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Flowers for Shavuot

by Hazel Green

Every year, our two talented amateur florists, Elise Wolfson and Sharon Sulkin, create magnificent floral displays for Shavuot.

This year’s theme – Ezekiel’s Vision – is dramatically described in the Haftorah we read on first day Shavuot. The stunning arrangements portrayed the colours described in the Haftorah: amber, blue sapphire, bronze and flame, while their shapes included references to the storm, the wings and the four wheels. At the conclusion of the service, Elise gave a fascinating drosha explaining the Haftorah inspiration behind the floral displays.

Yomtov celebrations continued with a fantastic four-course lunch for 50 people catered by members of the Ladies’ Guild: butternut squash soup, fish goujons, smoked salmon, tuna and salads, a cheese course and ending with a delicious creamy trifle.

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succot meal



Sunday 27 September

Yom Tov begins / light candles by 6.33 pm
Afternoon & Evening Service 6.33 pm

Monday 28 September First Day

Morning Service 9.30 am
Afternoon & Evening Services 6.30 pm
Yom Tov 2nd Day Candles lit after 7.32 pm

Tuesday 29 September Second Day

Morning Service 9.30 am
Afternoon & Evening Services 6.30 pm
Yom Tov Ends 7.30 pm


Wednesday 30 September to Friday 2 October

Morning Services 6.45 am
Friday 2 October
Afternoon & Evening Services 6.22 pm
Shabbat Begins/light candles by 6.22 pm

Saturday 3 October

Morning Service 9.30 am
Shabbat Ends 7.21 pm


Sunday 4 October

Morning Service 7.30 am


Sunday 4 October
Yom Tov begins / candles lit after 6.17 pm
Afternoon & Evening Services 6.17 pm

Monday 5 October

Morning Service 9.30 am
Yizkor 11.00 am
Afternoon Service 6.15 pm


Evening Service & Hakafot following above
Yom Tov candles lit after 7.16 pm

Tuesday 6 October

Morning Service and Hakofot 9.00 am
Afternoon & evening Services 6.15 pm
Yom Tov Ends 7.14 pm

Please join us for a meal and Ice Cream Party on Monday evening following Hakofot.

We hope that this will enable members and their families of all ages to participate in the celebrations.

Yom Haatzmaut 2015 at Kingston Synagogue

2015 Yom Haatzmaut

Yom Haatzmaut



We are not quite sure what a palooza is, or even how it is correctly spelled (some authorities render it thusly: paloooooza) but it sounds just the ticket for Purim. And Kingston Synagogue’s Purimpalooza takes place on Wednesday, 4 March, at 6.30pm. And it is, yes, free.