Israel Update: 8 November 2017

Flag of Israel

At the time of writing, the situation regarding the UK’s Secretary of State for Overseas Development remains unresolved, and is therefore outside the remit of this Update. HRG



The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with Magen David Adom (Israel’s national emergency medical service) have put together an aid package for Madagascar following the devastating outbreak of the “Black Death Plague” in October.



On Tuesday evening, more than 3,000 Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel, including several KS&DS members,  gathered at the Royal Albert Hall  in Central London at the biggest celebration marking the Balfour centenary.



The Palestinian Authority fully restored security coordination with Israel two weeks ago, PA Police chief Hazem Atallah confirmed on Wednesday.


In a highly unusual move, Israel last Friday said it would defend the Syrian Druze village Hader, hours after a terrorist killed nine people in a suicide bombing just across the border that then sparked clashes between Syrian government forces and rebels…Spillover fire from the Friday morning clashes also lightly injured a resident of the Israeli Druze town of Majdal Shams who was hit by small arms fire from across the border and  treated by paramedics at the scene.



Israeli soldiers on Sunday arrested a Palestinian man who was approaching the Jewish community of Mevo Dotan with a knife in his hand.

Border police on Wednesday found a knife hidden in the sock of Palestinian teenager who tried to enter the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron without going through a metal detector.

Israel Prison Service officers foiled an attempt to smuggle SIM cards and cell phones to a jailed terrorist, using the prisoner’s five-year-old son as an intermediary, A search of the child revealed that he held ten small, homemade cell phones and three SIM cards in his underwear.

The prisoner is serving a 12 year sentence for plotting to manufacture explosives and murder innocents.



For the first time, a female pilot Capt. Y, 27, an F-15 navigator has been appointed deputy commander of an Israel Air Force combat squadron. Two other female officers were appointed as deputy commanders in a drone squadron.



At least 87 multinational corporations from 18 countries have opened up R&D or innovation centres in Israel over the past three years, a majority after acquiring an Israeli startup. This is according to a new study showing the scale of foreign interest in Israeli technology and talent by Start-up Nation Central, an Israel-based non-profit that tracks the Israeli innovation ecosystem.



The Israeli startup Zebra Medical Vision, which uses artificial intelligence to read medical scans in order to automatically detect anomalies, has partnered with multinational tech giant Google to provide its sophisticated algorithms on Google Cloud, where hospitals and medical professionals can access the service for $1 per scan.




In a nostalgic yet soulful return, 80s music icon Boy George and his band Culture Club kicked off their world tour in Tel Aviv Tuesday night, their first show in Israel in 30 years.



Israel’s P.M Netanyahu was interviewed by Andrew Marr ( length:16.37)


From Palestinian Media Watch: Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, published an op-ed in the Guardian on Nov. 1 describing the Palestinian people as “a proud nation with a rich heritage of ancient civilizations.” On the same day, official PA TV broadcast an interview with historian Abd Al-Ghani Salameh, who explained that in 1917 there was no Palestinian people. “Before the Balfour Promise [Declaration] when the Ottoman rule ended, Palestine’s political borders as we know them today did not exist, and there was nothing called a Palestinian people with a political identity as we know today.”

Efraim Karsh: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict evolved in spite of the Balfour Declaration, not because of it. The Balfour Declaration was quickly endorsed by the contemporary international community, including the leaders of the nascent pan-Arab movement….

Moreover, it was not the Balfour Declaration that paved the road to the displacement of many Palestinians but its rejection by the extremist Palestinian Arab leadership headed by the Jerusalem mufti Hajj Amin Husseini – this against the wishes of ordinary Palestinian Arabs who preferred to coexist with their Jewish neighbours and take advantage of opportunities created by the evolving Jewish national enterprise…

On Jan. 3, 1919,  (Hasmemite) Emir Faisal signed an agreement with Weizmann supporting the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine in accordance with the Balfour Declaration and pledging the adoption of all necessary measures “to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale.”