We are Modern Orthodox and are a constituent member of the United Synagogue

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee

To mark the Queen’s Jubilee, the United Synagogue and the Office of the Chief Rabbi are collaborating with the Woodland Trust to plant groves of trees as our gift to Her Majesty.

We are inviting all our members and the wider community to buy trees as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy project. Every tree bought by our community will be planted together in allocated groves within a new, Woodland Trust wood in Norfolk, creating a unique Jewish environmental legacy.

Our aim is to have 37,000 trees planted, one for every member of the US!

The woodland can be visited by all and will be a fantastic future educational resource for our youth and wider community.

The Trees, bought online, will be selected, planted and maintained by the Woodland Trust to maximise the ecological benefits. Members from the same United Synagogue community who collectively buy 750+ trees will have their trees planted together in a specially allocated grove, named after their shul.

Trees can be bought in any number, as gifts, in someone else’s name or as a memorial. Confirmation and a downloadable certificate will be provided for every purchase.

To purchase your trees, please click on this link  www.theus.org.uk/trees