Kosher Food Shops – January 2015. Source: South London Jewish Services

Kosher Food in South London

This list is formulated by reference to a number of different synagogues and individuals.  I must acknowledge that this list is a result of that work, over a long period.   I have just put it together as one resource.    I cannot guarantee that all the information is correct, so please phone first before travelling a long distance.  Please also update me with information which you feel would be helpful to others.

NIGHTINGALE GARDEN CAFÉ is located on the Ground Floor of Nightingale at 105 Nightingale Lane, London SW12 8NB.  The Café overlooks the gardens and serves a variety of deli-style foods as well as tea, coffee and cakes.    Opening times 10.00am – 4.30 pm Monday to Thursday,   10.00am – 3.30 pm Friday,   10.00 – 5.00 pm Sunday.  The Garden Café is closed on Saturdays and Jewish Holy Days and some Bank Holidays.    Phone 020 8673 3495.


ISRAELI FOOD DIRECT –  A new service based in South East London providing an on line Kosher Superstore.  They deliver Sunday to Thursday and have a list of over 1,800 products including fresh bakery, kosher meat, poultry, wine and groceries.  The best method is to order on the internet or you can phone 07960 173625.

GOLDBERG KOSHER BUTCHERS, 12 Claybury Broadway, London IG5 OLQ    Deliveries  to South London once every 4 weeks.   We cover areas such as Bromley, Catford, Croydon, Beckenham, Sutton, areas in between and as far as Epsom.  We offer a full range of meat and poultry, also deli products, dry goods and fresh bread is available.   Delivery is free for all orders over £30, and we deliver to houses, not dropped of at a venue where people have to collect themselves. All orders are COD or people can pay prior to delivery over the phone using debit/credit cards.   I hope this helps, contact Brian Henderson  0208 551 2828.

M LIPOWITZ KOSHER BUTCHER of Royal Parade, Ealing, London W5  –  020 8997 1722

WILTSHIRE FARM FOODS  – now offer Beth Din Supervised meals – 0800 773 773 Head Office.   Tell them interested in Kosher Meals – They have a brochure entitled Special/Ethnic diets.

JUST KOSHER  – Phone:   020 8207 5556 Sunday 8am to 6pm, Monday to Wednesday 8am to 8pm,   Thursday 8am to 10pm, Friday 8am to 1pm.  By Fax:  020 8207 2229       By Post:  Just Kosher Customer Service, 5-7 Croxdale Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, WD6 4QD

Internet Shopping: Just Kosher Butcher Department, 11 Croxdale Road, Borehamwood, WD6 4QD   020 8381 5559    Email:

LA BOUCHERIE  – Free delivery to  all areas of South London on Tuesday for orders of £50 or over.  Smaller orders can be considered by negotiation.     Various meats, salad, chicken delivered.  Can also cater for special occasions    8449 9215

HERMOLIS & CO LTD • Hermolis House • Abbeydale Rd, Wembley, Middx HA0 1AY      Tel: 020 8810 4321 • Fax: 020 8810 4331 • Email:

KOSHER DELI – GOLDERS GREEN  –  Free deliveries to South London  on Tuesdays.  (plus if you want a chollar or rye bread – Carmelli are next door to them).  Minimum order £25 or less by negotiation.  Telephone 0208 381 4450 for orders.    Speak to Osnat or Bianca.

(Also delivers to South London Synagogue in Streatham once a month on a Wednesday – for collection by members on that day or soon after). WAITROSE (internet arm of Waitrose) Offers a delivery of a range of kosher products which are delivered to your home. Search for “kosher” on the site to get a full list.  I have been told that delivery charges vary often dependent on times chosen and minimum order £40.  . SAINSBURYS and  offer similar services.

SUPERMARKET TELEPHONE SHOPPING – SAINSBURY’S are the only large supermarket to offer telephone shopping – as opposed to on-line internet shopping.  This is obviously of most value to those who do not or cannot access the internet.   0800 3281700   available for orders 8 am – 9 pm Monday to Friday    Saturday 8 am – 8.30 pm    Sunday 10 am – 6.30 pm

Anyone can register for telephone shopping by phoning the above number and completing a form on the phone.  A debit or credit card is needed and a nectar card.   After 5 orders, the client will be sent a list of what they have ordered in order to help build up a standard delivery of core items if appropriate.   There is a telephone booking charge of £2.95 when you make an order  and a  minimum order of £25 of goods.   For orders under £50 the delivery charge is £6.95.   For orders over £50 the charge ranges from £2.95 to £5.95 depending on the time and day of the delivery.   When you make a booking you need to ask cost and how much cheaper it can be if they deliver at cheaper times.   After 4 pm and weekends are normally cheaper.

