Israel Update: 5.7. 2018


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A system developed by Israeli company Maxtech Networks is providing a voice, data, and video link to the boys who have been stuck in the cave for nearly two weeks. The company now wants to set up a quick response team, equipped with their technology, which would be ready to travel to emergencies all over the world.


Thai authorities had approved the purchase of the MaxTech system, but the company donated the systems costing upwards of $100,000.

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Last week, the IDF sent humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees fleeing renewed fighting in south western Syria. The aid, transferred to four different locations on the Syrian Golan Heights, included 300 tents, 13 tons of food, 15 tons of baby food, three loads of medical equipment and medicine, and 30 tons of clothing and footwear.


I.D.F. VIDEO showing transfer ofhumanitarian aid to Syrians fleeing hostilities who are living in tent camps throughout the Syrian Golan Heights


Israeli authorities in the Golan Heights have launched a campaign to donate toys, clothes, and mineral water to displaced Syrians near the border who fled bombardment by Syrian government forces.






Four startups  were presented to the Royal visitor:

ReWalk Robotics develops, manufactures, and markets wearable robot skeletons for people with spinal injuries. These are designed to enable the wearers to perform the basic actions of standing, walking, and ascending and descending staircases.

Orcam MyEye 2.0 produces an accessory device for the blind, vision-impaired, and those with reading difficulties, designed to provide independence through artificial vision.

MyndLift, is developing interactive games for children and teenagers with attention and concentration disabilities; the games help them improve their ability to concentrate.

AlgoBrix, has developed a programming game for teaching the fundamentals of programming and robotics to children using Lego cubes with smart capabilities. article-4-israeli-startups-to- present-innovations-to-prince- william-1001242667



Not all the attacks are reported; here are some examples:


Around 20 fires broke out last Thursday in various areas in south Israel along the Gaza border due to incendiary balloons being flown from Gaza,7340,L-5298845,00.html


Firefighting forces battled 24 blazes on Saturday caused by incendiary balloons and kites flown from Gaza.,7340,L-5300438,00.html


The kite terror, in which Gazans affix kites and balloons with incendiary devices and fly them into Israeli territory to burn farmland, continued on Sunday, with 12 fires erupting by the afternoon in the western Negev.,7340,L-5301237,00.html

Fires raged on Tuesday in six different locations in Israel near Gaza



A group of Yazidis from Iraq recently visited Israel to receive training in medical clowning to help children in need of medical treatment or post-traumatic stress disorder in their home country



Ghana’s Ministry of Food and Agriculture has initiated a partnership with the Israeli government to send 50 students for one-year paid internships in Israel.The students will learn modern agricultural practices in greenhouse vegetable production, then come back and set up greenhouses to help Ghana increase its local production and export.




Israel’s Gilat Satellite Networks has been awarded two regional telecommunication infrastructure projects in Peru to build infrastructure connecting schools, police stations and health centres.



The China-Israel relationship has been expanding rapidly in trade, investment, education exchanges, and tourism. China is attracted to Israel’s vaunted technology sector, and Israel welcomes China’s investments and potential as a research collaborator.



The Palestinian Authority has a legal and bureaucratic infrastructure with 550 full-time employees who reward indiscriminate Palestinian attacks against Israeli civilians. In 2017 the PA rewarded 36,000 families with monthly payments totaling $360 million for participation in violence against Israel, while allocating only $210 million in welfare for 120,000 needy families. In 2013, PA President Abbas signed an executive order granting additional salaries and benefits to Palestinians in jail for attacking Israelis – amounts based on the severity of the crime, and which included bonuses for terrorists who were Israeli Arabs or Jerusalem residents, as well as lifetime pensions to women for two-year prison terms.

Australia has ended direct aid to the Palestinian Authority because it says its donations could increase the PA’s capacity to pay Palestinians convicted of politically-motivated violence. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that funding to a World Bank trust fund was cut after she wrote to the PA in May seeking assurance that Australian funding was not being misspent.She expressed concern that providing further funds allows the authority to use its own budget to spend on activities that “Australia would never support.” Australia’s $7.4 million donation would now be re-routed to the UN Humanitarian Fund for the Palestinian Territories, which aids in health care, food, water, improved sanitation and shelter.


Israel’s Knesset on Monday voted 87 to 15 to deduct the amount of money that the Palestinian Authority gives to terrorists and their families from taxes and tariffs Israel collects for the authority.


The PA leadership stressed that it will not be deterred by the Knesset decision to deduct the amount the PA pays to security prisoners and their families from the tax revenues Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinians, and that the PA will continue to pay these salaries.


Meanwhile, in a landmark ruling, the Jerusalem District Court ordered the P.A. to pay compensation of $3.5 million to 51 suspected collaborators with Israel who were systematically tortured while incarcerated in PA jails.




