Israel Update: 12 April 2018

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Internationally, Holocaust Remembrance Day is January 27—the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. However, in Israel Yom HaShoah falls on 27thof the Hebrew month of Nisan, a date connected with the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.


Israel came to a standstill at 10 a.m. today Thursday as sirens wailed throughout the country in memory of the six million Jews murdered by the Nazis during World War II. Buses and cars halted on streets and highways as Israelis stepped out of their vehicles and stood with heads bowed. See photos at this link.



After the second successive Friday’s Hamas-backed “March of Return” at the Gaza border, the Israeli army said it had managed to frustrate the terror group’s “manipulative” efforts to breach the border fence and carry out acts of terrorism under the cover of a public protest. Israeli military sources said it was believed that everyone who was hit by IDF gunfire had been engaged in violence.Israeli military officials indicated that the IDF’s warnings to Gazans to stay back from the fence, and its firm defence of the border at the previous week’s protests, had a deterrent effect as far fewer demonstrators came near the fence.


Prior to last Friday’s burning of hundreds of tyres,in an Arabic post on Facebook, Maj.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai warned, “It’s the people in Gaza who will be strangled by black smoke.” He warned that the smoke is carcinogenic and harmful to the respiratory and immune systems He also wrote a letter asking the World Health Organization to intervene, saying he feared the burning tyres could cause an ecological disaster by poisoning plants and animals.


Hamas operatives have been practicing breaching the Gaza security fence, rushing IDF posts and abducting Israeli soldiers and civilians under cover of the border riots


Around 80% of the 32 men killed by the IDF during the ongoing Gaza border crisiswere terrorist operatives or identified with terrorist organizations, according to a report by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Centre.


A bomb was detonated near an Israeli construction vehicle adjacent to the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday. The I.E.D.was planted in the area during one of the demonstrations held along the security fence in recent weeks. In response, the IDF targeted “a number” of positions belonging to the Hamas terrorist group.


Hamas gunmen targeted Israeli aircraft with machine gun fire early Thursday morning. A bullet damaged an Israeli home in a kibbutz near the border. Fortunately the family, including a baby, were in their shelter.

The I.A.F.later bombed the gunmen who had fired at the aircraft.




In its 2018 budget, the PA allocated $360 million, 7% of the total, to two institutions that assist terrorists imprisoned in Israel, released terrorists, and families of “martyrs.”


A report Entitled “Integrity and Combating Corruption: Palestine 2017,”published recently in Ramallah by the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN)  gave examples of the misuse of public funds by the P.A. Palestinian Authority. One practice involves paying the salaries and expenses of a non-existent airline called “Palestine Airlines.”


While a senior advisor to Abbas accused Hamas of deliberately encouraging civilians to endanger themselves, Abbas’ Fatah Movement celebrated the participation of a six-month-old baby in the Gaza demonstrations.


Last week, a thousand Jewish worshippers flocked to Joseph’s Tomb for Passover prayers under military escort, where a Palestinian hurled explosives at Israeli soldiers protecting them.

A Palestinian man suspected of trying to stab an Israeli with a screwdriver at a West Bank gas station was shot by an armed civilian bystander on Sunday.



Israeli police have identified a missing dog by its ability to sing along with the theme tune of a popular Israeli TV show.



ReWalk Robotics Ltd., the Israeli developer of a robotic exoskeleton system that helps the paralyzed to walk, has started a clinical study of a new product that will aid the rehabilitation of people who have suffered a stroke.




Israeli soldiers stationed near the Jordanian border have been canvassing the area to find ideal places to construct natural wildlife corridors before a new border fence is constructed. Operation Living Together is being carried out in conjunction with academic experts, the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, IDF trackers, and the Jordanian army.
One purpose of the operation is to help migrating birds and animals access drinking water.





