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Israel Update: 16 November 2017

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu offered humanitarian assistance, through the Red Cross, to the victims of the devastating earthquake that has killed hundreds in Iran and Iraq, but the offer was immediately rejected.  The assistance was meant to show Israel’s commitment to friendship with the people of Iran and Iraq, despite the activities of their governments. In 2003, Iran similarly rebuffed an Israeli offer of assistance after an earthquake.


The magnitude 7.2 earthquake caused tremors in parts of central Israel. The compiler of this update visiting a 21st floor apartment in Netanya, experienced the building swaying, light fittings rattling, furniture moving etc.


Iran is building a permanent military base in Syria just south of Damascus, and only 30 miles from the Israeli border the BBC reported Friday, citing a Western intelligence official. The BBC showed a series of satellite pictures indicating widespread construction at the site. Israel has long warned that Iran is trying to establish a permanent presence in Syria as part of its efforts to control a land corridor from Iran through to the Mediterranean Sea as it attempts to expand its influence across the Middle East.

The I.D.F.’s Patriot missile defence system shot down a drone above the Golan Heights Saturday after the unmanned aircraft approached the Israeli border from Syria. Israeli security officials said the drone’s operators had deliberately attempted to fly the aircraft across the Israeli border, later concluding that the aircraft belonged to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime.




British Airways chairman and CEO Alex Cruz recently visited Israel marking the 85th anniversary of flights from the UK. In 1932, Imperial Airways (later BOAC, then B.A.) operated flying boats that landed on the Sea of Galilee 72 hours after leaving the UK, carrying 16 passengers. After landing, the passengers were transported by boat to land. Cruz said that B.A. would consider operating flights to Eilat through a new brand  “Level”, being launched in response to growth by low cost airlines.




A Palestinian man was arrested outside a settlement last Thursday, after a search of his backpack yielded a meat cleaver, a knife, and a copy of the Quran.


The recent 11-day Blue Flag aerial exercise in southern Israel included over 1,000 people, five different types of fighter jets, dozens of aircraft and hundreds of sorties in the IAF’s largest aerial exercise to date and the largest in the world in 2017, according to the Israeli military. For the first time Germany’s Luftwaffe took part alongside planes from India, France, Greece, Poland, Italy, the US and Israel

Blue Flag is not only a military exercise; it is a demonstration by Israel that more countries than ever are willing to engage with it publicly as strategic allies.



Israel’s Fluence Corp. has been awarded a 1.5 million euro contract to supply three NIROBOX reverse-osmosis seawater desalination units for the French island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean. This follows the company’s recent contract to supply a desalination plant in South Africa.



In an unprecedented interview to a Saudi news outlet, the I.D.F. Chief of Staff said Thursday that Israel is prepared to share intelligence with the Gulf kingdom in their joint efforts to curb Iranian influence in the region. Israel and Saudi Arabia do not have official diplomatic relations.




In an interview just before the 40th anniversary of former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat’s historic visit to Israel in 1977, Egypt’s ambassador to Israel said his country’s 1979 peace agreement with Israel should serve as a blueprint for Israel to forge comprehensive peace with the Arab world. On November 20, 1977, Sadat made history when he became the first Arab leader to address the Knesset and call for peace with Israel. However, reports in Hebrew-language media this week said that not a single Egyptian official had accepted an Israeli invitation to next week’s ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of Sadat’s visit.



Israel Aerospace Industries has developed two new unmanned ground vehicles: a D9 Panda bulldozer and Robattle, an engineering vehicle-robot hybrid. A company official said: “These systems will provide commanders an edge when trying to promulgate their strategy to outsmart the enemy, thereby carrying out missions more effectively and precisely without sending a plant or battalion of soldiers out in harm’s way…and could change the rules of engagement.,7340,L-5040230,00.html



The UN on Monday authorized Israel to expand its observation systems supporting the U.N.’s peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic to help improve security in the country. Since 2015, Israel has contributed both static and mobile observation systems to the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA). These capacities have proven highly successful in increasing situational awareness and preventing outbreaks of violence, including during the visit of Pope Francis, the election process in Bangui (CAR’s capital) and many other events associated with potential security threats.The Department of Field Support thanked the Government of Israel for its continued support to UN peacekeeping.


The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Bangalore has inaugurated a dedicated Israel Centre which aims to serve as a focal point of academic cooperation between the two nations.




11,000 Israeli teenagers are working voluntary shifts as emergency medical technicians on MDA ambulances throughout Israel, making up a remarkable 60 percent of the volunteer staff, thought to be the biggest youth corps by percentage in the world. Dina Abu Toameh of Jerusalem, a 17-year-old Muslim, says the calls she finds most gratifying are those where her Arabic translation abilities are critical.



As a result of unrelenting Palestinian efforts to have Israel sanctioned by FIFA over Israeli soccer clubs in the West Bank, FIFA President Gianni Infantino sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, saying his organization was tired of being pulled into internal political matters.”We are not the playground of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” he wrote.




Facing criticism at home, an Iraqi beauty queen on Wednesday defended her decision to pose for a photo with her Israeli counterpart and to post the joint selfie online, saying it was an expression of a desire for peace


Aftermath of Priti Patel affair:

J.Post Editorial 12/11/17. Extract: the British press, in a tendentious attempt to sensationalize what was in reality nothing more than a breach of protocol, presented one leg of the trip as though Patel was seeking to transfer hard-earned British taxpayers’ money to the Israeli military. In reality, however, Patel was looking into the possibility that Britain would help defray some of the costs for maintaining an Israeli field hospital on the Golan Heights that treats wounded Syrian refugees…But Patel’s treatment is not just the collateral effect of May’s crisis-ridden government. Rather, the Patel scandal is an uncomfortable reminder of the toxic atmosphere of anti-Israel sentiment both in British society and in the Foreign Office

Simon Plosker: As with so much media coverage involving Israel today, nuance is not part of the conversation. Surely it should be possible to acknowledge both that Patel may have ignored ministerial protocol, and that Israel is a close ally of the UK.

Balfour Centenary articles


Einat Wilf: Israel is the outcome of deliberate Jewish action – not of foreign hand-outs. Israel is a country attained – not a land given. Without collective Jewish mobilization in the name of self-determination and liberation, this (Balfour) declaration would have come to naught. The idea of Jews as active players in history – as masters of their fate – still grates on the consciousness of peoples and civilizations that were structured on the presumption that the Jews should have headed to the dustbin of history. For too many, the story that Jews could attain something for themselves by operating, as all peoples do, on multiple fronts – diplomatically, economically, militarily – is still so fanciful that to some, the story of Israel only makes sense if presented as a series of handouts by foreign powers with shady motivations. To the chagrin of those who want to put the Jews back “in their proper place,” the State of Israel came into being 31 years after the Balfour Declaration precisely because Zionist Jews were done entrusting their fate to others. Through their actions, from 1917 on, the Zionist Jews simply said to Britain, and the world: “Thank you very much Lord Balfour. We’ll take it from here.”

Colonel Richard Kemp: The Jews of Palestine were a strategic asset to Britain in WW2 and Israel’s strategic value to Great Britain and the world has increased dramatically from the early days of 1917 to the very present.


Adam Levick (UK Media Watch): The Guardian published an op-ed by PA President Mahmoud Abbas that included nearly every distortion and lie within what’s known as the ‘Palestinian narrative’…  While Abbas claims that 2.9 million Palestinians live in the West Bank under a draconian military occupation, in fact, over 95% of the Palestinian population in the West Bank live under Palestinian Authority control …Abbas’ op-ed is an illustration of the Palestinians’ refusal to acknowledge and learn from past mistakes and come to terms with the true “obstacles to peace”: endemic anti-Semitism, the glorification of violence, and the failure to promote tolerance, pluralism and other liberal democratic values.


Israel Update: 8 November 2017

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At the time of writing, the situation regarding the UK’s Secretary of State for Overseas Development remains unresolved, and is therefore outside the remit of this Update. HRG



The Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with Magen David Adom (Israel’s national emergency medical service) have put together an aid package for Madagascar following the devastating outbreak of the “Black Death Plague” in October.



On Tuesday evening, more than 3,000 Christian and Jewish supporters of Israel, including several KS&DS members,  gathered at the Royal Albert Hall  in Central London at the biggest celebration marking the Balfour centenary.



The Palestinian Authority fully restored security coordination with Israel two weeks ago, PA Police chief Hazem Atallah confirmed on Wednesday.