Israeli security officials see opposition from PA President Abbas as the main obstacle to improving the humanitarian situation in Gaza, due to the ongoing tension between the PA and Hamas. Israel needs the PA’s cooperation to make improvements to Gaza’s infrastructure, such as operating an additional electrical power line. The international community also needs the PA in order to channel aid money to Gaza


IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Manelis told the French National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee in Paris on Tuesday that Hamas was taking France’s donations to Gaza and using them to build military infrastructure and prepare terror attacks.




The Committee for the Prevention of Destruction of Antiquities on the Temple Mount sought to prevent the removal by the Islamic Wakf of some 3,000 tons of dirt and rubble rich in archaeological findings from the Mount. In 1999, the Palestinians, using a fleet of 400 trucks, removed excavated dirt from the Temple Mount in the dead of night. Thousands of volunteers have since sifted through that rubble, turning up about half a million tiny finds from the First and Second Temple eras.During this year’s holy month of Ramadan, hundreds of Muslims brought up piles of rubble from the excavation of Solomon’s Stables 20 years ago, which the High Court ruled could not be removed from the Temple Mount, and started to pick through it, removing stones to use to build terraces. Only the alertness of the members of the Committee for the Prevention of Destruction of Antiquities stopped the Waqf in its tracks.




Cyber 2.0, a leading Israeli cybersecurity company, recently launched a unique international competition – try hacking the company’s defence systems and win NIS 100,000. Hundreds of hackers participated, simultaneously launching more than 1 million attacks. All failed, as the company’s software blocked viruses, ransom attacks, and Trojan horses.
The Cyber 2.0 system operates differently from other systems since it operates on the basis of the mathematical principles of chaos.



Iranian Brig.-Gen. Gholam Reza Jalali has accused Israel of stealing its clouds in order to cause drought in the Islamic Republic.




Natan Sharansky: Peace can be achieved only between Israel and a legitimately democratic Palestinian Authority – because real democracies do not try to kill one another.  While he (Sharansky) is quick to acknowledge the suffering of Palestinians, he lays it at the feet of the entire international community. “It is a thousand times more difficult to be a dissident among the Palestinians than among the Soviets,” he said. “There, you knew that even if you will be isolated, you are part of a much bigger world of free thought, and this world is with you. Here, who cares?” It is “the free world” that has cynically allowed Palestinian leaders to keep their people in refugee camps for generations and, of late, to send Gaza residents to be shot by Israeli soldiers along the fence.  And Palestinians will suffer again, and again, and again until the free world will say, ‘Enough’,” and “stop dealing with these corrupt dictators,” save up the money for a future Marshall Plan and instead start helping Palestinians build a real democracy.


Jonathan S Tobin: When the Palestinians turned down peace deals – that would have given them statehood as well as a share of Jerusalem – from Ehud Barak and Bill Clinton in 2000 and 2001, and then an even more generous offer from Ehud Olmert with the backing of George W. Bush, they believed time was on their side. They assumed that eventually the Americans and the rest of the world would force the Israelis to acquiesce to all of their demands…The conflict with Zionism has never been about real estate or drawing lines on a map. After a century of Palestinians contesting Israel’s right to be there, it’s not clear Abbas has the will or the ability to accept a state on any terms. But the sad truth for the Palestinians is that the value of what they are likely to be offered in the future is going down, not up.


Moshe Yaalon & Yair Lapid In 1981 Israel applied its law to the Golan Heights. The Syrians insisted it be returned to them… Not a single Palestinian lives in the Golan Heights.The Syrians ruled over the Golan Heights for only 21 years (1946-1967). They turned the Golan into a military base, rained rocket fire on the Israeli communities which are below the Golan Heights, and tried to divert Israel’s critical water sources to dry the country out. In the past seven years, President Assad has massacred over half a million of his own people and used chemical weapons against women and children. It is a dark regime led by a psychopath supported by the most malevolent forces on earth today. Does his monstrous behaviour have no cost? We call on the U.S. to lead an international process of recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. This will allow the U.S. to extract a price from Assad for his despicable behavior without putting boots on the ground in Syria.


Dan Diker, ed.: In the 1990s the P.L.O. and the State of Israel signed the internationally-sanctioned Oslo Accords, which acknowledged mutual recognition, included reconciliation, and the normalization of relations between the sides. Yet today the Palestinian leadership has adopted a strategy of “denormalization of relations” with Israel as a political weapon. For example, Jibril Rajoub, the Palestinian minister of sport, declared in 2014, “Any activity of normalization in sports with the Zionist enemy is a crime against humanity.” Yet this campaign does not represent the attitudes or interests of the average Palestinian, especially the 150,000 Palestinians who are employed in West Bank Palestinian-Israeli industrial zones or in Israel. This study reveals the demand among a growing number of Palestinians for engagement and opportunity together with their Israeli neighbours. Many Palestinians and virtually all Israelis prefer cooperation over denormalization. This policy book gives voice to Palestinians who call for reconciliation with Israelis even in the absence of a final political agreement.