available in brackets for comparison.   Israel’s Health Ministry reported Thursday that 48,095 (16,115) new coronavirus cases had been diagnosed the previous day – the highest such figure since the onset of the pandemic in Israel. Hospitals are currently treating 879 (307) COVID patients, of whom […]

January 6

Israel Update 6.1.22

  TRAVEL IN & OUT OF ISRAEL   The “red list” of no-fly countries (which had included the UK & US) is to be cancelled, subject to approval by the Israeli Cabinet and a parliamentary panel. Israelis will be able to travel again anywhere in the world (subject to the destination country’s entry requirements) without […]

December 30

Israel Update 30.12.21

Best wishes for 2022 to all my readers.. HRG   IRANIAN THREAT     Iran fired multiple ballistic missiles last Friday at the close of five days of military drills that Iranian generals said were a warning to Israel and which included a mock strike on Israel’s nuclear facility.Read more here       ISRAEL […]

December 23

Israel Update 23.12.21

RECOGNITION BY ISRAELI-ARAB POLITICAL LEADER     Mansour Abbas, head of the Islamic Ra’am party that is part of the Israeli government coalition, said Tuesday that Israel’s status as a Jewish state could not be changed, advising the Arab community to follow his pragmatic approach rather than trying to challenge the country’s identity. “Israel was […]

December 9

Israel Update 9.12.21

 CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL     Israel registered the highest number of COVID cases in a month on Wednesday, a day after all pre-school and children under 12 were required to present a negative coronavirus test to return after the Hanukkah break.   786 new virus carriers were identified on Tuesday up from 607 a week […]

December 2

Israel Update 2.12.21

  Happy Chanukah to all my readers HRG     IRANIAN THREAT     Israel has been sharing intelligence with the United States showing that Iran is reportedly “taking technical steps to prepare to enrich uranium” to weapons-grade 90 percent purity. The preparations could enable Tehran to reach weapons-grade level within just a few weeks. […]

November 25

Happy Chanukah to those readers who will celebrating from Sunday evening. MOROCCO   Israel’s Defence Minister Gantz signed a memorandum of understanding with his Moroccan counterpart on Wednesday, the first such agreement between Israel and an Arab state. The agreement formalized the defence ties between the two countries, allowing for smoother cooperation between their defence […]

November 18

Israel Update 18.11.21

  CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Figures from last week’s Update where available in brackets for comparison)     While the number of serious COVD-19 cases continued to wane, Israel’s coronavirus reproduction rate (R-number) rose on Wednesday to 0.95. The R number, which indicates how many people each infected person passes the virus on to, has […]

November 11

Israel Update 29/10/21-11/11/21

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Figures from 4 Nov. Update in brackets for comparison) Israel’s Health Ministry reported Thursday morning that 489  (642) Israelis have tested positive for coronavirus over the previous 24 hours, putting the country’s positivity rate at 0.65%. Israeli hospitals were treating 146 (238) COVID-19 patients in serious condition, 102 (139)  of whom were […]

October 28

Israel Update 28.10.21

Please note that the Israel Update is taking a break so there will be no mailing next week 4 November. Hopefully to be resumed the following week. HRG   CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Figures from last week’s Update in brackets for comparison)   Israel’s government voted Wednesday evening to cancel restrictions on outdoor gatherings, which […]

October 21

Israel Update 21.10.21

ENTRY TO ISRAEL – UPDATE     P.M Bennett and the Health and Tourism ministries approved a plan on Thursday to allow vaccinated and recovered tourists  into the country beginning Nov. 1. The plan, which still must be ratified by the full government, allows tourists who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson and […]

October 14

Israel Update 14.10.21

ISRAELIS SECRETLY EVACUATED 167 AFGHANS     Humanitarian aid group IsraAid coordinated the evacuation of 125 vulnerable Afghans via Albania earlier this month. The group included judges, professional cyclists, journalists, TV presenters, human rights activists, relatives of Afghan diplomats, artists, law enforcement officers and scientists. In September, IsraAID took part in the evacuation of 42 Afghan women […]

