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Israel Update


israel Update

israel Update

The latest news and information about Israel that’s not generally reported in the UK media. Also featuring some of Israel’s incredible innovations and achievements.

January 18

January 17

Hizbullah threat The IDF on Saturday located a sixth attack tunnel dug by Hizbullah from Lebanon into Israeli territory. “The tunnel was 800 metres long on its Lebanese side and infiltrated dozens of metres into Israel. The tunnel is two metres high, one metre in diameter, and approximately 55 metres deep. It’s equipped with railway […]

January 10

January 9

Gaza On Sunday morning, a bomb was flown into Israel using a large cluster of balloons and a model drone. The explosive device landed in a carrot field in southern Israel. In response, Israeli military helicopters attacked two Hamas observation posts. Subsequently, Gazan terrorists fired a rocket into Israel early Monday, which was intercepted by […]

January 3

January 2

Happy 2019 to my readers! Aid to Indonesia Volunteers from Israeli NGO IsraAID flew to Indonesia (a Muslim-majority country having no diplomatic relations with Israel) to provide safe water and psychological support in the wake of the tsunami disaster. Some IsraAID workers had been there since the last earthquake. Watch the video on Youtube Hisbullah […]

December 20

14 – 20 December

Hizbullah The Israel Defence Forces located a fourth attack tunnel dug by Hizbullah from Lebanon into Israeli territory, the army said Sunday. Read full article here The UN Interim Force in Lebanon said Monday: “Based on UNIFIL’s independent assessment, UNIFIL has so far confirmed the existence of all the four tunnels close to the Blue […]