In a highly unusual move, Israel last Friday said it would defend the Syrian Druze village Hader, hours after a terrorist killed nine people in a suicide bombing just across the border that then sparked clashes between Syrian government forces and rebels…Spillover fire from the Friday morning clashes also lightly injured a resident of the Israeli Druze town of Majdal Shams who was hit by small arms fire from across the border and  treated by paramedics at the scene.



Israeli soldiers on Sunday arrested a Palestinian man who was approaching the Jewish community of Mevo Dotan with a knife in his hand.

Border police on Wednesday found a knife hidden in the sock of Palestinian teenager who tried to enter the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron without going through a metal detector.

Israel Prison Service officers foiled an attempt to smuggle SIM cards and cell phones to a jailed terrorist, using the prisoner’s five-year-old son as an intermediary, A search of the child revealed that he held ten small, homemade cell phones and three SIM cards in his underwear.

The prisoner is serving a 12 year sentence for plotting to manufacture explosives and murder innocents.



For the first time, a female pilot Capt. Y, 27, an F-15 navigator has been appointed deputy commander of an Israel Air Force combat squadron. Two other female officers were appointed as deputy commanders in a drone squadron.



At least 87 multinational corporations from 18 countries have opened up R&D or innovation centres in Israel over the past three years, a majority after acquiring an Israeli startup. This is according to a new study showing the scale of foreign interest in Israeli technology and talent by Start-up Nation Central, an Israel-based non-profit that tracks the Israeli innovation ecosystem.



The Israeli startup Zebra Medical Vision, which uses artificial intelligence to read medical scans in order to automatically detect anomalies, has partnered with multinational tech giant Google to provide its sophisticated algorithms on Google Cloud, where hospitals and medical professionals can access the service for $1 per scan.




In a nostalgic yet soulful return, 80s music icon Boy George and his band Culture Club kicked off their world tour in Tel Aviv Tuesday night, their first show in Israel in 30 years.



Israel’s P.M Netanyahu was interviewed by Andrew Marr ( length:16.37)


From Palestinian Media Watch: Mahmoud Abbas, Chairman of the Palestinian Authority, published an op-ed in the Guardian on Nov. 1 describing the Palestinian people as “a proud nation with a rich heritage of ancient civilizations.” On the same day, official PA TV broadcast an interview with historian Abd Al-Ghani Salameh, who explained that in 1917 there was no Palestinian people. “Before the Balfour Promise [Declaration] when the Ottoman rule ended, Palestine’s political borders as we know them today did not exist, and there was nothing called a Palestinian people with a political identity as we know today.”

Efraim Karsh: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict evolved in spite of the Balfour Declaration, not because of it. The Balfour Declaration was quickly endorsed by the contemporary international community, including the leaders of the nascent pan-Arab movement….

Moreover, it was not the Balfour Declaration that paved the road to the displacement of many Palestinians but its rejection by the extremist Palestinian Arab leadership headed by the Jerusalem mufti Hajj Amin Husseini – this against the wishes of ordinary Palestinian Arabs who preferred to coexist with their Jewish neighbours and take advantage of opportunities created by the evolving Jewish national enterprise…

On Jan. 3, 1919,  (Hasmemite) Emir Faisal signed an agreement with Weizmann supporting the creation of a Jewish national home in Palestine in accordance with the Balfour Declaration and pledging the adoption of all necessary measures “to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale.”


Israel Update: 2 November 2017

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Israeli President Reuben Rivlin: At the time Lord Balfour made his famous declaration, my family – the Rivlin family – had already been living in the Land of Israel for over 100 years. Jerusalem had already had a Jewish majority for over half a century. Today, my grandchildren are ninth generation Jerusalemites.

The Balfour Declaration marked the first official recognition by an international power of the right of the Jewish people to independence and self-determination in our ancestral homeland. The establishment of a national home for the Jewish people is a dream that has truly been realized, with more than half the world’s Jewish population now living in Israel.

When it is truly understood that the Arabs and Jews of the Holy Land are not doomed to live together but indeed destined to live together, then the legacy of Balfour will be truly realized.

Full article here:



Thousands of Australians, including Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, attended a ceremony in the southern Israeli desert to mark 100 years since the Battle of Beersheba. The legendary mounted charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade in October 1917 to defeat Turkish forces and seize the strategic town of Beersheba is remembered, not just as a great military victory, but for the incredible bravery of 800 young Anzacs on horseback that changed the course of WWI. Full article with short video and photos here:



The IDF on Monday destroyed a new terrorist tunnel from Gaza running from Khan Yunis under the border fence and approaching Kibbutz Kissufim in Israel. IDF Spokesperson Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis said, “This is a clear violation of Israeli sovereignty that we will not allow. We had been monitoring this tunnel for a while.”,7340,L-5035982,00.html

The tunnel dug by the Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad that was destroyed by the IDF did not yet have an exit point in Israel, even though it penetrated into Israeli territory. Israel has installed new technology on the Gaza border with extremely sensitive sensors, which alerted IDF forces in the sector that a tunnel being dug underground had crossed the border.,7340,L-5036556,00.html


Ayala Meir’s family owns a small olive press in northern Israel. Khaled al-Juneidi is a Palestinian engineer and olive oil expert.The two met four years ago through the “Olive Oil Without Borders” project, funded by the U.S. government. Together, they have learned about pre-harvesting, parasite control, supplementary irrigation and quality control.



Australia will send emergency services and border officials to Israel to draw from that country’s vast experience in keeping people safe in public areas and air cargo security.The initiative will involve Australian police, paramedics, firefighters and defence personnel learning new methods of protecting buildings, carrying out surveillance and using biometrics.

India on Tuesday dispatched a 45-member contingent to Israel to take part in the “Blue Flag-17” exercise from Nov. 2 to 16, the first time India has participated in a military exercise in Israel.


On any given night, the IDF is active on multiple points on the Syrian frontier, interacting with locals on the other side. At the operations hub of the Good Neighbour administration on the Golan Heights are metal shipping containers brimming with spaghetti, baby formula and diapers, warm clothing and blankets, school supplies and fuel jerrycans. Children in need of specialists are bussed to Israeli hospitals, sometimes daily. “For a five year old who has only known war, that day in Israel might be the best of their lives,” said Lt. Col. E, commander of the Good Neighbor administration. “They see that the Jews treat them with respect. They’re my ambassadors.”


Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said Monday that 54% of judges in Israel are female. There have been three women presidents of Israel’s Supreme Court.

Three of Israel’s leading banks are currently led by women. At Bank Leumi more than 40% of the top management are women. This is in addition to the governor of the Bank of Israel, the supervisor of banks, and the director of the capital markets, insurance and savings authority – all of whom are women. Israeli culture encourages women to shake off old notions of passivity and obedience and to engage as equals with men academically, professionally, and in the military.



Palestinians must stop building tunnels under Gaza schools, UNRWA said this weekend as it made public the presence of a new tunnel under one of its schools.  “The presence of a tunnel underneath an UNRWA installation, which enjoys inviolability under international law, is unacceptable. It places children and agency staff at risk,” the UN agency said. Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said, “This is what Hamas rule looks like and this is more proof of the double war crime committed as terror tunnels are built to attack Israelis, while using the children of Gaza as human shields.”

Michael Lynk, a special investigator assigned by the UN Human Rights Council to look into abuses in the Palestinian territories, left out any mention of actual Palestinian abuses in his report..he  seemed unaware that two of his predecessors had included human rights abuses by Palestinians in their reports. Hillel Neuer, the executive director of UN Watch, said, “By any definition of human rights, morality and logic, if Mr. Lynk is a United Nations human rights monitor for the Palestinian Territories, he must address Palestinian Authority and Hamas torture and arbitrary arrest committed against  their own people.” Neuer also cited the killing of Israelis in terror attacks.



Israeli judoka Tal Flicker won a gold medal last Thursday at the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam judo tournament, but celebrated his victory under the International Judo Federation’s flag due to a ban by the emirate on the display of Israeli symbols. Tournament organizers also did not play Israel’s national anthem as he stood on the podium to receive his medal in the men’s under-66 kg. (145 pounds) category.  Gili Cohen won bronze in the women’s under-52 kg. (114 pounds) class and received similar treatment. The Israeli contestants were also barred from wearing Israeli symbols on their uniforms at the tournament and were listed as representing the International Judo Federation.