October 7

Israel Update 7.10.21

  CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Figures from last week’s Update in brackets for comparison)     Israel’s Health Ministry reported Tuesday evening that the number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized in serious condition dropped under 500 for the first time since August 13.  Unvaccinated patients account for over 76% of all severe cases while patients who […]

September 30

Israel Update 30.9.21

COUNTER-TERRORISM     Raids that targeted members of a Hamas cell in the West Bank overnight Saturday, and killed five terrorist suspects, prevented major terror attacks, including a series of kidnappings and murders and a large-scale attack in Jerusalem. Read more here     Israeli security forces early Monday carried out further operations in to […]

September 23

Israel Update 23.9.21

  Chag Succot Sameach to all my readers.   IRON DOME FUNDING     A group of anti-Israel lawmakers forced the US House Democratic leadership Tuesday to cut $1 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome from a short-term government funding bill.  Moderate House Democrats slammed their colleagues for their anti-Israel stance. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.) called […]

September 16

Israel Update 3-16 September 2021

ISRAEL UPDATE 3-16 September   Chag Succot Sameach to all my readers.   INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CO-OPERATION     Dr. Noor Ul Owase Jeelani, a pediatric neurosurgeon at London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital has spoken of his pride and joy at helping successfully separate Israeli conjoined twins . He worked with staff at Soroka University Medical […]

September 2

Israel Update 2.9.21

Rosh Hashanah greetings for a Happy & Healthy New Year to all my readers. There will be no Israel Update next week. HRG   GAZA   Barel Hadaria Shmueli, 21, a Border Police officer died on Monday. He had been shot in the head at close range by a Gazan attacker as he guarded the […]

August 26

Israel Update 26.8.21

ISRAELI PM VISITS WASHINGTON DC     Prime Minister Bennett’s meeting with US President Joe Biden was postponed from Thursday until  Friday morning because of the Afghanistan suicide bombings.  Read more here   GAZA   An Israeli Border Police officer, Barel Shmueli, 21, was shot in the head at point-blank range and critically wounded  during […]

August 19

Israel Update 19.8.21

GAZA ROCKET ATTACK ON ISRAEL     Gazan terrorists fired two rockets towards the Israeli town of Sderot on Monday afternoon in the first such attack since May’s 11-day conflict . The Iron Dome missile defence system intercepted one of the rockets, while the second fell short landing inside Gaza.   Read more here     Reportedly, […]

August 12

Israel Update 12.8.21

HEZBOLLAH ATTACK     Hezbollah fired 19 rockets at northern Israel from Lebanon last Friday morning, sending residents in a number of  Israeli towns  scrambling to shelters. 10 projectiles were intercepted by Iron Dome 6 in open areas and  another 3 rockets failed to clear the border and landed in Lebanese territory. Read more here […]

August 5

Israel Update 5.8.21

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL    (Last week’s figures in brackets for comparison)     3,421 (2260) new COVID-19 cases were diagnosed in Israel on Wednesday, marking the country’s third consecutive day with more than 3,000 confirmed cases. There are currently 460 COVID patients hospitalized with 241 (153) in serious condition, of whom 51 (28)  are connected […]

July 28

Israel update 28.7.21

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL    (Last week’s figures in brackets for comparison)   Israel on Wednesday reported over 2,000 new COVID cases diagnosed a day earlier, for the second day in a row. 2,260 (1,336) people tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday. At least 153 (72) patients are in serious condition, of whom 28 (15) are […]

July 22

Israel Update 22.7.21

    INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL   Israel’s coronavirus cabinet decided today Thursday, that the list of countries under travel ban – which Israelis cannot visit unless they obtain a permission from the designated governmental committee – will be expanded to include Britain, Turkey, Cyprus, and Georgia starting from Friday, July 30. It already included Uzbekistan, Argentina, […]

July 15

israel Update 15.7.21

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   Israel on Thursday reported more than 700 new daily coronavirus cases for the third day in a row. 765 people tested positive for coronavirus on Wednesday, of whom 71 were confirmed as carriers during mandatory testing at Ben Gurion Airport. 54 patients are in serious condition, a rise of nine from […]

