We are Modern Orthodox and are a constituent member of the United Synagogue

Ukranian Drop In Centre

We held our third Drop In Centre on Sunday 10th July. Whereas previously we welcomed around 10-30 Ukranian refugees, this time, amazingly, our fame had spread as far as Hounslow, Teddington and Twickenham. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to reconnect with other Ukranians. There was a real buzz in the Shul as the children made friends and enjoyed playing table tennis, bar football and Arts and Crafts.

The adults spent time looking through the clothes rail for themselves and their children.

Ice cream and strawberries were served along with crisps, sweets and kitkats.

Some were surprised and delighted to reconnect with people from their home town after differing terrible experiences.

Our 10 wonderful volunteers felt so grateful that they had been part of this meaningful afternoon and had been able to give something to these lovely brave Ukrainian ladies and children.