Ostrava – An Introduction

Ostrava and our Sefer Torah

By David Lawson

Kingston Synagogue has a sefer torah on permanent loan from the Czech Scrolls Trust, from the town of Ostrava in the Czech Republic.

I am part of a small group that is researching the background of Ostrava, its Jewish community, Scroll 129, and how we came to have it.

We, in KSDS, are the heirs of the Ostrava Community who “bequeathed“ us their sefer. We hope not only to unearth the historical facts, but to revive and maintain the memory of Ostrava as the vibrant dynamic community that it was. We are also in contact with the small present-day Jewish community in Ostrava and we plan to build up that relationship.

The title says it all: “Ostrava vcera a dnes” (Ostrava, yesterday and today) is a slide show featuring photographs which superimpose a current view with an old one. For some reason, the background music sounds suspiciously like “I Love Paris.”

This is an ongoing task and we welcome any information, material, or further contacts from people who know about or are interested in the Jews of this city.

We will continue to keep you up-to-date about our research on the website and in future editions of Chadashot.


Ostrava newsletter archive

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