Israel Update: 8 March 2018

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Two soldiers, a border guard and a civilian were lightly injured in a suspected car-ramming attack in Acre on Sunday.  One victim was hit by the car outside the city market. The driver, an Israeli Arab then continued toward a train station and hit the other two victims, before he was shot and stopped by an armed soldier at the scene

Jewish & Arab residents of Acre showed solidarity after the attack.

‘We Jews and Arabs live like brothers here. As far as we’re concerned, nothing happened,’ insist Acre residents, adamant that peaceful coexistence in the city will not be ruined by ‘outsiders.’,7340,L-5146488,00.html




Scotland Yard has been asked to investigate whether the UK Department for International Development (DfID) and two ministers breached terrorism legislation by giving aid money to the Palestinian Authority. A complaint claims aid to the PA has been used to pay terrorists in prison, contravening the Terrorism Act 2000. The allegation follows concerns raised by Kay Wilson, a British citizen attacked and left for dead, while her friend American Kristine Luken was murdered in 2010 by Palestinian terrorists. Wilson alleged that her attackers are now receiving thousands of pounds in payments from the PA while in prison.


The Palestinian Authority increased its payments to terrorists and their families in 2018 by nearly $56 million, Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee Chairman Avi Dichter said Monday, when a bill to discourage the practice passed a first reading in the Knesset. The PA paid terrorists and their families more than $347 million in 2017



Two Israeli high school teams returned from Qatar last week with a third-place trophy in the World Handball Championship for Schools, held in Doha. Qatar was criticized on social media for allowing the Israelis to participate.


The Israel Jiu-Jitsu Federation concluded its participation Friday in the Abu Dhabi Ju-Jitsu World Championship Juniors and Aspirants 2018 with two gold medals, but the Israeli national anthem was not played, nor was the country’s flag flown in the competition hall.,7340,L-5144646,00.html



Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales said on Sunday that his country will move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem in May, two days after the U.S. moves its embassy.


Air India confirmed plans for a direct route between Tel Aviv and Delhi Wednesday, with the flight being given permission to fly over Saudi airspace, a first. The ability to fly the route over Saudi Arabia is expected to cut the flight time by nearly two hours, and marks a significant achievement in Israel’s campaign to upgrade its ties with the Gulf.



An Israeli company Cellbrite is now reportedly able to unlock any phone, making it easier for law enforcement agencies to gain access to files.

Artificial intelligence software developed by an Israeli startup has proved in an international study to be quicker and more accurate at analysing legal documents than experienced lawyers. The software developed by LawGeex was able to analyse nondisclosure agreements with more accuracy and speed than 20 experienced lawyers, in a recent collaborative study.


Valerann’s four Israeli cofounders won the 2017 Intelligent Infrastructure Challenge of Highways UK. The Israeli technology is based on replacing existing reflective road studs — embedded in every 10 to 15 metres of road in the UK to highlight lanes, bumps and crossings — with wireless plug-and-play “smart studs” containing sensors and antennas that collect and transmit raw data to pole-mounted control units that send the data to the cloud for analytics.


Israeli start-up companies are finding new ideas to change the way we think about, produce, and eat food. Inno-Bev has created a plant-based drink that keeps El Al pilots awake during long flights. SuperMeat is developing lab-made chicken meat. Hargol runs a commercial farm producing grasshoppers as a source of protein. Other companies are developing new solutions to check for food safety. Yarok has invented a microbiological test which checks for bacteria in food in 45 minutes; the tests in use now take up to 72 hours and the results are often inaccurate.


Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich has donated $20 million toward a new nuclear medical facility at Sheba Medical Centre in Ramat Gan.. The new centre will house a cyclotron, a particle accelerator that can accurately pinpoint and kill cancer cells using radioactive ion beams.


Arab terrorists threw two firebombs at Hadassah Hospital’s Mount Scopus campus in Jerusalem Monday night. he third such attack over the past week. The hospital, serves both Jews and Arabs.


