Car Parking at KSDS

Car Parking at KSDS

Summary: There is a limited number of metered parking spaces on Uxbridge Road very near the shul. On Saturday and Sunday, parking is allowed on Catherine Road (one road down from Uxbridge Road) and on Maple Road. Kingston Synagogue is clearly shown on this Google map.

The car-parking summary below was written several years ago.

Car Parking around the Synagogue

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) operate in the area around the Synagogue. Essentially, there are three CPZs in the vicinity of the Synagogue:

1. Grove Area extension running from Uxbridge Road to Anglesea Road in the direction of Kingston. The existing Grove Area is approximately bounded by Villiers Road, Lingfield Avenue, Fassett Road/Grove Crescent and Denmark Road.

2. Riverside Area running from Catherine Road down to St Andrew’s Square in the direction of Thames Ditton

3. Surbiton Central Area including St Andrew’s Road, Claremont Road, Avenue Elmers and St Mark’s Hill

The Grove Zone operates Monday to Saturday from 8.30 – 18.30; the Surbiton Central Zone operates Monday to Saturday from 8.00 – 18.30 and the Riverside Zone operates from Monday to Friday from 10.00 – 16.00.

The zones include a number of shared use (Permit or Pay & Display) bays available for up to four hours at 10p/15 minutes. This includes the bays in front of the Synagogue. It will be important that you advise any friends or family that you have invited to the Synagogue of the CPZ arrangements.

Blue Badge

The Blue Badge concession allows holders to park on waiting restrictions (yellow lines) for up to three hours and in any metered or time limited parking space for an unlimited time, without charge. This would include the shared use bays. Additionally Kingston allows the badge concession to apply without time limit in resident permit bays, but this is not universal practice. The blue badge concession does not apply in loading bays, bus stop clearways, zig-zag markings or where there are loading restrictions (yellow kerb markings).

The major difficulty concerns Yom Kippur. A significant number of people drive to the Synagogue before Kol Nidre, park in the vicinity and leave their cars there until Yom Kippur finishes the following evening. Special arrangements will be made to deal with Yom Kippur.

For more detail on Kingston Parking zones see

EDITOR’S NOTE, 1/2015: This link no longer works. If you really need to know more about CPZs, go to and key in CPZ in their search box.