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Cowen Letter to the Editor Published

KSDS member Anthony Cowen’s Letter to the Editor, responding to a column by Yitzchak Schochet, was published in the 26 November 2015 issue of Jewish News. The letter is not (yet) on the newspaper’s website in its Readers’ Letters section. If and when it appears, we will provide a link here.

Meanwhile, try this link – if the letter does appear, hit the plus button to enlarge it.

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The article is also available on the Jerusalem Report website (paid subscription for the full article).

Michelle Paz Lorca Bello: A Modern Exodus

When G-d makes things, He makes them perfect.

by Michelle Paz Lorca Bello


Michelle was born in Santiago, Chile in 1990, and spent several months in Surbiton on a teaching internship offered by her university.  

She has a stepbrother and a fiance, Jose Caro, who was born in Santiago in 1986.   His ancestors fled from Spain to South America before the Second World War. 

Michelle studies in a Catholic University in Chile that, she says, has “many Orthodox Jewish students, and my religion never causes me any problems.” She is enrolled in a Masters Degree programme in the philosophy of education.

My name is Michelle. I am a citizen of the world.

I am a mix. My family – my ancestors – were running around the world for many years, changing their names and identities, carrying passports with a red J.

J Passport

An example of a German J Passport. To see many more samples, search for “Jewish J Passports Germany”. This site for passport collectors discussed several J-stamped passports with visas for Chile:

To me, they are heroes. They never forgot who they are and were and where they came from, even when they were baptised, even when they were strangers in a new country, a country without friends.

Now I am a stranger, in London. I am a Jewish-Chilean-American girl in a small island, but I never feel alone, because I am a Jew and if you are a Jew, you are never alone.

Now we don’t hide. My passport does not have a red letter. I won’t be forced to be baptized. I have a job. I don’t have to be a farmer. I have chosen my own profession, as a preschool teacher.

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