The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) Maj.-Gen. Mordechai published a video showing Hamas operatives hooking up illicitly to a Gaza power line Saturday in order to siphon electricity. He wrote: “The Hamas terror group continues stealing from the people of Gaza,” “This power was intended for hospitals and schools, but Hamas is uninterested in the populace and even exploits it. Watch the daylight robbery.” “Only a week ago it was published that Hamas is stealing fuel brought into the strip for the Palestinian public, and selling it on the private market to the highest bidder.”,7340,L-5144944,00.html



A study shows that the percentage of Arab Israeli women succeeding on the bagrut (matriculation) exam surpasses that of Arab Israeli men, and is approaching that of non-ultra-Orthodox Jewish women. The ultra-Orthodox, with their stress on non-core curricula, traditionally score lower on the exam than their peers. In addition, there has been an increase in the share of Arab Israeli women pursuing higher education.




There are currently three whiskey distilleries around Israel — Tel Aviv’s Milk & Honey, the Golan Heights Distillery in Katzrin in the Golan Heights, and Pelter, also in the Golan Heights



How Purim was celebrated in Israel last week.,7340,L-5139947,00.html



Amit Deri: During a tour of IDF reserve duty this month, my men and I were attacked by about 400 Palestinian rioters in the Hebron area throwing firebombs, hurling large rocks, using slingshots, and burning tires. They were documented by some 40 foreign press with cameras. They were shouting slogans about Muhammad’s army coming to avenge itself on the Jews, and pranced bravely in front of the photographers, knowing full well that the IDF’s strict regulations prevent us from doing much more than trying to disperse the violent mob by shooting canisters of tear gas.  We did the best we could to keep anyone, Israeli and Palestinian, from getting seriously injured. And then, magic: A short while into the demonstration, the media, getting what it came for, decided to leave. As soon as the last cameraman was gone, the very same Palestinian rioters who were, just a moment earlier, so passionate and furious and violent, tossed aside their gasoline-soaked rags and boulders and cheerfully walked away. They weren’t interested in a real confrontation. They weren’t truly mad. They were putting on a show for the press.

Jose Maria Aznar and Stephen Harper (former Prime Minsters of Spain & Canada respectively): The Israeli military was forced last month to engage an Iranian drone launched into Israeli airspace from Syria. There will be more such incidents if Tehran is permitted to continue projecting force throughout the Middle East. North America and Europe must join Israel in stopping Iran…Iran’s leaders have threatened Israel time and again with total destruction, and now, Iranian power has arrived at Israel’s border….Predictions that the (2015 nuclear agreement) agreement would de-escalate tensions and improve cooperation have proved wrong. Since signing the agreement, Iran’s aggression and hostility have increased…But fixing the agreement and stopping Iran from going nuclear would not eliminate the threat. The U.S. and its allies must also roll back Iran’s aggression and influence throughout the Middle East. If left unchecked, Iran’s aggression will ultimately threaten Europe and North America as well.

Shmuel Rosner:Eliezer  Tauber is an Israeli academic who specializes in the modern history of the Middle East. In the past decade, he dedicated a lot of time to writing a book about the so-called “massacre of Deir Yassin.” The result was a book arguing that there was no massacre in Deir Yassin. A detailed account of a fateful day, minute by minute, hour by hour. A convincing account.. Tauber knows the names of everybody, he knows the time and the place where everybody was fighting, or hiding, or wounded, or killed. But the myth was perpetrated not because of confusion. It was a deliberate attempt by the Palestinian leadership to force the Arab militaries of surrounding countries to intervene in the battle over Palestine. The leaders of the Palestinians sowed a wind and reaped a whirlwind. More than convincing the Arab states to intervene (they eventually did), they convinced their fellow Palestinians to flee.

The Israelly Cool blog analysed conflicting reports of an incident on the Gaza border.