Israel is expected to complain to the UN over Syrian army deployment in  a demilitarized area ahead of  the regime’s planned assault on rebels, in violation of  the Agreement on Disengagement signed in 1974 between Israel and Syria, which concluded the Yom Kippur War


Beginning on May 28, Syria will chair the UN Conference on Disarmament, based in Geneva (which  produced the treaty banning chemical weapons) despite accusations that it has just perpetrated yet another deadly chemical weapons attack.



Thousands gathered Tuesday night in Tel Aviv to catch a sneak preview of 25 of the Eurovision 2018 contestants, who are currently in Israel as part of a four-day tour of the country. The star of the night was Israel’s Netta Barzilai with her song “Toy”.




Tarek Fatah (is a founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress).: Gaza could have been a Mediterranean paradise with mile after mile of beaches that could have turned the territory into an example of Palestinian ingenuity. Instead Gaza became a laboratory of Islamic extremism where leaders of the Palestinian Authority were tortured andassassinated, thrown over the roofs of buildings, and adversaries were killed and their bodies dragged by motorcyclists.


Larry Haas:.However carefully it responds to violent efforts to breach its borders and attack its people, Israel finds itself falsely portrayed, second-guessed, and ultimately condemned.. .Maybe Israel’s critics don’t realize that with their one-sided condemnations, they’re emboldening Hamas. Or maybe they do.


P.M. Netanyahu’s spokesman David Keyes was interviewed by Sky News presenter Gamal Fahnbulleh last week:

Keyes said (inter alia)…when Israel found itself in a situation where it was being shot at, where people were trying to infiltrate en masse, it took the steps that any state would have taken and defended its people. The full onus is on this genocidal terrorist organization which is theocratic, dictatorial, doesn’t care one wit about its people, and that’s why it is stealing so much money, hiding behind children and women. They took a 7-year-old girl and sent her to Israeli soldiers so if she was shot it would be a victory for Hamas. This is insane. This is outrageous. This is an abomination and it should stop right now…People are welcome to protest as much as they want, anywhere they want, anytime they want. What they can’t do is try to infiltrate Israel en masse, which is exactly what they said they would do.


Alan Baker:On March 30 and April 6, 2018, the world was witness to a series of Friday marches by thousands of Gazans toward the border fence with Israel. The organizers of the marches publicized them as a peaceful political demonstration. However, Hamas fighters embedded among the demonstrators committed a series of acts of violence including lobbing incendiary devices at Israeli soldiers, placing explosive devices on the border fence, using firearms against the soldiers, and attempting to cut the fence to cross the border. Despite witnessing the violence organized by Hamas, the leaders of the international community appear to hold the strange belief that what they saw was a peaceful demonstration that was forcefully frustrated and disturbed by the Israeli army. Calls for an international inquiry have become a routine and automatic phenomenon whenever Israel dares to defend itself.


Ira Stoll: Yet in one week in March 2018, 2,728 trucks entered Gaza from Israel carrying 74,202 tons of supplies. In addition, Israel supplies electricity to Gaza via ten power lines. And Israel supplies water to Gaza via two pipelines. Some “blockade.”Accusing Israel of a “blockade” of Gaza is inaccurate


Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon : These were not “peaceful protests.” Every critic of Israel must ask himself how he would expect the security forces of his own country to react if terrorists armed with rifles and Molotov cocktails began to march on his country’s border. It is the peak of hypocrisy for the international community to criticize Israel while ignoring the real factors causing pain and suffering to the innocent people of Gaza


Ray Hanania (Arab News-Saudi Arabia): Overall, I think Christian Arabs tend to get more support from Israel than they do from Arabs…There are only a few places Christian Arabs can turn to for support. One of those places is Israel, which constantly addresses their needs.Israelis talk about us; Arab activists want us to disappear.


IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Eizenkot said: “We are able to thwart 98% of potential terrorist attacks, but still, they keep trying. Just last year, we apprehended 4,600 potential terrorists…” “There is immense motivation to perpetrate terrorist attacks. The main problems are hatred, willingness, the culture, the religious beliefs and the profoundly painful understanding that they strongly believe terrorism is a way of fulfilling political, social and religious desires. This is something that won’t change for many years to come.”