Israel Update: 14 March 2018

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Papua New Guinea

Following a devastating earthquake that struck Papua New Guinea’s highlands region on Feb. 26, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Agency for International Development Cooperation delivered 40 generators to affected communities on March 8.With 150,000 people in desperate need of emergency supplies, Israel was one of the first countries to send aid.


From increasing tomato yields in Tamil Nadu to helping farmers grow crops in the deserts of Rajasthan, the Indo-Israel Agriculture Project over the last decade has been a fruitful one. Israel recently inaugurated its 23rd agricultural centre of excellence in India. 22 other centres have been set up in 16 states since 2006 and have helped transfer Israeli agricultural technologies and knowledge to Indian farmers.


South Sudan

An Israeli Foreign Ministry delegation headed by their Ambassador to South Sudan recently distributed 20 tons of food to refugees affected by the civil war there. It was announced that Israel will receive 60 students from South Sudan for agricultural training in the coming year, up from 20 students this year.,7340,L-5151331,00.html


A pregnant Syrian woman who was recently given the choice of dying or having her unborn son die decided to try saving both. The woman – facing almost certain death from a high-risk pregnancy – entered Israel and was treated at Rambam Medical Centre where working with colleagues in the  vascular surgery and transplantation department,doctors successfully performed a procedure that would have been almost impossible to carry out in Syria. She returned home with her baby son last week..


Wisconsin, a US state whose name evokes flowing rivers and abundant lakes, has an endemic water problem of nutrient pollution and is turning to Israeli startups to solve it. Nutrient pollution is caused by agriculture, storm water, wastewater and fossil fuels, and is creating an excess of nitrogen and phosphorus in Wisconsin ’s water supplies, harming the economic viability of its freshwater lakes and drinking water.



Ten days after the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, experts from the Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC) arrived at the community to guide teachers and community leaders through a “day after” strategy for helping people face the future with resilience.



Since 2016, doctors and nursing staff from Tel Aviv & Berlin have travelled to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for one week each year, to help perform heart surgery. The long-term objective is for the local doctors to run the pediatric cardiology clinic on their own.The mission was initiated by the Israeli organization “Save a Child’s Heart,” which works to improve medical care for children with heart defects in many countries.



Sam Gyimah the UK’s Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Development said. “Collaboration with Israel is something we want to build on as a strategic priority.” Medicine is one (area) “But I’m particularly focused on innovation. One thing Israel is really good at is commercialising new technology, maximising how research ideas are exported. Those are areas where I see us working together.”



Israel’s Foreign Ministry has announced that for the first time Israel will broadcast the 2018 FIFA World Cup via satellite free of charge to Arab nations in the Middle East complete with pre-game discussion and live commentary in Arabic. Though Egypt qualified for the soccer tournament, along with Morocco, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia, it did not purchase the rights to broadcast the games. Previously, viewers had to purchase a subscription to the Qatar-based Al-Jazeera network to watch the games. However, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE

have since cut ties with Qatar and banned Al-Jazeera.


60 Gazans attempted to infiltrate into Israel in 2017, 10 of whom were planning to carry out armed attacks. Eight such instances have been reported so far in 2018.


The IDF arrested a Gazan on Sunday who crossed the border fence into Israel carrying a grenade and a knife. An unarmed Gazan was also apprehended after crossing the border in a different sector.

A shipment of IDF uniforms headed into Gaza was stopped at a border crossing Tuesday. Officials suspect the uniforms were intended to be used in an attack against Israel by Gazan terror groups.


In Washington D.C. Israeli national security officials sat around the same table on Tuesday with their counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE, ( & other nations) discussing the dire humanitarian situation unfolding in the Gaza Strip. Jason Greenblatt, a US administration special representative for international negotiations said: “We regret that the Palestinian Authority is not here with us today… This is not about politics. This is about the health, safety and happiness of the people of Gaza, and of all Palestinians, Israelis and Egyptians.”


Potential electricity, water, sewage, and health projects for Gaza were discussed at the Washington meeting.





An explosive device targeted the convoy of the Palestinian Prime Minister and the PA intelligence chief after they entered Gaza on Tuesday, in what Fatah called an assassination attempt. Three vehicles in the convoy were damaged, their windows blown out.


Palestinian officials contacted Israel’s military liaison in order to coordinate their P.M’s exit from the Gaza Strip following the assassination attempt. Israel offered to provide medical treatment to those injured in the attack and some of the wounded were being treated by doctors at the Israeli side of the Erez crossing.



Two Palestinian teenagers were detained by Border Police guards at the entrance to the Samaria Military Court on Sunday while carrying hidden pipe bombs. This was the sixth such the past few months.





Nearly 5,000 Israeli and American troops have been training together in Israel to defend against missile attacks. Hizbullah now possesses 100,000 rockets capable of striking anywhere in Israel. Gaza’s Hamas rulers have a vast arsenal of rockets, and Iran has developed long-range missiles that can reach Israel




Israel will be represented by Netta Barzilai, with the (quirky) song “Toy”


“PALESTINE LIVE” expose by David Collier

In newly revealed posts from a secret British Facebook group, (Palestine Live) Greta Berlin, the spokesperson of the group involved in the flotilla that attempted to enter Gaza in May 2010, states that the Israeli troops did not open fire until after Ken O’Keefe, a former U.S. marine aboard the Mavi Marmara, seized a gun from one of them. She wrote that O’Keefe “was responsible for some of the deaths on board .

David Collier’s 280-page report details a slew of racist and anti-Israel material posted in the “Palestine Live” forum. Links here:

Part 1:

Part 2 :


Alan Dershowitz: The Arab exodus from Israel in 1948 was the direct result of a genocidal war declared against the newly established Jewish state by all of its Arab neighbours, including the Arabs of Israel. If they had accepted the UN peace plan – two states for two peoples – there would be no Palestinian refugees. Nearly all of the Jews displaced from their Arab homelands could trace their heritage back thousands of years, well before the Muslims and Arabs became the dominant population. It has now been 70 years since this exchange of Jewish and Arab populations occurred. It is time to end the charade of calling the displaced Palestinians “refugees.” Almost none of the five million Arabs who claim the mantle of “Palestinian refugee” was ever actually in Israel. The time is long overdue for the world to stop treating these Palestinians as refugees.