Israel Update: 28 September 2017

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Two Israeli civilian security officers and a border policeman were murdered Tuesday morning in a terror attack in the town of Har Adar, outside Jerusalem. The victims were First Sergeant Salomon Gabaria (20), Yossef Otman and Or Arish (25).  The Israeli Security Agency issued a statement saying that the attacker had significant personal and family problems, including a history of domestic violence. Another Israeli was badly wounded by shots to his stomach & chest.

 Hundreds of friends and family mourned Yousef Ottman, 25, a resident of the Arab Israeli town of Abu Ghosh, who was saving money for university and dreamed of becoming a dentist. At the funeral for border policeman Solomon Gavriyah, 20, MK Avraham Neguise said in his eulogy, which was given partly in Hebrew and partly in Amharic, that the people of Israel and the Israeli-Ethiopian community “lost one of our great heroes.” The third victim 25-year-old security guard Or Arish. was not scheduled to work on Tuesday morning, but requested the shift because he was saving up money to attend university.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health and independent Palestinian news site Maan both referred to the perpetrator as a “martyr”


Fatah, the Palestinian movement led by PA President Abbas, posted an image of Nimer Jamal – who killed three Israeli security personnel and wounded a fourth on its official Facebook page, hailing him as a “heroic martyr.”




The Palestinian Authority was admitted into the world policing organization Interpol as a member state Wednesday, despite strong opposition from Israel and the US. Israel had hoped Interpol’s Executive Committee would decide not to put the Palestinian request on the agenda on the grounds that “Palestine” is not a state according to Interpol’s own parameters.  Israel has voiced another central concern that the Palestinian delegation will now be privy to sensitive classified information regarding terrorism and its financing, which may then leak to Hamas or Fatah. The Americans tried to deny the Palestinians’ accession to Interpol on the premise that such a unilateral move risks making it increasingly difficult to jumpstart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process again.,7340,L-5021742,00.html


Israeli President Rivlin criticized Interpol’s decision to admit the P.A. as a member: “This decision will harm Interpol’s ability to fight international terror…This is not a decision based on professional need. It is absolutely a political decision,”





Hezbollah has 10,000 fighters in Syria ready to confront Israel according to one of its commanders. The Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group is an army with ‘infantry, rockets, tanks, elite forces,’ building tunnels, military bases for future war


Hezbollah is currently believed to possess approximately 120,000 missiles and rockets in Lebanon. In a future war, the IDF estimates that the Iran-backed group will launch over a thousand rockets a day at Israel. As Iran is providing Hezbollah with the missiles themselves and the ability to produce them independently, with factories in Lebanon, the fear is that the group will have more and more accurate missiles aimed at strategic sites in Israel.

Iran’s President Rouhani vowed to press on with his ballistic programme despite US criticism: ‘Whether you like it or not, we are going to strengthen our military capabilities’



Israeli planes targeted a weapons depot belonging to Hizbullah near Damascus airport overnight last Thursday, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Israel has repeatedly warned that it stands ready to take military action to prevent Hizbullah from obtaining advanced weaponry.



On his sixth visit to Israel, City of London Police Assistant Commissioner Alistair Sutherland said: “It’s likely that because of the contacts I’ve made here, I will now be sending officers back to Israel to speak to the Israel Police about some of the technology that they’re using,” Sutherland would not say which Israeli products and companies he was considering for the City of London Police, but said he was seeking both real-time monitoring and the ability to prevent terror attacks by finding assailants before they act.


Egyptian President al-Sisi told the UN General Assembly in New York last week: “I tell the Palestinian people it’s extremely important…to overcome the differences and not to lose opportunities and to be ready to accept co-existence with the other, with Israelis in safety and security.” Addressing the Israelis, Sisi said: “We have an excellent experience in Egypt in peace with you for longer than 40 years. We can repeat this experience and this excellent step once again – the peace and security of the Israeli citizens together with the peace and security of the Palestinian citizens.”


Radio-wave technology developed by Israeli firm Camero-Tech  that can “see” through solid walls was helping rescue workers in Mexico search through rubble for buried victims. “We know from reports in Mexico that our system helped rescue a number of people alive,” said the company’s CEO.

