We are Modern Orthodox and are a constituent member of the United Synagogue

SW London and the Ditton CCJ


SW London and the Ditton CCJ

SW London and the Ditton CCJ

In 1942 the then Chief Rabbi, Rabbi Dr. Hertz and the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Temple, realised the need for dialogue and understanding and so began the CCJ (The Council for Christians and Jews). Since then the heads of all of all Christian and Jewish denominations are represented as Presidents of the CCJ.

It was important then and, with the rise of antisemitism on mainland Europe and in the UK, it is even more important now.

The Dittons our local branch recently joined with the SW London branch, to form SW London and The Dittons CCJ.

Over the last three years the Group has fostered greater understanding and debate between Christians and Jews with discussions, debate and social functions, including three highly successful garden parties and an interfaith choral concert.

Please contact Rosalynde Lewis via the Synagogue if you would like to be involved.