Martin Bennett, a Holocaust survivor, was honoured at a special Shabbat on 28 February 2015.

Martin sent a reply to this website which somehow landed on a virtually non-existent page that the webmaster thought he had deleted. The webmaster, to atone for his unmasterly mishandling of that page, and to ensure that Martin’s comment gets the visibility it deserves, has inserted it as a comment on this blog posting (see the Reply at the top of this blog).

For those who were not in shul, Martin briefly spoke at the end of the service, and engaged in a question and answer session with Rabbi Landau. Martin also recited Kaddish for his parents (both died in a concentration camp, along with other members of his family), and David Prager sang El Male Rachamim אֵל מָלֵא רַחֲמִים שׁוֹכֵן בַּמְּרוֹמִים,

The synagogue was full for this profoundly moving occasion.

Martin’s reply, unedited, is reproduced exactly as it was received.

One thought on “Special Shabbat for Martin Bennett

  1. Robert

    We want to thank Rabbi Samuels Landown
    For his work to orginise a 70 anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
    This was especially For Me. as i am a survivor of Auschwitz..
    A special service was held for my loss of all the family in Chelmno Poland
    a Kile molerachamin was sung by Mr David. Prager….
    in the Synagogue on the 28 Th February.
    The Synagogue was full of our congregation.. I will never forget this day..
    We , Priscilla & I Martin Bennett
    Thank you all….

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