We are Modern Orthodox and are a constituent member of the United Synagogue




Kingston WIZO is part of British WIZO, the largest Jewish Women’s organisation in the UK, which raises money to support more than 800 social welfare projects  for women and children in Israel.

 We have about 100 members drawn from a wide spectrum of synagogues in the area. We hold several  events each year, mainly in the  evening, and  often with a Jewish or Israeli connection. We invite excellent speakers to keep us up to date about the Middle East. 

There is a thriving group of bridge players who meet for monthly lunches.  Kingston WIZO is involved with Yom Ha’atz Ma’ut celebrations in the synagogue, and also raises money for Jewish Women’s Week. We are a large and friendly group of women of all ages, often accompanied by their partners,   and we look forward to welcoming new members.

Contact us through the Shul Administrator.