July 8

Israel Update 8.7.21

ISRAEL’S NEW PRESIDENT   Former Labour party leader Isaac Herzog took office on Wednesday as Israel’s 11th president, pledging to serve as a “president for all”. Read more here     GAZA   Incendiary balloons launched from Gaza last Thursday caused 4 fires in southern Israel. In response, IDF planes bombed a Hamas weapons factory in […]

July 1

Israel Update 1.7.21

FLORIDA CONDOMINIUM COLLAPSE   A team of Israeli search-and-rescue specialists joined American workers on Sunday at the site of a Florida apartment building that partially collapsed last Thursday. The delegation is headed by Col. (res.) Golan Vach, and consists of 10 reserve officers from the IDF’s Home Front Command, all top experts in engineering. Read […]

June 24

Israel update 24.6.21

SAVE A CHILD’S HEART   Over 30 children and teens from seven African countries, the West Bank and Gaza are being treated at Wolfson Medical Centre near Tel Aviv for life-threatening heart conditions, the largest group of patients brought to Israel in over a year by Save a Child’s Heart, a charitable medical organization which […]

June 16

Israel Update 16.6.21

NEW ISRAELI GOVERNMENT   Israel’s Knesset (Parliament) on Sunday approved a new government formed by Yamina party leader Naftali Bennett and Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid in a 60-59 vote, with one abstention. Read more here   Address by Prime Minister designate Naftali Bennett at the swearing in of the government on Sunday. Read it here […]

June 10

Israel Update 10.6.21

GAZA   Slowly, further information is emerging about some of the incidents that occurred during the recent war in Gaza.   At the end of May, UNRWA, the UN Palestinian refugee agency, found what “appears to be a cavity and a possible tunnel, at the location of the missile strike,” under the UNRWA Zaitoun Preparatory […]

June 3

Israel Update 3.6.21

    A NEW COALITION?   Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid on Wednesday night informed President  Rivlin that he is able to form a government in which he and Yamina chief Naftali Bennett will alternate as prime minister.  The coalition is supported by Ra’am leader Mansour Abbas whose Islamist party would be the first majority […]

May 27

Israel Update 27.5.21

CEASEFIRE   Israel and Hamas in Gaza agreed to a cease-fire that began early last Friday 21/5. Read more here   During the latest conflict, more than 4,360 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israel, of which 3,573 penetrated Israeli airspace, 680 fell inside Gaza and 280 fell into the sea. Read more here […]

May 20

Israel Update 20.5.21

SOLIDARITY   The foreign ministers of Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia visited Israel Thursday in a show of solidarity as fighting continues with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. They toured sites hit by rockets from Gaza, met ministers and attended briefings.“I am speechless after I witnessed the destruction and terror that Israel has experienced,” […]

May 13

Israel Update 13.5.21

NOTE BY HRG:   As I write on Thursday afternoon, large parts of Israel’s south and centre are again suffering rocket attacks.   The current conflagration arose from:   Exploitation and incitement by Hamas and the P.A. of a 50 year legal dispute over property ownership and non payment of rent in Sheikh Jarrah (see […]

April 29

Israel Update 29.4.21

HAPPY LAG B’OMER TO MY READERS   ISRAEL UNDER ATTACK   ROCKETS FIRED BY GAZAN TERRORISTS ON ISRAELI CIVILIAN COMMUNITIES   On Friday night and Saturday, 38 rockets and mortar shells were fired at Israeli border communities in the most serious assault in a year and a half. 7 were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome […]

April 21

Israel Update 21.4.21

THE UK’S  MICHAEL GOVE &  JONATHAN VAN-TAM VISIT ISRAEL   UK Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove, accompanied by Jonathan Van-Tam, one of England’s deputy chief medical officers, arrived in Israel Monday night on a fact-finding mission to see how the country is opening up from COVID-19 restrictions.  Israel’s Foreign Minister said that the UK and Israel plan […]

April 15

Israel Update 15.4.21

YOM HAZIKARON & YOM HA’ATZMAUT   A one-minute siren at 8 p.m. on Tuesday marked the beginning of Israel’s Remembrance Day to honour the 23,928 fallen soldiers and civilian victims of wars and terrorism.  A second two-minute siren sounded at 11 am Wednesday morning. Israel’s Independence Day, which immediately follows Remembrance Day, began on Wednesday […]

