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1) March 2015  2) September 2013

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ABCD…. Alphabets, Buses, Children and Diggers

March 2015: What an amazing year it has been so far at Mosaic Jewish Primary School. Following a series of oversubscribed open mornings in the autumn and winter months, applications are now with the local authority for September 2015. Offers for Reception places are not made until April so please do get in touch if you are new to the area and interested in the school for either of our year groups.


Our two year groups – Reception and Year One have all settled into school life wonderfully. The academic and social progress that the children are making is remarkable. The children are making significant strides across all areas of the national curriculum and also with the integrated Jewish curriculum.

Our parents and carers are fully immersing themselves in the growing MJPS family which now boasts the Friends of Mosaic (our very active school and community friends group), a Parents’ Forum and numerous other regular activities (such as a monthly hallah baking circle) and even a running club. We are always delighted to welcome members of the South London Community to join us in these supporting activities whether as a participant or maybe you would like to share a skill or resource with our parents and carers.

Anyone who has driven down Roehampton Lane in 2015 would be hard pressed not to have noticed that building is now under way at full speed on our new school site. Contractor Galliford Try has been busy stripping out o House, the beautiful listed manor house which will form the core of the school’s administrative buildings.

In the garden area, the huge crane that has recently arrived is due to start working on the retaining wall for our two new reception classrooms, the school hall and studio above them. They will do this before moving on to work on the new kosher kitchen facilities, which are also part of this phase of construction. The main classroom block, which is now visible from the main road as a hole in the ground, will follow shortly after.

With building well underway we are working very hard with our current and prospective parents to establish how we will ensure that all the children are able to access their new school in the safest, most efficient and cost effective way. The MJPS transport committee is working tirelessly to find solutions for transporting the children into school. As well as ensuring that there are opportunities for children to join walking buses from the local neighbourhood and convenient pick up points, we are also working on options for a school minibus.

Unfortunately there is no funding for such an essential item so we are appealing to the Community for support. Can you or someone you know help us to provide a minibus, part of a minibus, a contribution to its maintenance or maybe you even fancy being a member of our fleet of minibus drivers? Without this valuable service some of the children from the disparate Communities of South London might not be able to consider MJPS as an option.

Mosaic Jewish Primary School – 1 Queensmere Rd, London SW19 5QD, 020 8944 8731

 New Beginnings

Wimbledon, 16 Sept 2013 – Mosaic Jewish Primary School (MJPS) is opening its doors today as its first class of four and five year olds start the new school term. Situated in its temporary site on the edge of leafy Wimbledon Common, MJPS is one of the latest ‘Government Free Schools’ opening this September.

The school opens in temporary accommodation for up to two years before transferring to a permanent site on nearby Roehampton Lane. Increasing by each year, the school will be at full capacity in 2019.

As a free school, MJPS will follow the national curriculum but also enjoys the flexibility of setting its own integrated Jewish studies programme, manage its own budget and report directly to Central Government.

MJPS has an ethos of inclusiveness and diversity with 50% of places offered to children local to the school and 50% to children of the Jewish faith from across the community.

“We are thrilled to have arrived at this momentous point in the journey to bring a Jewish school to South London.” Head teacher Kate Baum says, “To open our doors and begin teaching our children is the realisation of a dream. A dream that will see us contributing to the life and education of children from across South London.”

Chair of governors Shirley Lee comments, “The opportunity that a Jewish school in South London will offer to local families is significant. Our cross communal approach is at the core of our ethos and we believe this will be the key to future success of MJPS. We enjoy and welcome the on-going support we have received from across the South London Jewish congregations and many other faith communities. Now we have a school. We need all members of the community to help us grow.’

Andres and Anne Kupfer’s twins Hannah and Simon are starting at MJPS this term. Andres comments, “we are thrilled that our twins will attend Mosaic Jewish Primary School. The opportunity to send our children to a Jewish school and remain in South London is something that we never imagined possible.”

MJPS was established by a group of parents, teachers and community members living in the vibrant and diverse community of South London.

Setting up MJPS is a response to a growing demand for extra school places in the area and the desire of many young families to have the option of a Jewish education for their children.

Support for the school has come from across the faith communities of South London.

  • Heinz Toller, Vicar of St Paul’s, Wimbledon Park

“I am delighted that the vision from more than three years ago has taken shape and is becoming reality today. Our prayers are with you, the staff, the governing body and above all the children and their families. May the school become a parable of unity in diversity in the local and wider community.”

“On behalf of the Christian community here at St Paul’s ??? ???*.” (*Mazel tov – congratulations)

  • Rabbi Sybil Sheridan, Wimbledon and District Synagogue

“We are delighted at the opening of the school. It is such a positive step for the future of South London Jewry.”

  • Rabbi Nissan Dubov, Chabad Lubavitch of South London

“We offer our full support to Mosaic Jewish Primary School. We are very happy that a Jewish school is opening in South London and feel that it will be a significant asset to our community. The school will help to draw in Jews from across the region and offer a real boost to a renaissance in South London Jewish life.”

  • Rabbi Charley Baginsky, Kingston Liberal Synagogue

“Contrary to popular opinion many Jews live South of the River where we have a diverse, active and dynamic community. The opening of a Jewish school is not only much wanted but is another exciting step in sustaining and developing this community. This school is a product of incredible collaboration and this is mirrored in the school’s aim to provide all the children with a cross communal Jewish education seamlessly integrated with the National Curriculum.”

  • Dr Martin Wolfson, Chairman of Kingston and Surbiton District Synagogue:

“I think the school is fantastic for the Jews of South London. It will help to rejuvenate the communities. Already as a consequence of hearing about the school, members of our community have committed to staying in Kingston as they have the opportunity to send their children to Mosaic Jewish Primary School. Southwest London is a wonderful place to live and now you can enjoy all the benefits and take advantage of a Jewish education.”