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Israel Update 27.10.22

Next Tuesday, Israelis go to the polls in the 5th general election in less than 4 years.  

Coincidentally, there will be no Israel Update next week as I’m travelling. HRG




Israel and Lebanon are due to sign their maritime boundary agreement on Thursday afternoon at the United Nations base in the Lebanese border town of Naqoura. Read more here


Energean began production at Israel’s Karish offshore gas field on Wednesday and the first gas has been safely delivered. Read more here





Early Tuesday morning, Israeli troops killed five Palestinian gunmen in the West Bank city of Nablus in a raid against the Lion’s Den terror group. They also destroyed a bomb workshop.

In recent months, Palestinian gunmen, mostly members of Lion’s Den, have repeatedly targeted military posts, troops operating along the West Bank security barrier, Israeli settlements and civilians on the roads. An anti-terror offensive launched earlier this year and focused on the northern West Bank has resulted in more than 2,000 arrests in near-nightly raids.

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On Wednesday morning, 18 wanted Palestinians including three members of the Lion’s Den terror group were arrested in Nablus.  Read more here


At least 4 members of the Nablus-based Lions’ Den terror group turned themselves in to the Palestinian Authority security services on Wednesday. Read more here





Israel has always been on Ukraine’s side by providing serious humanitarian assistance, but in other areas the country’s support is limited due to national security reasons, Israeli President Isaac Herzog told the Atlantic Council in Washington…Israel is assisting quite substantially in an array of issues, most predominantly humanitarian issues.
“We’ve set up hospitals, we are making a huge effort on psychological and post-traumatic treatment…we’ve supplied medical equipment, Ukrainian soldiers are being treated in Israeli hospitals… We’ve also offered Ukraine…civilian systems for early detection of missile attacks.”
“But there are things that we cannot supply, due to our national security interests of utmost importance, and that is by the way the rule in many other countries… Read more here



An adviser to the Ukrainian minister of defence, said, “These Iranian drones that are hitting Ukrainian cities were not developed, not meant for Ukraine. They were developed as a mass capability to strike Israel. They are using Ukraine as a testing ground, to see weaknesses, to perfect them, and sooner or later they will use them against Israel. ” A Ukrainian official said Israel has provided intelligence useful for targeting the Iranian drones. Read more here



Asked about Ukrainian requests for Israeli air defence systems, former Israeli P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu said that “weapons that we supplied in one battlefield end up in Iranian hands used against us…time and again”
He may have been alluding to a 2016 incident in which drone technology originally sold to Russia was then sold to the Iranian military, who deployed the Russian-manufactured drone against Israel. Read more here





A Palestinian seriously wounded a Jewish man in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Saturday. An Israeli police officer neutralized the attacker.   Read more here


A 55-year-old Israeli man was seriously wounded in a stabbing attack Tuesday afternoon in al-Funduq. A suspect was arrested by the IDF.In a separate incident Tuesday night, a Palestinian teenager armed with a knife was arrested at a checkpoint near Jerusalem. Read more here





Inhaling nitric oxide helps COVID patients recover more quickly, according to clinical trials for the Israeli-founded company Beyond Air.The company has developed a device that generates unlimited amounts of the gas from the air without the need for heavy (45lb) high-pressure cylinders. Read more here





After Albania recently severed diplomatic ties with Iran citing Iranian cyberattacks, the Albanian P.M. arrived in Israel on Sunday for a 3-day visit that will focus on cybersecurity. The Dutch P.M. arrived on Monday for a 2-day visit focused on energy, water and food security.  Read more here





The German parliament has asked the German Air Force to immediately deploy the Heron UAVs it leases from Israel Aerospace Industries to provide protection against potential Russian sabotage, in the wake of last month’s mysterious explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline. 12 German pilots have landed in Israel to take part in a course to operate the Heron TP UAV and are training at Tel Nof Airbase in central Israel with the Israel Air Force’s Red Baron squadron.
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Greece has launched operations at a new international pilot training centre located on an air force base near Kalamata. Israeli defence contractor Elbit will help to run the facility.Read more here






During his recent visit to the UK, Israel’s State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman’s guidance was sought by British Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Rob Behrens who wants the UK to move closer to Israel’s model for a comptroller in terms of an independent authority to initiate wide-ranging investigations. Read more here





Israel and Bahrain recently agreed to boost bilateral cooperation in agriculture, livestock and food security. The agreement was part of the first international conference on food scarcity and climate technologies organized by Israel’s Agriculture Ministry.