April 8

Israel Update 8.4.21

YOM HASHOAH – HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY   Israelis stood in silence on Thursday morning as a 2-minute siren sounded throughout the country marking Holocaust Remembrance Day. Read more here   Each year, six Holocaust survivors are chosen to light torches at Yad Vashem on Holocaust Remembrance Day in memory of the six million Jews who were […]

March 24

Israel Update 24.3.21

This Update is taking a break so there will be no email next week 1stApril. In the meantime I wish those of my readers who are celebrating Passover or Easter, Pesach Sameach or Happy Easter respectively. HRG   ISRAEL’S ELECTION   A combination of coronavirus precautions, along with the upcoming Passover holiday, could see the […]

March 18

Israel Update 18.3.21

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Last week’s figures in brackets for comparison)   1,496 (2,802) new cases of coronavirus were registered in Israel on Wednesday. The number of patients in serious condition dropped to 579 (645). The death toll is 6,062 (5,955). Read more here   VACCINATION PROGRAMME   After representatives from Iran, Qatar, and the […]

March 11

Israel Update 11.3.21

INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION   Tel Aviv-based IsraAid has launched the first of several missions to help poor countries build their COVID-19 vaccination programmes. A seven-member team landed in the small African state of Eswatini  (formerly Swaziland) on Monday for a two-week visit by government invitation to help with logistics and public education ahead of the vaccine […]

March 4

Israel Update 4.3.21

ATTACK ON ISRAELI-OWNED SHIP   An Israeli-owned cargo ship, the MV Helios Ray, was hit by an explosion in the Gulf of Oman overnight last Thursday.A U.S. defence official said the blast left holes in both sides of the vessel’s hull above the water line. The ship stopped at Dubai for repairs. Israeli officials suspect that Iran […]

February 25

Israel Update 25.2.21

PURIM SAMEACH TO ALL MY READERS   ECOLOGICAL DISASTER   After a major oil spill affected Israel’s entire Mediterranean coast, thousands of IDF soldiers assisted workers and volunteers for the Nature and Parks Authority in cleaning tar off beaches. A marine scientist called the spill the worst disaster of its kind in over 40 years. […]

February 18

Israel Update 18.2.21

LOCKDOWN EASED   Israel’s cabinet ministers on Monday approved the reopening of stores, gyms, hotels, and other venues from Sunday, in a major easing of sweeping lockdown measures. Street-front shops, malls, markets, museums, and libraries will be open to all. But only those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19 will be able […]

February 11

Israel Update 11.2.21

  CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Last week’s figures in brackets for comparison)   5,540 (7,385) new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed on Wednesday, the third day in a row that daily cases fell. 1,027 (1,103) are in serious condition.  The death toll has reached 5,265 (4,947). 40% of Israelis have received the first dose of […]

February 4

Israel Update 4.2.21

KOSOVO   Israel and Kosovo formally established diplomatic ties on Monday, with the Muslim-majority territory also recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.              Read more here   CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Last week’s figures in brackets for comparison)   7,385 (7668) new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed on Wednesday. 1,103 (1,132) are in […]

January 28

Israel Update 28.1.21

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   Israel on Monday night closed Ben Gurion Airport to nearly all flights initially until the end of January. Read more here Israel has also closed its land crossings with Egypt & Jordan . Read more here  (Last week’s figures in brackets for comparison) There were 7,668 (8,174) new coronavirus cases in […]

January 21

Israel Update 21.1.21

  ISRAEL & THE USA   At his Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, Antony Blinken, President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, was asked “Do you agree that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and do you commit that the United States will keep our embassy in Jerusalem?” “Yes and yes,” Blinken responded. Read […]

January 14

Israel Update 14.1.21

ISRAEL & THE UK   The Tel Aviv-headquartered Aura Air startup has finished outfitting 400 tourist buses, newly repurposed to carry frontline workers in the UK and Ireland, with its unique data-driven air purification system. Read more here   Israel’s Elbit Systems UK subsidiary has been awarded a 12-year, $166 million contract from the UK Ministry of […]