Israel’s AudioCodes has been selected by communications provider British Telecom to provide session border controller (SBC) solutions (for connectivity between IP networks) to be stationed at British Telecom’s business customers. icle-audiocodes-signs-british- telecom-deal-1001208184


On the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Balfour Declaration that helped pave the way to Israeli independence, Tom Gross explores the reasons behind it and discusses demands by some that Britain apologize for it. Is it Britain’s fault that the Palestinians don’t have an independent state? Should Britain also apologize for Jordan, Iraq and other states? The Palestinians could have had a state on many occasions, and could and should still have one. If anyone needs to apologize to the Palestinians it is their own leadership.


Martin Kramer: The centennial of the Balfour Declaration is the perfect opportunity to chip away at the distorted accretions of a century. The largest of these is the notion that the Balfour Declaration arose outside any legitimate framework, as the initiative of a self-dealing imperial power. This is utterly false. The Balfour Declaration wasn’t the isolated act of one nation. It was approved in advance by the Allied powers whose consensus then constituted the only source of international legitimacy. Before Balfour signed his declaration, leaders and statesmen of other democratic nations signed their names on similar letters and assurances. The Balfour Declaration anticipated a world regulated by a consortium of principal powers—the same world that, 30 years later, would pass a UN resolution legitimating the establishment of a Jewish state. This centennial is thus the time to remind governments of their shared responsibility for Britain’s pledge to establish a Jewish “national home” in Palestine.

Caroline Glick: Generally speaking, the nations of the world have not supported the Jews, not in the Diaspora and not in Israel. Jewish survival has always been more a function of Jewish action than gentile sympathy.

But while accurate in the general sense, the routine hostility of the nations of the world mustn’t make us overlook the enduring significance of their acts of friendship. The Balfour Declaration didn’t change the whole world. It changed the Jewish world. It didn’t change the Jewish world by creating a state for us. It changed the Jewish world by helping us to believe that we could fulfill our longing to return to Zion. And once we believed it, we did it.


Dore Gold: The Balfour Declaration is important because it recognizes the historical bond of the Jewish People to the Holy Land, a bond which existed long before the declaration. What was significant was its public and formal recognition and its incorporation into international law. In his testimony before the Peel Commission on Jan. 7, 1937, David Ben-Gurion noted: “I say on behalf of the Jews that the Bible is our Mandate, the Bible which was written by us, in our own language, in Hebrew in this very country. That is our Mandate. It is only recognition of this right which was expressed in the Balfour Declaration.” Thus, the British Mandate and the Balfour Declaration, upon which it was based, did not create Jewish historical rights, but rather recognized a pre-existing right.


Elder of Ziyon blog: Too many articles about Balfour give Great Britain credit for creating Israel, just like articles at the end of this month will credit the UN partition plan 70 years ago with creating Israel. Neither is true. Israel was created through the sweat and blood and hard work and foresight of a group of Jews who saw how important it was to have a Jewish state. They used international instruments to help them but the entire enterprise was created, sustained and completed by Jews alone, to rebuild the Jewish state that Jews have yearned for over two millennia.

Israel Update: 25 October 2017

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Five rockets were fired across the border from Syria on Saturday, four of which landed relatively deep inside Israeli territory. Israel believes that the rockets may have been deliberately launched to target Israel, rather than constituting errant spillover, since there was no fighting going on in Syria at the time, military sources said. Israel fired back into Syria, hitting three rocket launchers


Before dawn some 50 Syrian women and children huddled at an Israeli military post along the Golan Heights fence. The group is among nearly 5,000 Syrians who have made the perilous journey from rebel-controlled areas of Syria to Israel to receive medical treatment….In the waiting room at Ziv hospital in Safed, one woman said, “I never thought I would come here.” Her daughter was in danger of losing her sight in one eye to an infection. “I was surprised that Israel wanted to help the Syrians. I never expected this in my life.” As she spoke, 25 Syrian children were gathered around a table colouring under the supervision of two Arab-Israeli nurses




Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli emergency services participated in joint exercises on Tuesday in southern Israel to prepare for region-wide natural disasters. The two-day exercise involves 400 firefighters, medics and first-responders. Israel’s Foreign Ministry said the operation was aimed at “saving lives, irrespective of nationality.”



After signing a reconciliation agreement with Fatah recently, Tehran was the first stop for the Hamas leadership. Any hopes that Hamas would become more moderate as a result of the reconciliation process have been dashed by this visit to Tehran and the Hamas leaders’ affirmation there of armed resistance as their unshakable strategic choice.

“Over is the time Hamas spent discussing recognizing Israel. Now Hamas will discuss when we will wipe out Israel,” Yahya Sinwar, the new leader of Hamas in Gaza, said Thursday, according to the Hamas-linked Shehab news agency, adding “No one in the universe can disarm us,”

Fatah and Hamas announced recently that they are moving ahead towards Palestinian reconciliation and possible national elections.

Fatah spokesman Osama Al-Qawasmi told Fatah-run Awdah TV on Aug. 23, 2017, that Hamas should not recognize Israel, since Fatah itself does not recognize and will never recognize Israel.


According to a spokesman for the Jewish community of Hebron, a Palestinian assailant dropped a large stone on a group of children sitting at the spring, hitting one on the head. The 12-year-old was knocked unconscious, fell into the pool and had to be rescued by friends




On Saturday evening, 27 Palestinian adults and 40 teenagers and children from the town of Beit Awwa were stopped in the midst of stealing tens of tons of agricultural produce from Moshav Shekef near the West Bank. The Palestinians picked 20 tons of grapes and 5 tons of tomatoes, while also damaging greenhouses. The adults were arrested while the children were released. One moshav resident said, “Unfortunately, this is a phenomenon that is repeated almost every day…”,7340,L-5031747,00.html




A Palestinian man arrested by Israeli police Thursday driving a stolen truck said he had sought to use the truck to run over Israeli soldiers “because of Al-Aqsa,” referring to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.


An attempt to smuggle thousands of military tactical shooting gloves (which help users maintain a better grip on a gun and also protect the hands during combat operations) into the Gaza Strip was thwarted by Israeli border crossing officials on Sunday. The gloves were hidden in a shipment marked as clothing.




A Muslim woman, and Bedouin, Druze, and Christian men tell their personal stories as Israeli citizens. (1 min 41)


Dema Taya, an Arab-Israeli Muslim woman, tells an Israeli Arabic news channel: “I hope and wish for all the Arab countries, citizens, and societies to have a democratic state like the State of Israel.” “I define myself as an Arab, a Muslim with Israeli citizenship, proud of my religion, proud of myself, and that I’m living in a country that respects my will and my rights.” “I’m proud to stand up and speak for Israel and that I’m an integrated part of it….More than 90% of the citizens of Gaza and the West Bank wish they were living under such a government. (3 min 30)




Israel Aerospace Industries has unveiled a new system that safely neutralizes land-based mines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). The AMMAD MK II system, which can be easily adapted to any kind of armoured vehicle, generates a magnetic field that activates the charge at stand-off range.




Israel’s Labour Party leader Avi Gabbay said Israel must maintain control over the Jordan Valley as “Israel’s eastern security buffer” under a future peace agreement, echoing a sentiment expressed by previous Labour leaders, most notably Yitzhak Rabin.




Mayor Nir Barkat
said: My vision is that Jerusalem will never be divided. The city has to function as one metropolitan centre with different residential areas. Jews, Muslims and Christians can live anywhere they want in London and New York, and they can do likewise in Jerusalem…We have more Arab residents living in predominantly Jewish neighboruhoods than Jewish residents living in predominantly Arab neighbourhoods. The first group doesn’t need protection; unfortunately, the second does. The majority of residents in our city do not want it divided. The Arab residents realize that as Arab-Israelis they enjoy by far the best status of Arabs in the Middle East.





UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Wednesday that her country would celebrate “with pride” its role in the creation of the State of Israel and upcoming 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which pledged London’s support for a Jewish homeland.


As we approach the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration on 2nd November, Rabbi Sacks has recorded a short video reflecting on what this declaration meant in 1917, and what it means for us today.



Former Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon said: “I don’t see prospects for a [peace] agreement in the foreseeable future. The gap between us is not bridgeable. They have not agreed to any proposal to divide the land. They are not prepared even to accept a state along the 1967 lines and a division of Jerusalem….I don’t foresee that they will have a leadership that will want to divide the land….We need to find a way for [the Palestinians] to live in political autonomy


Yoni Ben Menachem: Recent statements by Yahye Sinwar, leader of Hamas in Gaza, and Salah al-Aruri, deputy chairman of Hamas’ Political Bureau, made clear that the goal of the reconciliation agreement with Fatah is not to take a softer line toward Israel on the path to some sort of diplomatic settlement but, rather, to pave the way for Hamas to “destroy the Zionist entity.”
Their words contradict the way in which Egypt has been portraying the reconciliation agreement to the Trump administration. The Hamas leadership, now that it has been taken over by the movement’s military wing, sees the reconciliation process as an opportunity to synchronize with Iran and gain strength for the ongoing anti-Israeli struggle. It has no intention to moderate its positions and ideology.