Since September 2016, Israel’s ZAKA rescue and recovery organization has trained 70 Mexico City-based volunteers, who are now assisting in rescue efforts after last week’s massive earthquake.

An IDF search and rescue team landed in Mexico early last Thursday. The team comprised 70 search and rescue experts, pilots, engineers, and medical staff.  Their commander Col. (res.) Dudi Mizrahi, said his team members “left home at a moment’s notice, in the middle of preparations for the [Jewish New Year] holiday, but with great love. Given an opportunity like this to provide assistance, there was no question or dilemma. It’s a privilege to save lives, even when it’s at a distance of thousands of kilometers from home.”


The Israel Security Agency said last week it had uncovered an eight-man terrorist cell in an east Jerusalem neighbourhood that was planning to carry out shooting attacks on Israeli targets. The head of the cell, was in contact with sources in Lebanon and Gaza who were financing it.

The IDF seized “six M-16 assault rifles, three pistols, 12 pipe bombs and ammunition” in raids in Nablus last week.

A Palestinian illegally employed at a Tel Aviv construction site was arrested and confessed to intending to buy a knife in order ‘to stab Jews’.




The iphone X model, Apple’s newest and most advanced offering, boasts innovative face recognition capabilities, allowing users to unlock the device using a facial signature and creating animated emojis controlled by their own faces. A significant portion of the research and development behind these new features was carried out at Apple’s Herzliya R&D hub in Israel.,7340,L-5018743,00.html

Pope Francis’ security detail used an Israeli-made observation balloon to protect him during his visit to South America. The balloon proved to be more reliable than the unmanned air vehicles typically used and cost only a fraction of the price to operate, Two of the three Masses led by the pope in Colombia two weeks ago were accompanied by the device, which is made by the Israeli company RT Aerostats Systems


Maj. A., a resident of a Druze village in northern Israel, successfully finished the Air Force Flight Academy and has become the first Druze navigator in the IDF. His message to the younger generation: “Have high aspirations and don’t be afraid to go as far as possible, because there is full equal opportunity in the IDF.” A’s father was a senior officer in the Border Police, while his brother served in Military Intelligence.,7340,L-5017799,00.html


More than two months ago, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the Palestinian Authority was required within 30 days to pay hundreds of thousands of shekels in legal expenses to Palestinians who were tortured by the PA. The legal expenses are a preliminary measure to be followed by actual compensation for the torture. So far, the PA has not paid, prompting the Palestinian plaintiffs to apply to the Israeli Finance Ministry to seize the amount owed from PA funds held by Israel, as well as to impound 500 million shekels to satisfy the impending compensation awards


Quietly, Israeli high-tech companies are contracting Gaza engineers.



Quietly, Israeli high-tech companies are contracting Gaza engineers.

In Hamas -ruled Gaza, collaboration with Israel can be deadly, however some Palestinian firms increasingly forge business ties with Israeli industry


Chrissie Hynde opened The Pretenders’ gig in Tel Aviv on Saturday night by marching out on stage waving a giant Israeli flag, and ended it by declaring the crowd to be “the best audience in the world.” But Hynde, whose band played a terrific near-two-hour set  had an even bigger compliment for Israel. A vegetarian and veteran animal rights activist, she pronounced the state to be one of the world’s leaders in animal rights.



In the wake of recent natural disasters in Mexico, Sierra Leone, the Caribbean & elsewhere, Israel has sent humanitarian aid to those countries in their time of need. Israel prays for all affected by those natural disasters, and will continue to respond to humanitarian crises worldwide. (2:05)

IDF On the Ground in Mexico (2:23)


Ron Ben-Yishai: The terrorist who murdered three Israelis on Tuesday in Har Adar wanted to present himself as a martyr. He sought to kill Israelis he knew, worked for, and had friendly relations with because he realized he could become a national hero. More importantly, he secured the economic future of his children and estranged wife, who will receive a monthly allowance from the Palestinian Authority.,7340,L-5021668,00.html