January 7

Israel Update 7.1.21

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL    (Last week’s figures in brackets for comparison)   There were 7820 (5253) new cases confirmed in Israel on Wednesday.  873(639) patients are in serious condition with 210 (165) on ventilators. Since the start of the pandemic, 3527 (3314) people have died from the disease. Israel will begin a tightened lockdown for […]

December 31

Israel Update 31.12.20

Greetings for a Happy & Healthy 2021 to all my readers.   ISRAEL’S VACCINATION PROGRAMME   Israel’s Health Ministry reported Thursday that it has inoculated almost 800,000 people – 7.7% of its population – with the first of two vaccinations against Covid-19, including 33% of those aged 60 and over. 150,000 people were inoculated on […]

December 24

Israel Update 24.12.20

VACCINATION PROGRAMME   Only three days after launching its nationwide coronavirus vaccination campaign, Israel now ranks first in the world inthe number of COVID-19 vaccination doses administered per 100 people, according to official data collected by Our World in Data and published on Wednesday.Read more here   The “Give a Shoulder” vaccination campaign got underway […]

December 17

Israel Update 17.12.20

CHANUKAH SAMEACH TO ALL MY READERS   NORMALISATION OF RELATIONS BETWEEN MOROCCO & ISRAEL.   Last Thursday, Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to the (US) President said:”Morocco will establish full diplomatic relations and resume official contacts with Israel. They will grant overflights and direct flights to and from Israel for all Israelis. They’ll reopen the liaison […]

December 10

Israel Update 10.12.20

Chanukah Sameach to all my readers celebrating the Festival of Lights!   THE UK & ISRAEL   Last Thursday, UK Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Sir Nicholas Carter and IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi met via video link and signed an agreement to formalize and enhance Israel-UK defence collaboration…There is also what a […]

December 3

Israel Update 3.12.20

INTERNATIONAL AID   A team of 20 doctors and nurses from Israel’s Sheba Medical Centre flew to northern Italy on December 2 to assist a local hospital dealing with a serious outbreak of Covid-19. The 10-day mission was initiated following an appeal from the governor of the Piedmont District to Israel’s ambassador to Italy.  read […]

November 26

Israel Update 26.11.20

ANOTHER ROCKET ATTACK FROM GAZA   Terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired a rocket at Ashkelon on Saturday night, striking and damaging an empty warehouse.  The attack came at around 9:30 p.m., setting off sirens in Ashkelon and its industrial zone, including areas where tens of thousands of people live. Read more here   SAUDI […]

November 19

Israel Update 19.11.20

ROCKET ATTACK FROM GAZA   In response to two rockets launched toward central Israel, the IDF targeted underground infrastructure and military posts of Hamas in Gaza on Monday morning. The rockets were fired at 2 a.m., sending thousands of Israelis into shelters. Residents in central Israel reported hearing large explosions and videos circulating on social […]

November 12

Israel Update 12.11.20

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Last Thursday’s figures in brackets for comparison)   There were 734 (754) new virus cases diagnosed on Wednesday with 1.9% of people screened testing positive. 321 (353) patients are in serious condition, with 127 (154) on ventilators. The death toll is 2,700. (2,597) Read more here   Israel has opened a […]

November 5

Israel Update 5.11.20

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   (Last Thursday’s figures in brackets for comparison)   There were 754  (688) new virus cases diagnosed in 24 hours, according to Health Ministry figures released Thursday morning. Of the 9,406 (11,914) active virus patients, 353 (464) are in serious condition, with 154  (199) on ventilators. The death toll is 2,597 (2,494).On Wednesday […]

October 29

Israel Update 29.10.20

SUDAN   It was announced last Friday that Sudan has agreed to make peace with Israel, making it the third Arab state to normalize ties as part of US-brokered deals since August. Read more here   Several key Sudanese political parties announced their opposition to the  decision. Read more here   Israel will send $5 […]

October 22

Israel Update 22.10.20

GAZA   Last Friday evening, Gazan terrorists fired a rocket into Israel. Sirens were set off sending thousands of civilians to bomb shelters for the second time this month. Read more here   The IDF announced Tuesday that, following an “indication” from the underground barrier system currently being installed, it had uncovered a “terror attack […]