Israel Update: 18 October 2017

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For the past few weeks Israel & the Jewish world have been celebrating seasonal religious holidays ending last weekend. 

Many things, this Update included, have been postponed until “Acharei HaChagim – After the holidays.” 



In a TV interview a Palestinian Leader in East Jerusalem said: “We Want to be Under Israel, Not the PA”. Ramadan Dubash, the Muktar of a village in East Jerusalem, has come out in no uncertain terms regarding what he personally, as well as “90%” of his people, want. Short video 1 min.14 secs



A year after a similar event landed four Palestinians in a P.A. jail, over 30 Palestinians joined dozens of Israelis as guests at the sukka of Efrat mayor Oded Revivi “to celebrate coexistence.” The Palestinian participants were not identified in order to protect them from any backlash by PA authorities. They were described in a press release as “local Palestinian leaders from half a dozen local cities and towns.”


20,000 date palm fronds arrived in Israel from Gaza for use in a traditional Jewish religious ritual during the Sukkot  (Tabernacles) holiday. The local Israeli District Coordination and Liaison Office (DCO) arranged with Palestinian Authority officials for the shipment to arrive through the Kerem Shalom border crossing


Reportedly, the Russian Defence Minister has told Israel that Moscow has agreed to expand a buffer zone along the Israeli-Syrian border, where Iranian and Hezbollah forces will not be allowed to enter.


Earlier this week, Syria had launched a surface-to-air missile towards Israeli Air Force planes. In response, the I.A.F. attacked the Syrian missile battery.,7340,L-5029195,00.html


An Israeli philanthropist has made a six-figure grant to Ziv Medical Center in Safed in northern Israel to fund treatment for Syrian children who have suffered hearing loss as a result of their country’s civil war. The hospital, which has extensive experience treating wounded Syrians (over 1,000 in the past 4 years), reports that one out of every three Syrian children examined by its staff suffers from hearing loss.


Israeli Defence Ministry Crossing Authority agents recently uncovered a shipment of military-style boots bound for the Gaza Strip that had been hidden inside colorful, cartoon-adorned slippers. Thousands of olive green, black and camouflage army boots were sewn inside bedroom slippers decorated with various “emojis”.

Israel Border Policemen and the Israel Military Police arrested a 17-year-old Palestinian attempting to enter the Samaria Military Court while carrying in his underwear an explosive device.,7340,L-5028835,00.html

A Palestinian man who ran at IDF soldiers with a knife was shot and taken to hospital.


The recent murder of a Jewish man Reuven Schmerling (just before his 70th birthday) in the Arab Israeli city of Kafr Qassem, Wednesday was a terror attack according to Israel’s security agency. Two Palestinian Arabs have been arrested.

An Arab man was arrested Sunday after he injured himself throwing a Molotov cocktail at security forces in the East Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of A-Tur. His injury was treated prior to his arrest.

A rocket recently fired from Gaza towards Israel fell short and exploded within the Gaza Strip. In response, the IDF struck a Hamas target in Gaza.


Two rockets were fired from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula toward communities in southern Israel on Sunday. Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks.


Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader, slammed the Palestinian Authority for its human rights abuses at the UN Human Rights Council headquarters in Geneva recently. He said the PA and its security forces “kidnap Palestinian students from campus and torture them in your jails. You torture your political rivals. The suffering of the Palestinian people is the outcome of your selfish political interests. You are the greatest enemy of the Palestinian people. If Israel did not exist, you would have no one to blame.”… “Finally, you use this platform to mislead the international community, and to mislead Palestinian society to believe that Israel is responsible for the problems you create.” (see embedded video)


The Belgian government is suspending any efforts to construct or furnish Palestinian schools, after one built with Brussels’ aid was renamed in honour of a mass-murdering terrorist. The school’s controversial name pays homage to Dalal Mughrabi, who led a massacre of 38 people — including 13 children — near Tel Aviv in 1978


The U.S. Army will install the Israeli Trophy active protection system on some M1A2 Abrams tanks in response to the proliferation of guided anti-tank missiles among insurgent and terrorist groups.


Israeli technology that captures humidity to supply potable water out of the air will be sent to Puerto Rico by the Israeli government in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Despite the hurricane which wrecked their dance studio, the Soler family made their annual pilgrimage to Israel where they joined tens of thousands of Christians from around the world who visit Israel every year for the Feast of Tabernacles




Haifa-based startup Healthymize has developed a fully automated, cloud-hosted, artificial intelligence-based app technology to monitor voice patterns in patients affected by a range of health problems, including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure and mental diseases. The technology is now set to undergo trials internationally.




Israel Medical Association chairman Prof. Leonid Eidelman was elected president of the World Medical Association (WMA) at its annual meeting in Chicago. He manages the anesthesiology department at the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva.


An Israeli representative was elected by the UN General Assembly Tuesday to its Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) as the candidate of the Western European and Others (WEOG) regional group.



Israel’s Alon Day made local motor sport history on Sunday, clinching the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series championship in Zolder, Belgium.


Three Israeli judokas won gold medals in their respective weight classes recently at the Tashkent Grand Prix.

Artem Dolgopyat became only the second Israeli to win a medal at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships, taking a silver in the floor final in Montreal, Canada.


Israel denounced a decision by the organizers of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam preventing its 12 judokas from wearing “ISR” on their uniforms and the playing of their national anthem if they win at this month’s tournament–spt.html


Israel Antiquity Authority archaeologists announced Monday that for the past two years they have been excavating and exposing a massive eight-meter deep section of Jerusalem’s Western Wall, unseen for 1,700 years. And in the course of their work, they unexpectedly discovered a small Roman theatre.


From the Daily Telegraph travel section: The Mediterranean country you’d never thought to visit (but really should)


Lt.-Col. (res.) Sarit Zehavi and Christina Hen: During the past 11 years, Hezbollah has significantly improved its military capabilities in UNIFIL’s area of operation. According to Israeli assessments, 40,000 to 50,000 rockets targeting Israel are hidden inside or under the Shi’ite villages in southern Lebanon by Hizbullah in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701. This 2006 resolution called for the establishment of an “area free of any armed personnel, assets, and weapons other than those of the Government of Lebanon and UNIFIL” in southern Lebanon.


Ben-Dror Yemini: On Sunday, a delegation of young Israeli Arabs joined the battle against the apartheid lie and the BDS libels. Such a delegation—on behalf of Reservists on Duty, an organization which is already active on US campuses—is definitely a refreshing change, which sparks not only curious and sympathetic reactions but also threats and a smear campaign. One of the delegation members was forced to leave his home, and another member nearly quit following the pressure.,7340,L-5029153,00.html


Israel Update: 28 September 2017

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Two Israeli civilian security officers and a border policeman were murdered Tuesday morning in a terror attack in the town of Har Adar, outside Jerusalem. The victims were First Sergeant Salomon Gabaria (20), Yossef Otman and Or Arish (25).  The Israeli Security Agency issued a statement saying that the attacker had significant personal and family problems, including a history of domestic violence. Another Israeli was badly wounded by shots to his stomach & chest.

 Hundreds of friends and family mourned Yousef Ottman, 25, a resident of the Arab Israeli town of Abu Ghosh, who was saving money for university and dreamed of becoming a dentist. At the funeral for border policeman Solomon Gavriyah, 20, MK Avraham Neguise said in his eulogy, which was given partly in Hebrew and partly in Amharic, that the people of Israel and the Israeli-Ethiopian community “lost one of our great heroes.” The third victim 25-year-old security guard Or Arish. was not scheduled to work on Tuesday morning, but requested the shift because he was saving up money to attend university.
The Palestinian Ministry of Health and independent Palestinian news site Maan both referred to the perpetrator as a “martyr”


Fatah, the Palestinian movement led by PA President Abbas, posted an image of Nimer Jamal – who killed three Israeli security personnel and wounded a fourth on its official Facebook page, hailing him as a “heroic martyr.”