(It is also worth contacting your local authority to find out about “KOSHER MEALS ON WHEELS”.  If you want to know about HOSPITAL KOSHER MEALS SERVICE, please contact me.   They can be made available at any hospital in the M25.  National Health Hospitals can take the special kosher hospital meals but private ones take the normal meals but in both cases deliveries can be set up within 24 hours normally.)



At Nightingale., 105 Nightingale Lane, London SW12 8NB.    A good selection of kosher sweets, chocolates, cakes and  “Jewish” greetings cards.    Also chanucah candles, yahzeit candles and some menorahs for sale.   The shop is open Sunday to Thursday 1.30 pm  to 4.00

pm and on Fridays 10-12 noon.  The shop is closed on Saturdays, Jewish Holy Days and Bank Holidays.    Phone 020 8673 3495.

WIMBLEDON – THE KOSHER CORNER AND BOOKSHOP AT CHABAD HOUSE  Opening hours:  Tuesday:  12:00pm – 1:00pm    Wednesday:  9:30pm – 10:30pm    Friday:  11:00am – 1:00pm. Other times by appointment – call 020 944 1581 or if we are in, we will be happy to serve you.

A range of food & drink including (but not limited to):  Frozen challot • bread • chicken • meat • biscuits, yartzeit candles • shabbat candles • cheeses • chrayne , gefilte fish • matzo meal • wines • grape juice • pickles • olives • cakes, etc.

Judaica including:  Artscroll siddurim • chumashim • a full line of Jewish books , music CDs • Mezuzah cases and Mezuzas • chanukiyot • kippot • taleisim, etc. We also have a full range of greeting cards for all occasions.  Something you can’t find?  Let us know and we will do what we can to order it for you.

THE JUDAICA SHOP (NOT FOOD!) AT NORTH WEST SURREY SYNAGOGUE – open Sunday mornings 10 – 12.30 on Sundays during Cheder term time.  Candles, Gifts, Cards and Books.  (Call Joan Cohen on 01483 823898)

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT (thanks to Richmond Synagogue for information)  KOSHER BREAD WHEREVER YOU GO – The US’ London Beth Din Kashrut Division (KLBD) has announced this week that 200 Waitrose stores around the country will now exclusively stock cholla and sliced rye from Buckingham Boulangerie, making it even easier to find kosher bread wherever your location.     The loaves from Buckingham’s now proudly display a KLBD logo, marking their cholla and sliced rye as kosher to the very highest standards (Pat Yisrael).     Rabbi Jeremy Conway, KLBD Kashrut Director commented: “This is great news for kosher consumers since they will now be able to get hold of bread which is kosher to the highest standards in an enormous number of locations whether travelling across the UK on holiday or for business.”    More varieties of KLBD certified bread are set to follow with distribution through an even greater number of outlets.


BECKENHAM JUNCTION – WAITROSE   –  they stock a lot of Kosher food, including frozen goods such as Yarden Turkey Schnitzels and frozen whole chickens. Then also sometimes have fresh meat – beef etc.  but could be worth phoning first to check their fresh meat stock.

BECKENHAM, ELDERS END – TESCO.  At the moment they have fair range of chilled and dry goods and may stock frozen also if these are a success

BROMLEY SOUTH – WAITROSE – good stock of kosher food as above.

CLAPHAM JUNCTION – ASDA  – has a good range including wine.

COBHAM – WAITROSE   – A large dry goods and different frozen products, fresh meat ie. chickens,  mince, entrecote steaks, salt beef etc all very good. ~Selection of cheeses, packet meats, worsht, viennas, chopped liver, herrings, cucumbers etc.

CROYDON – COSTCO IN PURLEY WAY: (membership card required): Small but regularly restocked kosher items include kosher (with heschsha)  challah, small chalah rolls, rye bread, Gilberts Chopped Liver and Salt Beef, Blooms meat products, Orkney Foods herrings, Great Food fishballs, falafel, and salmon batons, and New Green cucumbers

KINGSTON – SAINSBURYS – sell kiddush wine

KINGSTON MARKET – “FOOD FOR THOUGHT” AND “SURBITON WHOLE FOODS” sell the Tivall vegetarian food range.

NEW MALDEN – TESCO    –  Kosher products are clearly marked within the “World Foods” sections.  They have candles, memorial lights, and grocery products by Manischewitz, Gefen, Osem, Telma, Mrs Elswood, and Rumpler, together with a choice of at least half-a-dozen kosher wines.

Also, within the freezer section marked “Asian”, there is a stock of frozen poultry products from Yarden.  They are not separated from the other “Asian” products, but are sealed and easy to find.

PURLEY WAY – SAINSBURYS  –  have a kosher section.

