Israel Update: 10 August 2017

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Massive Israeli humanitarian aid to Syria is revealed.

Detailing its outreach for the first time, officers say the IDF is building clinics actually inside war-torn Syria and treating sick Syrian children in Israel – over 600, accompanied by their mothers, have been treated in Israeli hospitals. Meanwhile, hundreds of tons of food, medical equipment and clothing have been sent across the border into Syria.

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From a blog by the commander of Operation Good Neighbour:

Every day and every night, 24/7, we operate a system that does only good. We provide flour, baby food, medical supplies and medicine in huge quantities. We have been given the opportunity to reshape reality and to be remembered as the ones who did the right thing.


Dr. Alejandro Roisentul, an Argentinean- born Israeli doctor, who has lived in Israel for the last 28 years, was honoured at the Buenos Aires city parliament as an “outstanding personality in the human rights field” for assisting victims of the Syrian civil war. Currently he is head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit of Ziv Medical Centre, a hospital in Safed, about 40 miles from the Syrian border.. The official website of the Buenos Aires parliament describes Roisentul as “an Israeli that heals and saves lives of Syrians who do not know their neighbours or have a distorted view (of them).” He said that that seven Syrians were treated at Ziv in 2013 and “more than 1,500 Syrian have been treated for free since then just in our hospital. I have received people with serious injuries to their head and mouth, most of them can’t talk or eat correctly, and they return to Syria with a smile on their face. We also help them with clothes and sometimes they live for months in the hospital… people without place to go.”



A Palestinian teenager stabbed a fellow worker, an Israeli man (42), critically wounding him by stabbing him in the head, chest & neck, at a supermarket in the central Israeli city of Yavneh last Wednesday in a terror attack.  The stabber was captured by civilians.

On 28 July, Palestinian man wielding a knife rushed at IDF soldiers at a West Bank junction and was shot.



According to World Health Organisation figures, only 477 Gazans were given financial approval by the Palestinian Authority to travel for treatment  in June, down from 1,883 the previous year. The P.A. has dramatically reduced financial support for Gazans seeking outside medical care.

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, Secretary General of the PLO, has been receiving treatment at a hospital in Israel for pulmonary fibrosis and is awaiting a lung transplant.,7340,L-4997035,00.html



A Palestinian woman, who is also the niece of one of the founders of the Fatah movement, recently stated her unequivocal disapproval of terror attacks carried out by Palestinians against Israelis, citing violent education as the root cause of the phenomenon’s continuation.,7340,L-5001245,00.html


Neda Amin, an Iranian-born journalist who fled Iran in 2014, was expelled from Turkey, where she had been living for 3 years as a political refugee, because she was writing for an Israeli news website; Israel’s Interior Minister Deri approved a special tourist visa to allow her to enter Israel and seek asylum.,7340,L-5001183,00.html




Police arrested 33 men suspected of playing key roles in recent violent demonstrations against Israeli security measures at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City. During the rioting dozens of suspects gathered in a number of locations and threw stones, glass bottles and Molotov cocktails, set dumpsters alight, blocked roads, and launched firecrackers at security forces. (Further arrests followed)


While most Arab nations sought to defuse tensions in Jerusalem, Iran and Turkey sought to fan the flames by transferring money to Islamic organizations to continue the struggle to “defend Al-Aqsa.”


Iran Paid for Thousands of Prepackaged Meals for the Temple Mount Protesters



Israeli troops arrested a Palestinian couple in Hebron last Wednesday who had hidden over 200 rounds of ammunition in their children’s bedrooms, the Israel Police said. During a search of their home, the border guards noticed the mother “was holding one of the children in a suspicious way.” When she was asked to put him down, she initially refused, saying her son was sick, but eventually acquiesced and took out a pistol that she had hidden beneath him.



Senegal and Guinea are sending their first-ever ambassadors to Israel next week, as Israel continues to expand its outreach to Africa. While both countries had existing diplomatic ties with Israel, neither has ever previously appointed an ambassador to Israel.

An Israeli nonprofit organization, Innovation: Africa, is bringing drip irrigation and solar power to villages in eight African countries. They employ local staff working in 147 African villages as well as a team in Israel, all working on water surveys, drilling, construction, and solar power.The project is operating in Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, and South Africa, and there is a large list of villages waiting to be helped.



India has more than 100 million cows but relatively low milk yields    Scientists at Israeli company Maxximilk have produced “genetically superior” embryos to impregnate Indian heifers, which will result in cows that are genetically predisposed to withstand hot weather conditions and produce greater quantities of top-quality milk. Maxximilk has a production facility in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

India has obtained aroumnd 30 elite sniffer and attack dogs from Israel to add teeth to the security of Prime Minister Modi.Israel is also helping to the Indo-Tibetan Border Police dog-training centre.

The Israeli national emergency medical service, MDA-Magen David Adom and the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) are holding a joint project to train volunteers, including school kids, to save lives during emergencies, natural disasters and accidents.



The Agricultural Research Organization, Volcani Center in Israel, known for its groundbreaking discoveries, is among the three winners of the UNESCO International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences for 2017.

UNESCO said the Volcani Center “has successfully developed cutting-edge innovations and methodologies in agricultural research with practical applications as well as capacity-building programs to promote food security in arid, semi-arid and desert environments, advancing human well-being.”




Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has recently completed the development of the Counter Improvised Explosive Device and Mine Suite (CIMS) mobile system, integrating optic sensors with radars to expose roadside charges before military forces ever go near them.,7340,L-4998183,00.html




Khaled Abu Toameh: Palestinian teenage girls are facing ridicule and hate for attending a summer camp for coexistence in Santa Fe, New Mexico, organized by the Creativity for Peace group. Photos of the Israeli and Palestinian girls enjoying their time together have enraged many Palestinians and other Arabs, who took to social media to express their disgust. The angry reactions should be seen in the context of the Palestinians’ strong opposition to all forms of “normalization” with Israel. The Palestinian girls being castigated on social media are the latest victims of a culture of hate into which Palestinians have been inculcated. This environment is the direct result of an ongoing campaign of incitement and indoctrination that aims to delegitimize and demonize Israel and Jews.


Julie Lenarz: In 2016, the average wage in the UK was £2,272 per month. The family of the knife-wielding Palestinian terrorist who brutally butchered three members of the Salomon family at Shabbat dinner on July 21 will soon enjoy a generous monthly payment of at least £2,385 plus supplements, courtesy of the PA. Murder, preferably multiple murder, is a lucrative business in the Palestinian territories. The PA’s policy of rewarding terrorists makes it complicit in the murder of Jews. But what’s most revolting is that Palestinian murder is bankrolled by the international community. There’s a good chance that your hard-earned cash could end up being used as blood money by the PA to reward murderous terrorists. If we are serious about fighting terrorism, scrutinizing Palestinian behaviour before donating hundreds of millions in aid would be a good place to start.


David Harris: It’s high time for the international community to wake up to certain Palestinian realities that many would rather avoid. ..An obsession with Israel and what it should (and should not) do blinds too many observers of the region to the other side of the equation – what the Palestinians should (and should not) do. Why doesn’t the international community show more backbone in insisting that Palestinians take responsibility for their own behaviour?..Ending the infantilization of the Palestinians – and beginning to hold them responsible for their actions – could be one promising way forward for the peacemakers.