The Palestinian Authority was admitted into the world policing organization Interpol as a member state Wednesday, despite strong opposition from Israel and the US. Israel had hoped Interpol’s Executive Committee would decide not to put the Palestinian request on the agenda on the grounds that “Palestine” is not a state according to Interpol’s own parameters.  Israel has voiced another central concern that the Palestinian delegation will now be privy to sensitive classified information regarding terrorism and its financing, which may then leak to Hamas or Fatah. The Americans tried to deny the Palestinians’ accession to Interpol on the premise that such a unilateral move risks making it increasingly difficult to jumpstart the Israeli-Palestinian peace process again.,7340,L-5021742,00.html


Israeli President Rivlin criticized Interpol’s decision to admit the P.A. as a member: “This decision will harm Interpol’s ability to fight international terror…This is not a decision based on professional need. It is absolutely a political decision,”





Hezbollah has 10,000 fighters in Syria ready to confront Israel according to one of its commanders. The Iranian-backed Lebanese terror group is an army with ‘infantry, rockets, tanks, elite forces,’ building tunnels, military bases for future war


Hezbollah is currently believed to possess approximately 120,000 missiles and rockets in Lebanon. In a future war, the IDF estimates that the Iran-backed group will launch over a thousand rockets a day at Israel. As Iran is providing Hezbollah with the missiles themselves and the ability to produce them independently, with factories in Lebanon, the fear is that the group will have more and more accurate missiles aimed at strategic sites in Israel.

Iran’s President Rouhani vowed to press on with his ballistic programme despite US criticism: ‘Whether you like it or not, we are going to strengthen our military capabilities’



Israeli planes targeted a weapons depot belonging to Hizbullah near Damascus airport overnight last Thursday, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Israel has repeatedly warned that it stands ready to take military action to prevent Hizbullah from obtaining advanced weaponry.



On his sixth visit to Israel, City of London Police Assistant Commissioner Alistair Sutherland said: “It’s likely that because of the contacts I’ve made here, I will now be sending officers back to Israel to speak to the Israel Police about some of the technology that they’re using,” Sutherland would not say which Israeli products and companies he was considering for the City of London Police, but said he was seeking both real-time monitoring and the ability to prevent terror attacks by finding assailants before they act.


Egyptian President al-Sisi told the UN General Assembly in New York last week: “I tell the Palestinian people it’s extremely important…to overcome the differences and not to lose opportunities and to be ready to accept co-existence with the other, with Israelis in safety and security.” Addressing the Israelis, Sisi said: “We have an excellent experience in Egypt in peace with you for longer than 40 years. We can repeat this experience and this excellent step once again – the peace and security of the Israeli citizens together with the peace and security of the Palestinian citizens.”


Radio-wave technology developed by Israeli firm Camero-Tech  that can “see” through solid walls was helping rescue workers in Mexico search through rubble for buried victims. “We know from reports in Mexico that our system helped rescue a number of people alive,” said the company’s CEO.

Since September 2016, Israel’s ZAKA rescue and recovery organization has trained 70 Mexico City-based volunteers, who are now assisting in rescue efforts after last week’s massive earthquake.

An IDF search and rescue team landed in Mexico early last Thursday. The team comprised 70 search and rescue experts, pilots, engineers, and medical staff.  Their commander Col. (res.) Dudi Mizrahi, said his team members “left home at a moment’s notice, in the middle of preparations for the [Jewish New Year] holiday, but with great love. Given an opportunity like this to provide assistance, there was no question or dilemma. It’s a privilege to save lives, even when it’s at a distance of thousands of kilometers from home.”


The Israel Security Agency said last week it had uncovered an eight-man terrorist cell in an east Jerusalem neighbourhood that was planning to carry out shooting attacks on Israeli targets. The head of the cell, was in contact with sources in Lebanon and Gaza who were financing it.

The IDF seized “six M-16 assault rifles, three pistols, 12 pipe bombs and ammunition” in raids in Nablus last week.

A Palestinian illegally employed at a Tel Aviv construction site was arrested and confessed to intending to buy a knife in order ‘to stab Jews’.




The iphone X model, Apple’s newest and most advanced offering, boasts innovative face recognition capabilities, allowing users to unlock the device using a facial signature and creating animated emojis controlled by their own faces. A significant portion of the research and development behind these new features was carried out at Apple’s Herzliya R&D hub in Israel.,7340,L-5018743,00.html

Pope Francis’ security detail used an Israeli-made observation balloon to protect him during his visit to South America. The balloon proved to be more reliable than the unmanned air vehicles typically used and cost only a fraction of the price to operate, Two of the three Masses led by the pope in Colombia two weeks ago were accompanied by the device, which is made by the Israeli company RT Aerostats Systems


Maj. A., a resident of a Druze village in northern Israel, successfully finished the Air Force Flight Academy and has become the first Druze navigator in the IDF. His message to the younger generation: “Have high aspirations and don’t be afraid to go as far as possible, because there is full equal opportunity in the IDF.” A’s father was a senior officer in the Border Police, while his brother served in Military Intelligence.,7340,L-5017799,00.html


More than two months ago, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the Palestinian Authority was required within 30 days to pay hundreds of thousands of shekels in legal expenses to Palestinians who were tortured by the PA. The legal expenses are a preliminary measure to be followed by actual compensation for the torture. So far, the PA has not paid, prompting the Palestinian plaintiffs to apply to the Israeli Finance Ministry to seize the amount owed from PA funds held by Israel, as well as to impound 500 million shekels to satisfy the impending compensation awards


Quietly, Israeli high-tech companies are contracting Gaza engineers.



Quietly, Israeli high-tech companies are contracting Gaza engineers.

In Hamas -ruled Gaza, collaboration with Israel can be deadly, however some Palestinian firms increasingly forge business ties with Israeli industry


Chrissie Hynde opened The Pretenders’ gig in Tel Aviv on Saturday night by marching out on stage waving a giant Israeli flag, and ended it by declaring the crowd to be “the best audience in the world.” But Hynde, whose band played a terrific near-two-hour set  had an even bigger compliment for Israel. A vegetarian and veteran animal rights activist, she pronounced the state to be one of the world’s leaders in animal rights.



In the wake of recent natural disasters in Mexico, Sierra Leone, the Caribbean & elsewhere, Israel has sent humanitarian aid to those countries in their time of need. Israel prays for all affected by those natural disasters, and will continue to respond to humanitarian crises worldwide. (2:05)

IDF On the Ground in Mexico (2:23)


Ron Ben-Yishai: The terrorist who murdered three Israelis on Tuesday in Har Adar wanted to present himself as a martyr. He sought to kill Israelis he knew, worked for, and had friendly relations with because he realized he could become a national hero. More importantly, he secured the economic future of his children and estranged wife, who will receive a monthly allowance from the Palestinian Authority.,7340,L-5021668,00.html

Israel Update: 19 September 2017

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An earlier and brief Update this week – I take this opportunity to wish all my readers who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah – Shana Tovah – A Happy New Year. 


Prime Minister Netanyahu on Monday met Egypt’s President el-Sissi in New York in the first-ever public sit-down meeting between them. The two leaders had “a comprehensive discussion about the problems of the region” and Sissi “expressed his desire to assist in efforts to achieve peace between Israel and the Palestinians and the region.

Israel intercepted an Iranian-built drone that penetrated into Israeli airspace from Syria on Tuesday. An IDF Spokesman said the Hizbullah-operated, intelligence-gathering drone took off from Damascus International Airport and was intercepted by a Patriot missile.


Speaking at a news conference with visiting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto said last Thursday that his country had accepted Israel’s offer to help it and the U.S. develop Central America, particularly Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. He noted that Israel brings experience from development projects in Africa. Netanyahu’s trip marked the first visit to Mexico by a sitting Israeli prime minister.



India has long been using Israeli security technology and border security advice along its more dangerous borders, like those in Kashmir. The Israeli equipment and experience helped stop illegal border crossings of armed Islamic terrorists from Pakistan through the use of ground radar, thermal imaging and other electronic gear. The key to these systems was new video and sensor analysis software, which the Israelis have pioneered… both Israel and India have been able to build security fences that have succeeded in keeping terrorists out. India has borders more than ten times longer than Israel and cannot afford to intensively use troop patrols to cover it all. The Israelis have proposed a security fence that comes in many different levels of complexity (and cost) and advised India to buy as much as they need for every part of the border.

Biofeed, an Israeli company, says it has developed a no-spray, environment-friendly solution that can protect Indian farmers from the deadly oriental fruit fly, the most destructive, invasive and widespread of all fruit flies that is found in 66 countries in Asia, Africa and the Americas…According to one report, using Biofeed, Mango farmers on four Indian orchards saw an overall decrease of fruit fly infestation from 95% to less than 5%..


China this week signed a deal with Israeli high-tech vegan meat companies.Eight companies in the world are working to produce high-tech, vegan meat and three of them are in Israel – SuperMeat, Future Meat Technologies, and Meat the Future.


