Israel Update: 3 November 2016

Flag of Israel

by Hazel Green


AIDS treatment breakthrough by Israeli researchers: A drug developed at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has been found to decrease the HIV virus count by as much as 97% in just eight days The active ingredient in the drug is a peptide that causes the cell to self-destruct.


Three Israeli soldiers were wounded, one of them seriously, in a shooting attack when a Palestinian police officer opened fire on them with an AK-47 assault rifle at a checkpoint outside Ramallah on Monday.

The P.A. had attempted to arrest the Palestinian officer who wounded the 3 IDF soldiers on Monday. The attacker is the third member of the PA security forces to carry out an attack against the IDF in the last year.

P.A. President Abbas’ Fatah movement glorified the PA police officer who shot and wounded three Israeli soldiers on Monday, as a “heroic martyr” on its official Facebook page.


A Palestinian driver, struck and wounded three Israeli border policemen before he was shot dead by other border police officers on Sunday,7340,L-4872129,00.html



Ruth Gillis, whose husband, Dr. Shmuel Gillis, was killed in a shooting attack on Highway 60 in 2001, reported that her car was shot at from a passing vehicle on Saturday evening near her home in Karmei Tzur.,7340,L-4871733,00.html





A Palestinian terrorist attempted to run over and stab soldiers near a checkpoint at Ofra near Ramallah on Saturday. After the car attack, the terrorist exited the vehicle armed with a meat cleaver before he was shot and wounded. The checkpoint was set up after a terrorist opened fire in the direction of Ofra on Friday,7340,L-4871539,00.html


Israeli Border Police officers at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron found two knives in the possession of a Palestinian woman on Tuesday. According to initial investigations, the woman planned to carry out a stabbing attack.


A Palestinian was arrested in Hebron near the Tomb of the Patriarchs Friday after being caught with a knife, and told security officials he had intended to carry out a stabbing attack.


Israeli intelligence agents prevented a major terrorist attack in Azerbaijan during the 2012 Eurovision song contest in Baku,an Azerbaijani MP revealed Tuesday. He said “Mossad divers neutralized at sea a group of terrorists who arrived from Iran to Azerbaijan.”He added that Mossad agents played “a key role” in helping to secure the 2015 European Games in Baku.




Israeli-based Aquarius Engines says a super-efficient engine it has created could drastically reduce fuel consumption and help power an auto industry revolution. They claim that their engine can allow cars to travel more than 1,600 km. on a single tank of fuel, more than double current distances. In tests by the German engineering firm FEV, the Aquarius engine’s efficiency was more than double that of traditional engines.


AseptoRay Ltd., an Israeli company, has developed a technology that makes it possible to pasteurize drinks using ultraviolet light, thereby saving 75% of energy costs and preserving the beverages’ nutritional values.,7340,L-4870990,00.html




International Airlines Group, the parent company of British Airways, Aer Lingus, Iberia and Vueling has created Hangar 51 — a global startup accelerator programme. to scout for new ideas. According to IAG “The wealth of start-ups and innovation in the market makes Israel a key target for Hangar 51,” …“IAG is keen to discover and work with disruptive Israeli start-ups” that can help “transform the aviation industry.”


Israel is a model of scientific research for Italy, Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Wednesday during the presentation of a prize for scientific cooperation between the two countries. Italy currently has more than 100 researchers in Israel and there are 170 projects involving scientific collaboration between the two countries.


The municipal company Tel Aviv Global and the Republic of Kenya have announced Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on the development of a new “smart city” in south-eastern Kenya, as part of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival of 2016.,7340,L-4864885,00.html




The 11th annual Oktoberfest, was hosted by Palestinian beer brewey, Taybeh. The party,was attended by an estimated 16,000 people, including 20 heads of diplomatic missions and a bishop of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church,




A campaign has been launched encouraging police enlistment in the Israeli-Arab community. The campaign features a video in which

1st Sgt. Fadi Bisan, a community police officer says “Israeli society is comprised of a variety of sectors and ethnicities—Jews, Druze and Christians. My job as a police officer is to balance and guard each and every person’s life.” The campaign is part of a larger plan to improve policing within the Arab sector. So far, the initiative has seen 1,200 new Arab recruits and the establishments of ten new police stations.,7340,L-4872271,00.html


Israeli diplomats are extensively lobbying Interpol members to reject an attempt by the PA to join the body at its general assembly in Indonesia next week. An Israeli diplomatic official said there are concerns that if the PA joins Interpol, Palestinian police may leak sensitive information to terrorist groups.


MR UNIVERSE (junior)


Kobi Ifrach, 20, from Zichron Yaakov was declared Mr. Universe on Sunday in the under-22 junior division, in an international tournament held in Birmingham.



YAIR LAPID M.K. (Yesh Atid) The blatant anti-Semitism on display at Jenny Tonge’s event doesn’t bother me…What does bother me though is that meetings like the one in the House of Lords strengthen the conviction of the Palestinians, time and again, that they have no reason to try and reach a reasonable compromise. If that’s the way Jews are talked about in the House of Lords, then even the Palestinian Authority can drop the façade of being moderate and start to lock up anyone who dares talk about peace and coexistence.

And see Daniel Johnson Wall Street Journal:


Liat Collins: It (the Sukkah arrests) reminded me how in July, a Palestinian man was interviewed in the Israeli media about how he stopped to help the family after the terrorist drive-by shooting in which Rabbi Miki Mark was killed…He was fired by the PA for helping Jews. The PA evidently demands permanent conflict to go along with the Palestinians’ “permanent refugee status” at the UN…we won’t be on the road to peace until both sides are willing to recognize each other and focus on what we have in common. Normalization should be, well, normal, not a crime against humanity.


Alex Benjamin: What hope of peace is there when your supposed partners are incited to such a degree that they will send 8-year-old children to kill indiscriminately?…The PA know that whatever they do and say, they get their millions in pocket money regardless.

That’s why I have made it my organisation’s priority, through the establishment of a European Parliamentary Working Group, to look at the whole issue of how EU funding can and should be made conditional on a commitment — to borrow from the Northern Ireland Peace process playbook — to exclusively peaceful and democratic means.


Melanie Phillips: That the Jews are the indigenous people of the land has been acknowledged by Arabs themselves. In 1918 Sherif Hussein, the guardian of the Islamic holy places in Arabia, wrote that the Jews streaming back to Palestine were “exiles” returning to their “sacred and beloved homeland.” In March 1919 Emir Faisal wrote: “We will wish the Jews a hearty welcome home.”
In 1917 the Arabs living in Palestine did not identify themselves as Palestinians. They were either nomadic or identified with Arab countries, such as Syria. When people referred to Palestinians in the first half of the last century, they meant the Jews.