October 15

Israel Update 15.10.20

ISRAELI/LEBANESE MARITIME BORDER NEGOTIATIONS   Lebanon and Israel, still technically at war, begin unprecedented talks sponsored by the UN and Washington on Wednesday to settle a maritime border dispute and clear the way for hydrocarbon exploration. Read more here   Lebanon’s representatives would not speak directly to the Israeli delegation in the meeting.  Read more […]

October 8

Israel Update 8.10.20

Chag Sameach to all my readers. AVIATION   An agreement signed by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel and its Jordanian counterpart today, Thursday, will open more flight paths across both countries. Several Arab countries including Iraq, Qatar & Saudi Arabia will be able to use Israeli airspace en route to and from Europe and […]

October 1

Israel Update 1.10.20

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   The Israeli government overnight voted to tighten coronavirus restrictions and to extend the lockdown another three days until 14 October. Among new restrictions, people now will only be able to travel wherever they want to purchase essential products or obtain essential services if these are not available within a kilometre from […]

September 24

Israel Update 24.9.20

ISRAELI TEST TO BE USED IN EUROPEAN AIRPORTS   The Israeli SpectraLIT coronavirus test eliminates the need for swabbing and lab processing, with passengers simply asked to gargle with 10 ml of a special mouthwash, and then spit into a tube. The test, developed by Israeli company Newsight with Sheba Medical Centre under the newly formed […]

September 17

Israel Update 17.9.20

ROSH HASHANAH (JEWISH NEW YEAR) GREETINGS TO ALL MY READERS. WISHING EVERYONE A HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR.   THE “ABRAHAM ACCORDS”   Israel on Tuesday signed landmark normalisation deals (dubbed the Abraham Accords) with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain at a White House ceremony, with leaders hailing a “new dawn” for peace in […]

September 10

Israel Update 10.9.20

THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (UAE)   At a video conference of Arab foreign ministers on Wednesday, the Arab League failed to condemn last month’s normalization deal between Israel and the UAE. Read more here   Israeli budget footwear chain Scoop Shoes has announced that it will be opening five stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Read […]

August 27

Israel Update 27.8.20

TWO STABBING TERROR ATTACKS   A Palestinian stabbed to death Rabbi Shai Ohayon, 39, a father of four, in the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva on Wednesday. The attacker was in Israel with a legal work permit. The victim’s children are aged 4-13. Read more here   A stabbing last week in Rosh Ha’ayin […]

August 20

Israel Update 20.8.20

ISRAEL & THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES   Following last Thursday’s agreement between Israel and the UAE fully to normalise relations, delegations will meet in the coming weeks to sign bilateral agreements regarding investment, tourism, direct flights, security, telecommunications, technology, energy, healthcare, culture, the environment, and the establishment of reciprocal embassies. Read more here   Israeli […]

August 13

Israel Update 13.8.20

ISRAEL & THE UAE   Israel and the United Arab Emirates reached an historic peace deal on Thursday that will lead to a full normalisation of diplomatic relations. The agreement was the product of lengthy discussions between Israel, the UAE and the United States. Read more here   GAZA ARSON TERROR ATTACKS ON SOUTHERN ISRAEL […]

August 6

Israel Update 6.8.20

BEIRUT CATASTROPHE – ISRAEL’S RESPONSE (At the time of writing, Thursday afternoon, no reply to Israeli offers of help has been received from the Lebanese government) Several Israeli hospitals offered to treat victims of a massive explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday, despite the fact that Lebanon and Israel are considered enemy countries.  Among them […]

July 30

Israel Update 30.7.20

A reminder that domestic Israeli politics and internal protests remain outside the scope of this update. HRG   CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   Israel’s Health Ministry figures on Thursday morning: The national death toll sadly rose to 497. There are 32,756 active cases of COVID-19, with 336 patients in serious condition, including 99 on ventilators. 752 […]

July 23

Israel Update 23.7.20

CORONAVIRUS IN ISRAEL   The Coronavirus National Knowledge and Information Centre reported that on Wednesday 2,032 people tested positive for COVID-19. The death toll from coronavirus-related complications since the start of the epidemic rose to 433, while 295 patients are in serious condition, of whom 79 are ventilated. Read more here   On Sunday, Israel’s […]