Clothing companies in Gaza have resumed shipments to the Israeli market for the first time since the Hamas takeover there in 2007. Bashir al-Bawab, chairman of Unipal 2000 in Gaza, said his company exported 6,000 pieces of clothing to Israel through the Kerem Shalom commercial crossing. Tayseer al-Oustaz, head of the Gaza Federation of the Clothing and Textile Industry, said 25 factories are ready to sell their products to the Israeli market.

A Hamas member died in a tunnel incident in the Gaza Strip overnight Tuesday, the third such incident in recent days. On September 15 in separate incidents, two terrorists were killed after two tunnels collapsed. Hamas has run Gaza for a decade and fought three wars with Israel. The terrorist organisation has built a network of tunnels inside Gaza, as well as some under the Israeli border.


Two years after the nuclear deal was signed by Iran and world powers, the Islamic Republic is reported to have boosted its financial support to Hezbollah to $800 million a year, a dramatic increase from the $200m. it was said to be giving its proxy when sanctions were in place. Iran is also providing Hamas in Gaza with $60-70 million and  spending hundreds of millions of dollars for its militias in Syria and Iraq, as well as supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen.

Former defence minister Moshe Ya’alon said on Tuesday at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s 17th annual conference in Herzliya that the international community was failing to deal with Iran:  “The Iranian regime continues to violate United Nations Security Council resolutions and distributes weapons and terrorism,” he said. “It transfers arms to Lebanon and Yemen, for example, and does not pay a price. There are enough reasons to impose sanctions on Iran and even worsen the existing ones.”

Iran’s newly-appointed army chief on Monday warned that the Islamic Republic would raze the Israeli cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa if the “Zionist regime” makes “any wrong move.” General Abdolrahim Mousavi said previous warnings that Israel will not exist in 25 years did not mean it would necessarily last that long.

Israeli Presiden Rivlin told members of the diplomatic corps in Jerusalem on Monday: “The fact that Iran continues to regain more and more legitimacy, while Iranian leadership continues to call for Israel’s destruction, isunacceptable….Such actions and statements that we hear against Israel – denying our rights and threatening our existence – are unacceptable.”

In 2016, a few months after the nuclear agreement with Iran went into effect, a Western entity gave the International Atomic Energy Agency information regarding sites that Iran did not report as part of its nuclear program and where forbidden nuclear military research and development activity was being conducted,…Almost all the sites have not been visited by IAEA inspectors – either because of Iran’s refusal to grant entry or UN officials’ reluctance to confront Iran on the issue. “There is a whole list of suspicious sites where the Iranians do not allow inspectors to visit and no one enforces the supervision mechanisms established in the nuclear agreement. There is simply a demonstration of weakness in the IAEA when it comes to Iran….When it comes to visits to suspicious sites, the agreement is not implemented.”

Israel Update: 14 September 2017

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Florida, Mexico, Haiti & the Caribbean.

As at last Sunday, 10 September, Israeli humanitarian-aid groups were already on their way to Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Three teams of volunteers from IsraAID, ZAKA Search and Rescue, and the Israel Rescue Coalition, all of whom rushed to help in the aftermath of last week’s Hurricane Harvey in Texas, were travelling to Florida to help. Other Israeli aid teams were heading to Mexico, which was hit by a deadly earthquake on Thursday, and are offering aid to communities in Haiti and the Caribbean also devastated by Irma.


A 12-member Israeli team flew out to the area in southern Mexico affected by a massive earthquake. They were equipped with high-tech gear for searching for people trapped under rubble.


Benyamin Netanyahu is the first Israeli Prime Minister to make an official tour of Latin America. After visiting Buenos Aires, the P.M. was in Bogota where Columbian President Santos thanked Israel for its help in  defusing landmines. After a 52-year civil war that ended in November 2016, Colombia has the second highest number of landmines, after Afghanistan. In September, Israel’s National Mine Action Authority hosted eight Colombians for a week-long workshop on mine-clearing procedures. Netanyahu and Santos also signed a tourism cooperation agreement



Dozens of Syrian civilians have written letters of gratitude to Israel and the IDF for establishing field hospitals on its northern border which provided, and continue to provide, medical care to numerous victims wounded in the country’s ongoing violent civil war. These Syrians expressed their appreciation for the IDF’s medical care, saying it has strengthened their yearning for peace &  undermined indoctrination of Israel as an enemy; One typical quote: ‘To all Syrians who say Israel is the enemy, I say that you are liars. Israel is our friend.,7340,L-5014499,00.html


A Palestinian man brandishing a knife who tried to carry out a stabbing attack on Wednesday at a bus stop near Kiryat Arba was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment after being shot and wounded. The attack came a day after Border Police officers arrested a Palestinian teenager carrying a knife at a checkpoint in Hebron, the third such incident in the city over the past week. Last Friday, a Palestinian man was arrested there when he was discovered to be hiding a knife on his person, while last Wednesday Border Police officers arrested a Palestinian teenager after finding a knife in his possession.


The head of the Israel Security Agency, told the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday that in July and August the agency had prevented 70 terror attacks, and that since the beginning of the year it had thwarted 200 terror attacks including suicide bombings, shootings and kidnappings



Top UK banks, insurers and telecom companies have been seeking cyber security solutions from Israel this week, as part of an effort by the British Government to protect companies and institutions from cyber attacks. 12 leading Israeli cyber security startups have been hosted in London at a series of targeted events as part of TeXchange, a programme by the British Embassy in Israel.



A rehabilitative technology called BalanceTutor developed in Israel has been adopted by the Real Sociedad football (soccer) team in Spain.  BalanceTutor was originally designed for seniors and individuals who had suffered a stroke, to help get them walking safely again and train them to prevent future falls.

Playsight unveiled its SmartPitch instant video analysis system at the Soccerex convention in Manchester this week. SmartPitch records the action on the field and uploads it immediately to the cloud, allowing coaches to show players instant replays of their contribution…The technology was originally used to train Israeli fighter pilots.

Intel Corp. has outfitted eight National Football League stadiums in the U.S. with high-definition cameras that will allow fans to see the game from every angle and create 360-degree highlights for a more action-packed experience. The cameras – which are ready for the 2017 season – are equipped with Intel’s “freeD” technology that was developed by Israeli startup Replay Technologies, which Intel bought last year. The freeD system allows broadcasters to freeze video, rotate the angle of view and zoom in on the action.




The Giro d’Italia cycling race will open next year’s event in Israel, marking the first time any leg of the sport’s Grand Tours will take place outside of Europe.,7340,L-5016636,00.html




Last month, volunteers with Israel’s Eye from Zion  humanitarian organization held an “eye camp” in Chuka, Kenya. They treated 723 patients in three locations, from infants to senior citizens, performing free treatments and surgeries – 85 percent of the surgeries to remove cataracts and 10% to correct astigmatism. They also helped to set up Participants an advanced eye clinic donating supplies, including surgical and lab equipment and medications. Two Kenyan medical officers were trained to use the equipment, the hospital’s technical staff learned how to maintain the machinery and three nurses received training in surgical assistance. Additional equipment will be brought on a future visit.




Norway has secured the return of $10,000 given to a Palestinian women’s centre that was named in honour of terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, the leader of the 1978 Coastal Road massacre in Israel that resulted in the death of 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children.



Water purification technology developed by an Israeli firm has been chosen for use at the iconic Hoover Dam to prevent an invasive species of mussel from interfering with the dam’s electricity production. Atlantium’s Hydro-Optic Ultraviolet technology designed to prevent fouling at Hoover Dam by the quagga mussel, which threatens to clog the turbine’s water cooling system.

As they prepared to attend WATEC Israel’s premier water conference in Tel Aviv, a group of Czech water experts got a first-hand look at one of Israel’s innovative ways of tackling the issue of water wasted in urban runoff: The Biofilter in Kfar Saba



Palestinian intelligence forces arrested Muhammad Sabir Jabir from Hebron on Sunday after he hosted an Israeli parliament member Yehudah Glick in his home during the recent Eid al-Adha holiday. It remained.unclear what Jabir was being charged with.

Glick said Jabir’s arrest was senseless and once again proves that the Palestinian Authority doesn’t want peace. “He’s a peace activist whom I met via the head of the Ahmadiyya community in Haifa,” Glick said, referring to the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam. “I went to wish him a happy holiday on Id al-Adha, and I regret that this is what happened.”