The  International Summit on Food Technologies from the Sea and the Desert, held in Eilat, was attended by over 70 representatives from around the world. Read more here





Israel’s IMI Systems, a subsidiary of Elbit Systems, has won a contract worth 9.4 million euros from the Spanish Army for the supply of 2,000 shells for its Leopard battle tanks. Read more here





Israeli company HomeBiogas has won a World Sustainablilty Award  in the field of Circular Economy in Munich. Their technology, which turns organic waste into biogas and fertilizer, was praised as an “astonishing innovation, which opens up a new era of possibilities”. The company also won the 2022 Financial Times/IFC Transformational Business Award in the category of Transformational Climate Change Solution. Read more here





Watergen, the Israeli company that creates water out of thin air, is to install its machines for the first time at a university campus. Students at Reichman University in Israel will be able to drink from standalone machines that need nothing more than an electricity supply. https://nocamels.com/category/news-briefs/#post-116358






A team of synthetic biology students at the Technion presented  a new way to stop hair loss caused by chemotherapy at the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition in Paris. Read more here



A technique to measure the long-term effect of antibiotic combinations has been developed by Technion researchers. These drug “cocktails” are of major interest to the scientific and medical community because the use of single antibiotics often leads to the rapid development of bacterial resistance to these drugs.  Read more here




Google has opened a school at Reichman University in Israel to train high-tech professionals. Students from under-represented communities “including women, the ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, members of the Ethiopian community and people from the geo-social periphery and disadvantaged socio-economic groups,” will be subsidised. Google will also provide scholarships. Read more here





A groundbreaking interdisciplinary study by Tel Aviv University and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem involving 20 international scientists and researchers has verified biblical accounts of the Egyptian, Aramean, Assyrian and Babylonian military campaigns against the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The study reconstructed changes in the magnetic field of the earth as recorded in 21 destruction layers in 17 archaeological sites throughout Israel, constructing a variation curve of field intensity over time that can be used as a scientific dating tool. Read more here






The Israeli government has allocated funds to establish an Einstein museum. The physicist bequeathed his archives to the Hebrew University and its 85,000 items will make this the world’s most extensive collection. Read more here






Burger King’s Israeli franchise operator is partnering with a local food tech company (“Meat. The End”) developing plant-based meat alternatives to roll out meatless menu items starting this week at a pop-up branch in Tel Aviv. The menu will feature a plant-based Whopper and vegetarian “chicken” nuggets.Read more here






Olympian triathlete Shachar Sagiv is set to be the first Israeli to compete in Saudi Arabia, when he participates in the 5th round of the Super League Triathlon, a team-based cycling, swimming and running competition. He ranked the fastest cyclist in the most recent competition in Toulouse and was the eighth-best competitor overall. Read more here


Exiled Afghan cyclist Fariba Hashimi has accepted an invitation from Sylvan Adams to join Women’s WorldTour team Israel – Premier Tech Roland. Adams, an Israeli-Canadian philanthropist who owns the team, has been involved with efforts to rescue Afghans following the Taliban takeover last August. The Taliban have banned women from (inter alia) playing sports. Read more hereRead more here





JPost Editorial (EXTRACTS)

It is true that Israel’s multi-layered air defence system is one of the most advanced in the world.

But there is no evidence that Israel could have supplied Ukraine with these advanced systems, such as David’s Sling, Iron Dome or Arrow; and it’s not clear even that these systems are appropriate for Kyiv.

Billion-dollar air defence systems take years to build and deploy and integrate into battle management systems with the correct radars and air defenders trained to use the systems.

The batteries Israel has are needed at home and even if Israel were to agree to sell, it would still take years to field them.

Other Western countries have been slow to provide Ukraine with air defences, and many advanced systems, such as the Patriot system, have not been sent to Kyiv.

The Russian war on Ukraine is an example of how the world should have taken Iran’s threats more seriously. Now Russia and Iran are working together and leveraging the nefarious deeds each country excels in.

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Clifford D. May: Vladimir Putin is slaughtering Ukrainian men, women and children. Xi Jinping is committing genocide against the Muslims of East Turkistan. Ali Khamenei is murdering Iranian girls for wearing their hijabs in what he considers a provocative manner. What is the UN doing in response? It’s going after Israel. The UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry is funded – with Americans contributing the lion’s share – for the purpose of demonizing and delegitimizing Israel in perpetuity.
The COI’s latest report urges UN members to prosecute Israeli officials for alleged violations of “international humanitarian law” during the May 2021 war between Israel and Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood faction that holds power in Gaza and is designated a terrorist organization by the U.S., EU, UK, and Canada. What does the report say about the 4,000 rockets Hamas fired at Israelis? Not a word. Read more here