PURLEY – TESCO  – A range of dried goods and Kosher wine

RICHMOND – WAITROSE  – a good range of kosher food and also some dry goods.  On the chilled section they are stocking herring, chopped herring, tuna bites, fish balls, Lockshen Pudding, salmon fishcakes, hummus, chrane, latkes, paprika beef, various dips, cheese, smoked salmon and more.  Also, assorted packets cold meats, including pastrami, turkey, and chopped liver, liver sausage, wursht, viennas, cocktail viennas and more.  They are also stocking Gilberts fresh meats including pickled brisket, minced beef, steaks and joints.  Dry goods include candles, memorial candles, biscuits, soup powders.  Frozen chicken pieces and whole chickens have been requested.

ROEHAMPTON – ASDA (on the A3)  sell kiddush wine and dinner wine. Asda sell Carmel Valley red and white.

SOUTHWARK – ASDA, Old Kent Road has some frozen goods.

STREATHAM   – Korona Delicatessen, 30 Streatham High Road, Streatham, London SW16 1DB  (020 8769 6647)  – stocks packaged kosher foods and dry goods.  Also stocks some deli items but care needs to be taken to check they are “kosher” as opposed to kosher style.

STREATHAM COMMON – SAINSBURYS  stock a selection of dry Kosher goods.

SURBITON – SAINSBURY (VICTORIA ROAD)  supply a range of kosher food including Osem soups and cakes; grape juice; kiddush wine; Tivall vegetarian foods; Telma soup cubes and noodles; pickles; dips and meat products eg viennas, sausages and cold meats, as well as Gilberts Chopped Liver. They constantly  restock, although the Kosher meats section has moved.

SURBITON – SAINSBURY  – Supply a range of kosher foods including Osem soups and cakes; grape juice; kiddush wine; Tivall vegetarian foods;  Telma soup, cubes, and pickles; dips and meat products eg viennas, sausages and cold meats.

SURBITON – WAITROSE (CLAREMONT ROAD)  supply  Chalohs and Rye Bread, Walker’s shortbread and kosher ice creams

SUTTON – MORRISONS – Kosher section within “World Foods” section has packaged Osem and Rakusen products including cakes, biscuits, and matza meal, plus Barkan red kosher wine.

SUTTON –  S R KAY & SON  – Fishmonger in St Nicholas Centre has packs of kosher Smoked Salmon.

SUTTON – HOLLAND & BARRATT – sells Tivall Products, 213 High Street, Sutton  Surrey, SM1 1LB 0208 642 5435

SYDENHAM – SAINSBURYS  – sells  Yarden products, frozen chicken (whole & pieces), sausages, fish balls, etc. They also usually stock Tomor margarine – hard & soft!

TOLWORTH – BUDGENS ON EWELL ROAD  has a few things, but since they did a restructure of the store, all but the Yarden Dips and Mrs Elswood Cucumbers (big deal) have disappeared. Chicken Sausages have reappeared WEYBRIDGE – WAITROSE  – have a limited selection

VAUXHALL – SAINSBURY’S  – has a selection of dried goods and prepacked meats such as viennas, salami as well as chopped liver and gefilte fish balls

WIMBLEDON –  WAITROSE ON ALEXANDRA ROAD, SW19, are now stocking a full range of Israeli & Kosher food in chilled & ambient sections.  They are also stocking some “Buckingham Boulangerie” bread lines (400g rye and 400g Cholla).   This shop is also grateful for suggestions which should be made  to Vicky Gilder Departmental Manager Retail at 0208 947 9619 or

WEST WIMBLEDON –  TONY’S AT 348 COOMBE LANE, LONDON SW20 ORJ.    020 8241  0442 Sells a range of kosher produce including Osem soups and cakes; dinner wine; kiddush wine; Telma soup cubes and noodles; pickles; dips and meat products. Challahs are available every Thursday

CHEAPER KOSHER FOOD This relatively new kosher outlet  included although it is near Golders Green in North West London.  It might be worthwhile for those finding it difficult to afford the cost of kosher food.  I doubt if they deliver but it may be worth an occasional journey to “stock up”.    Their prices are much cheaper than elsewhere although it has restricted opening times.  I would suggest that you phone to check the opening times if you travelling especially to visit.

KOSHER OUTLET –     Kosher Outlet is a large supermarket based in North West London that sells Kosher food and meat as well other items of interest to the Kosher consumer at substantial discounts ranging between 20% – 30%.   They have recently moved to newly refurbished premises only 5 minutes drive from central Golders Green/Hendon with ample off street parking.

Address is Unit 2 106 Brent Terrace London NW2 1BZ .   Tel: 020 8450 0115.

Directions and opening hours can be checked on

At present they are

Sundays 10 -2

Wednesdays  10 – 6

Thursdays  10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Fridays 9 – 2 (after October 9 – 1 pm)


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