Stories of Palestinian Authority torture have been emerging since the Jerusalem District Court ruled earlier this summer that Palestinians can sue the PA in Israeli courts



Herb Keinon: Israel on Thursday reportedly attacked a branch of the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Centre that housed chemical weapons and missiles. When P.M. Netanyahu visited Russian President Putin two weeks ago, he made it clear that if and when Israel attacked to protect its interests, everyone should understand why it happened and what was at stake and no one should be surprised. Israel has made clear that it will not allow game-changing weaponry to be transferred from Syria or Iran to Hizbullah, and will not let Iran or Hizbullah build bases on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights that could be used for attacks against Israel. It was telling that there was no immediate condemnation of the attack from Moscow. Their  silence could be interpreted as a sign they were not blindsided by the move


Krishnadev Calamur:Israel now faces two intertwined mortal enemies gaining strength close to its borders – Iran and Hizbullah. Thursday’s airstrike in Syria signals to Israel’s adversaries that it will not sit by as forces inimical to it gain strength, and that any political resolution of the Syrian conflict must take into account Israel’s long-term security interests.

Alex Ward: Israel bombed a suspected Syrian chemical weapons factory last week, just one day after the UN blamed Syrian forces for a chemical weapons attack in April…In 2013, Syria promised to give up its chemical weapons as part of a diplomatic deal with Russia and the U.S. to avert a planned American strike in response to Assad gassing almost 1,000 of his own citizens to death near Damascus.

Israel Update: 7 September 2017

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While some members of the IsraAID team continue recovery and clear-up work, others are leading stress relief and recreational activities at Houston shelters, community centres and schools, working with relatively large groups of adult and child flood victims, using art, movement therapy and mindfulness techniques. iAID, another Israeli humanitarian organization, is sending a team of volunteers to Texas…The organization aims to support the US relief efforts with “Start-up Nation” solutions, such as clean energy and clean water technologies, that can empower communities to repair themselves and better prepare for the next natural disaster.

The Israeli Embassy in the U.S. has joined with IsraAid and Movers 495, an American-Israeli moving company, to send several tons of aid by truck to Houston.

A team of volunteers from Israel’s Zaka search-and-rescue organization is in Houston to help with the clean up in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, assisting with tasks ranging from clearing debris to delivering food…On Monday, the team worked with Pastor Becky Keenan from the Gulf Meadows Church.




Israeli warplanes allegedly struck a facility in northern Syria today where the regime is said to have stockpiled chemical weapons and missiles. There was no immediate comment from theI.D.F.


According to a former national security adviser, there’s a strong probability that the Syrian military research centre was targeted because of concerns that Hezbollah’s leader Nassrallah had asked Damascus to hand over the facility to the Lebanon-based Shi’ite terror group. The facility has been known for many years as a centre for research and development for weapons systems, including chemical weapons.


A retired Israeli Maj.-Gen. said, “The attack sent three important messages. Israel won’t allow for empowerment and production of strategic arms; Israel intends to enforce its red lines, despite the fact that the great powers are ignoring them; and the presence of Russian air defence does not prevent airstrikes attributed to Israel.”
Syrian opposition sources said the airstrike destroyed weapons stores including chemical-tipped missiles that were to be delivered to Hizbullah.


Shortly after the alleged Israeli strike on the Syrian scientific centre which is responsible for research and development of nuclear, biological, chemical and missile technology and weapons, Israel’s President Rivlin met German Chancellor Merkel and clarified that the weapons infrastructure that Hezbollah was building may require the State of Israel to respond.,7340,L-5013491,00.html



Tens of thousands of Israeli soldiers are staging a mock 10-day war against the Hezbollah terrorist group in northern Israel, marking the IDF’s largest exercise in nearly 20 years. Hezbollah, with its suspected arsenal of over 100,000 rockets and thousands of fighters, is seen by the IDF as its central threat…Israeli officials have raised alarms in recent months over increased Hezbollah activity in southern Lebanon, as well as plans for an Iranian missile factory to supply the terror group with more accurate rockets. They have also expressed misgivings over a ceasefire in southern Syria that they say allows Iran to establish a foothold along Israel’s northern border.

Nikki Haley (U.S. Ambassador to the UN): Last week, the UN Security Council voted to significantly strengthen its efforts to stop the Hizbullah terrorists in southern Lebanon. Our changes will make UNIFIL step up its patrols and inspections which  will help disrupt Hizbullah’s illegal activity. Our changes require UNIFIL to report when it is prevented from seeing something it wants to inspect, so that when it is prevented from doing its job, the Security Council will know about it.


President  Rivlin on Wednesday attended the inauguration in Munich of a memorial to the victims of the massacre at the Olympic Games there 45 years ago, and castigated the Palestinian Authority for its continued expressions of support for the terror act, which left 11 Israeli Olympians dead.


Israeli Border Police raided an arms factory in a West Bank village warehouse, used primarily to manufacture Carl Gustav-type and Kalashnikov rifles, last Thursday, seizing a cache of rifles, IDF uniforms, binoculars and ammunition. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said this “was one of the many operations taking place in Judea and Samaria to seize weapons being used in Israel by terrorist cells who are planning attacks.


Border Police officers arrested a Palestinian teenager at a checkpoint in Hebron on Wednesday after finding a knife in his possession


52 American law-enforcement officers from 12 states have arrived in Israel to train in counterterrorism techniques. The U.S. delegation will participate in multiple counterterrorism training exercises etc.


102 Kenyans have been beneficiaries of a 12-month internship programme at the Arava International Center for Agriculture and Training in southern Israel to gain advanced knowledge in agriculture and food production. GreenArava is an Israeli company currently managing the Galana irrigation scheme in Kenya, where farming largely relies on erratic rains and three million people require food relief. Mohammed Abdi the group leader of the Kenyans says he learned more than food production. “Within Israel, Christians, Muslims and Jews live peacefully with each other. I have also met students from 102 countries, coming from different backgrounds. From the desert, I’ve learned that every challenge can be an opportunity.”


An Israeli tele-medicine company is looking to replace some doctor visits with a new device that allows patients an accurate self-examination from home. The Tytocare device allows patients to measure their own vital signs – heart rate or temperature – as well as to conduct examinations of organs such as ears, throat and lungs…The TytoHome package has FDA approval and is already marketed in the U.S.  Israel’s Schneider Children’s Hospital compared the accuracy and quality of physical check-ups done by Tyto to those conducted by doctors and found almost no difference between the two types of examinations.

The U.S. Department of Defence is testing an Israeli drug designed to help the body recover after exposure to radiation in the case of nuclear fallout, to see if it can be administered before service members are exposed to radiation.  The Israeli company Pluristem has partnered with the medical university at Fukushima, Japan, site of a 2011 nuclear meltdown, in developing the drug.

RightHear allows blind and visually impaired people to navigate malls, universities and hospitals by mimicking the function of a venue’s directory board and speaking to users about what’s nearby. It’s also integrated with ride sharing and taxi apps.


Dr. Avi Yitzhaki, the chief medical officer of the IDF Southern Command, on Thursday became the first Israeli of Ethiopian descent to be promoted to the rank of colonel. Yitzhaki made aliyah to Israel from Ethiopia in 1994 at the age of 19. He completed medical studies at Ben-Gurion University.,7340,L-5010784,00.html

Daniel Defur, who is blind, told the Israeli P.M. about his wish to serve in the IDF.  After the P.M. contacted Special in Uniform, a programme that integrates young men and women with disabilities into the IDF, Daniel has enlisted and will serve on an air force base.


The UK is a leading partner of the Israeli scientific community – last year nearly 1,500 scientific publications included a UK and an Israeli researcher. One project  BIRAX has invested 7 million pounds over the last five years in 15 collaborative UK-Israel projects tackling major global diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s and cardiovascular disease.

TLV in LDN offers a unique opportunity to experience Tel Aviv’s rich cultural landscape in the UK’s capital city. Camden’s Roundhouse is the hub for this four-day showcase, with satellite events taking place across the city at locations including Cadogan Hall and The Coronet. Highlights include a live DJ set from Guy Gerber; performances and workshops by dance troupe Mayumana; an exhibition curated by internationally renowned artist Ori Gersht; and a food festival by esteemed Israeli chef Shaul Ben-Aderet.

Further information here:


Several dozen seals and seal impressions from the First Temple period, many with biblical-type names in ancient Hebrew text, have been found in this year’s excavations at the City of David, lending credence to the theory that Jerusalem was a major administrative capital of the Judean kingdom, say archaeologists exploring the site.



American TV personality Conan O’Brien, who is filming a documentary film Conan in Israel, which will be screened in the US later this month, told medical teams at Safed’s Ziv Medical Center that they “deserve a Nobel Peace Prize” for their treatment of Syrian wounded.


Alan Baker: There are 40 or more ongoing conflict and occupation situations throughout the world, including in Iraq, Afghanistan, Western Sahara, East Timor, East Congo, Nagorno-Karabakh, Northern Cyprus, and the Crimea…. The accepted rules of occupation are overly general and do not take into consideration the often unique political, legal, and historical status of the territory in dispute, as is the case regarding Israel…The language of occupation law has been politicized, and partisan political expressions such as “Occupied Palestinian Territories” have become common language by the UN and by such humanitarian organizations as the International Red Cross…This terminology has no legal basis and prejudges ongoing, agreed-upon, and internationally-endorsed negotiation issues between Israel and the Palestinians. Their use by humanitarian organizations such as the International Red Cross is incompatible with its own constitutional principles of neutrality and impartiality.

Alex Joffe: It has been claimed that Jews represent an alien population implanted into Palestine to usurp the land and displace the people. Yet a wealth of evidence demonstrates that Jews are the indigenous population of the Southern Levant; historical and now genetic documentation places Jews there over 2,000 years ago, and there is indisputable evidence of continual residence of Jews in the region…Palestinians have the right to define themselves as they see fit. What Palestinians cannot claim, however, is that they are Palestine’s indigenous population and the Jews are settler-colonialists. Palestinian genealogies that show their own tribes originating outside the Southern Levant are prima facie evidence of Arab settler-colonialism.


Israel Update: 31 August 2017

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Seven members of IsraAID an Israeli NGO flew to Houston on Tuesday,(where they will join three other members of the group who were already in the U.S.) seeking to provide emergency assistance to relief efforts as a massive storm pummelled the city with severe flooding. Among the group are disaster management experts, mental health experts, and engineers. They will focus on coordination of relief work and provide basic needs including stress relief activities and recreation for those impacted by the disaster.


A team of Israeli mental health professionals organized by the Israel Rescue Coalition arrives in Houston on Thursday to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. “People need help on the ground. They need to be able to wrap their minds around what was lost and they need assistance figuring out how to cope and where to go from here,” said Dov Maisel, Director of International Operations for the IRC and Vice President of United Hatzalah.





Two plastic surgeons from the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa recently returned from Africa where they were participating in an international  mission to correct facial deformities in local children.





Israeli doctors have cured a Gazan man who had become a recluse suffering from ‘tree man disease’ for nearly 10 years. Following an operation at Hadassah Medical Centre, Jerusalem, Mr Taluli is convinced his life will return to normal.

A new Israeli patent to treat congestive heart failure, implanted for the first time in a Canadian patient at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Centre, could be a “therapeutic breakthrough,” said Dr. Yair Peled, the cardiologist who invented it. In a minimally invasive operation, while the heart is beating, the CoRolla device was implanted by catheter in the left ventricle of the heart.





A group of Palestinian agronomists and agricultural engineers recently completed training in avocado cultivation at the Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) in northern Israel.The purpose of the training was to improve the Palestinians’ avocado crop. Participants toured the avocado plantations in the north and met with Israeli avocado farmers. During the training, the Palestinians expressed a desire to cooperate with Israeli growers to facilitate export. About 40 percent of the participants were women, most of them agricultural entrepreneurs with a particular interest in avocado growing.





During his first visit to the region since taking office earlier this year, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres praised the residents of Kibbutz Nahal Oz near the Gaza border for what he described as their “fantastic example of solidarity, humanity and tolerance” in their request to the UN to help Palestinians in the Gaza Strip emancipate themselves from the draconian rule of Hamas. Speaking in Tel Aviv following a visit to the southern region of Israel, where he viewed a Hamas terror tunnel near the Kibbutz, held discussions with its residents and received a helicopter tour of the Israel-Gaza border with Israeli officials, Guterres decried the fact that the community has “been bombarded several times” and that “one child has been killed by rockets.”,7340,L-5009811,00.html


A Palestinian refugee receives a budget four times larger than a Syrian, Iraqi or African refugee, according to a study. The UN is currently addressing the largest refugee crisis in history involving 68 million people worldwide. In 2016, UNRWA, which provides assistance only for Palestinian refugees, spent $246 for each of the 5.3 million Palestinians it defines as refugees*, while UNHCR, which deals with all other refugees, spent $58 per refugee.,7340,L-5008515,00.html


*NOTE: The UNWRA definition of a refugee includes all descendants of the original circa 800,00 Arab refugees in 1948 (roughly equivalent to the number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries) whereas the UNHCR definition does not extend to subsequent descendants. See a 2011 comparison  which remains relevant today:





Karnataka, a state in southwestern India, has transformed 59,305 acres of drought-stricken land in Hunagund into a fertile green pasture, thanks to Israeli drip irrigation. As a result, by October, 15,000 farmers will harvest their first monsoon season crop in several years.





A Syrian rebel commander said his group’s cooperation with Israel made it the target of criticism from the Iran-funded militias that are fighting on behalf of Syrian President Assad, but humanitarian concerns superseded old hatreds…he said while his group tries to tread a fine line as it relates to disclosing their cooperation with Israel because of how it can be manipulated for propaganda purposes, he and the civilians in the region welcomed the aid and thanked Israel for its generosity. He also described the process of bringing people into Israel for medical treatment.





PA President Abbas said last Thursday, “I don’t intend to cease payments for families of prisoners and martyrs; even if it costs me my seat, I will continue to pay them until my last day,” the Kan Hebrew news outlet reported. During President Trump’s visit to the region earlier this year, he stressed to Abbas that the U.S. will not tolerate the PA’s payments for families of terrorists.


The PA’s most fundamental message to its people and its children – that all of Israel is actually “Palestine” – is prominent in many songs broadcast regularly on official PA and Fatah TV stations. On Aug. 25, PA TV broadcast a video depicting a bird that flies over all of “my country Palestine.” The bird “flies over” the Israeli cities of Safed, Tiberias, Acre, Haifa, Nazareth, Beit Shean, Jaffa, and Ramle.

This song has been broadcast at least 30 times this year





A summer camp for Israeli Arab youth organized by the Balad party (an Israeli-Arab political party represented in the Israeli Parliament) held its concluding ceremony this week in the West Bank, with campers marching in a procession honoring Palestinian “martyrs.” Draped in Palestinian flags, the children chanted, “With spirit and blood we will redeem you, Palestine.” Afterwards, they visited families of terrorists who were killed or wounded during terror attacks against Israelis.,7340,L-5009612,00.html





The new Iranian defence minister, Brig.-Gen. Amir Hatami, reemphasized on Aug. 20 the Defence Ministry’s strong support for the “resistance front” and the need to promote the Iranian regime’s missile programme. In addition, the new commander of the Iranian army, Maj.-Gen. Abd al-Rahim Mousavi, vowed that he is committed to the goal that Israel would cease to exist within 25 years, thanks to the bravery of the “Iranian martyrs”.





Shoppers in Reykjavik, Iceland, will now be able to receive food and other goods direct to their doors via Israeli-made drones, which will significantly speed up delivery times. AHA, Iceland’s largest online marketplace, reports a 60% reduction in delivery costs and up to 20 minutes of reduced transportation time during peak hours using Flytrex drones





A Kurd from Northern Iraq visited Israel recently:

Extract; “My time in Tel Aviv was brief, a little over a week. But what the city offered was unprecedented to me, especially in the Middle East. It is modern, filled will young Israelis enjoying life at the beaches, nightlife spots, restaurants. It is also historical and diverse. I witnessed Muslims and Jews intermingling, mosques calling for prayer, Arab families enjoying their time together on the beaches after breaking their fast. No one bothered others; everyone minded their own business. I tried hard to discover instances of negative interactions between the two peoples, but they even smoked hookah together at the local café.”

(The writer also spent time in Jerusalem)


This summer, 28 US army cadets and US Navy Midshipmen embarked on a journey throughout Israel during which they visited the country’s most prestigious sites and were briefed by some of the most distinguished experts in Israel’s political and military sphere; in this interview with Ynetnews, the cadets shared some of their conclusions about the country; ‘It put all the media coverage into perspective.’ One commented “I think I am taking away a much greater appreciation for the Jewish people in general over the last 2000 years and how much of a miracle it is that Israel has become what it is today”,7340,L-5009454,00.html



Last Tuesday was the 120th anniversary of the First Zionist Congress convened by Theodore Herzl in the Swiss city of Basel on August 29, 1897.