Israel Update: 18.10.2018


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A rocket fired from Gaza destroyed a home in Beersheba while another landed in the sea off of central Israel early Wednesday. Seven people were treated for shock, including a mother and her three children who were in the house when it was hit. They had taken refuge in the safe (fortified) room. The rocket broke through two floors of concrete. “Nothing is left of the house except for the safe room,” the woman’s sister reported. In addition, three people suffered from bruising sustained when falling as they were running for shelter.,7340,L-5372931,00.html


In response, Israel bombed 20 “military facilities” in Gaza. The rockets used in the attack on Israel were not the standard Grad variety, but an improved version with a larger warhead. “There are only two organizations in Gaza that have this calibre of rocket: Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad,” said  an IDF spokesperson. IAF jets bombed an attack tunnel being dug toward Israel, a tunnel used by Hamas naval commandos, weapons factories, military bases and other facilities,

How a Beersheba Mother Saved Her Children as a Palestinian Rocket Destroyed Her House


After the rocket attack there was a 100% increase in calls to the Israel Trauma & Resiliency Centre. 20% of Israelis suffer from symptoms of post-trauma.“The combination of rockets, sirens, and incendiary kites and balloons “takes a toll on body, mind and spirit.”


The EU said Wednesday: “The rocket and mortar fire by Palestinian militants from Gaza towards Israel must stop immediately. Indiscriminate attacks against civilians are completely unacceptable.”



Sections of the security fence along Israel’s border with Gaza were damaged Tuesday by explosive devices set off by Gazan rioters.In a separate incident, a group Gazans broke through the security fence and approached an IDF post. Troops fired warning shots at the men, who ran back into Gaza

Friday, Oct. 12, was particularly violent on the Gaza border. Gazans detonated a large explosive device that blew a hole in the border fence through which 20 terrorists infiltrated under cover of a dense cloud of smoke created by burning tyres. When IDF soldiers opened fire, most of the Gazans returned to Gaza, but three continued to approach the soldiers and were shot and killed. The number of participants in the riots has risen, together with extensive use of explosive charges and grenades.
Hamas has supplemented burning tyres with the use of smoke generators to create heavy smoke screens to shield Gazan rioters and allow them to get closer to the border fence and infiltrate into Israel. Hamas has turned the riots at the Gaza border into 24/7 events, including during the night.


A Gazan who crossed into Israel through a hole in the Gaza security fence on Friday was killed at point-blank range after approaching a soldier with a knife. Military investigations showed that the soldier called on the Gazan to stop several times before shooting. It was reported that Gazans were also shooting at soldiers with crossbows.


Israel’s Defence Minister said:

on Saturday, “Until violence in the Gaza Strip stops entirely, including the launching of incendiary balloons and the burning of tires near Israeli communities, the supply of fuel and gas to the Gaza Strip will not be renewed.” Israel delivers 15 tankers of fuel and gasoline and another 6 or 7 tankers of gas to Gaza on a daily basis


And he said on Tuesday that IDF commanders dealing with Gaza “all have reached the understanding that the situation as it is today cannot continue.” Since March 30, Palestinians in Gaza have participated in a series of riots that have included shooting attacks and bombings as well as sending incendiary balloons and kites into Israel. In recent weeks the clashes have become a daily event. He said that “persuasion and international cooperation have failed to bring about a negotiated armistice with Hamas and that “we have exhausted all other options in Gaza.”


As Israel prepares to step up action against Hamas in response to the escalating events at the Gaza border fence, the intelligence assessment is that Gaza residents are actually resentful of Hamas’ conduct and the fact that until now it hasn’t achieved anything from the continuing riots

Incendiary devices launched from Gaza have burned 1,200 hectares of land on the Israeli side of the border with Gaza, more than half of the 2,100 hectares of forested land in the region.



At the IDF’s technological laboratory to locate tunnels, soldiers use the combined analysis of three triggers – technological sensors, geological sensors, and intelligence – to locate terror tunnels from Gaza. So far, they’ve uncovered 15 tunnels.,7340,L-5370114,00.html



A Palestinian terrorist tried to stab a soldier at a bus stop at a West Bank junction on Monday and was shot dead by soldiers at the scene.,7340,L-5371369,00.html

A 19-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank was arrested Friday at a checkpoint after he was found to be carrying a knife. The man told guards: “I came here to kill Jews.”



The UN recently signed agreements with Israeli companies to purchase defence systems for UN bases in Africa. 61 UN peacekeepers were killed there last year. The Israeli company MER will provide sensors that can detect precision-guided weapons such as missiles and mortars in an $8 million deal. In addition, the Israeli water treatment technology company Odis won a UN tender worth $42 million.,7340,L-5373369,00.html



A six-month-old Palestinian baby is fighting for his life after receiving a heart transplant from a Jewish 17-year-old at Israel’s Sheba Hospital. The chief surgeon at Sheba’s pediatric and congenital heart surgery unit, said: “Musa was brought to Sheba in very critical condition. But by a miracle, Musa was able to receive a new heart from a Jewish child, whose parents had agreed a few hours earlier to the donation.”
Musa’s grandmother said: “Our entire family is grateful for the heroic efforts by Dr. Mishaly and the staff at Sheba to save my grandson. We hope this will create a more positive atmosphere between our two nations. We would like to meet the family of the Jewish child and thank them for their generosity.”


The U.S. Ambassador to Israel met on Tuesday with a group of Israeli and Palestinian business leaders to discuss joint economic ventures in the West Bank, saying people on the ground are ready to cooperate despite the differences between political leaders. Later, he tweeted that the businessmen he met are “ready, willing and able to advance joint opportunity & peaceful coexistence. People want peace and we are ready to help! Is the Palestinian leadership listening?”






Yoseph Haddad: I served in the IDF during the Second Intifada. I also stood at checkpoints, stood guard, arrested people and fought in the Second Lebanon War. As an Israeli Arab and IDF soldier in the Golani Brigade, I served together with Jews of all backgrounds, Druze and Bedouin. We were all equal, we were all brothers fighting side by side, and I can testify that I served in the most humane and moral army in the world, with the highest code of ethics and human values.

The IDF is an army that is level-headed and always keeps as its ultimate highest value human life. The IDF is an army that will bend over backwards to save lives and to ensure that innocent individuals are not harmed, even if it means complicating the military operation.

It is possible that there were incidents that did not live up to these standards, but these were the exceptions; they were not the norm and they were not the code by which the IDF is guided. They do not reflect the IDF nor the State of Israel. During the Second Lebanese War, I was badly injured after I was hit by a Kornet missile that was fired by Hizbullah. My fellow soldiers saved my life while under attack; they risked their own lives to save mine.


Dan Diker: The recent murders of three Israelis in the Barkan Industrial Park and the Gush Etzion commercial centre in the West Bank were assaults in zones where Palestinians and Israelis live, work and shop. It exposes the deepening chasm between the PA and the terrorists they support and glorify, and the silent majority of Palestinians who see their economic and political futures linked to Israel. Some 100,000 Palestinians commute to work in “pre-1967 Israel” every day, while 30,000 Palestinians work in the Israeli-administered areas of the West Bank.


Yoni Ben Menachem:  The cross-border attack tunnel that the IDF revealed and destroyed on Oct. 16 used certain materials and new building techniques in an attempt to mask it from being found. Sources in Gaza reckon that Hamas has 30 attack tunnels and several dozen more that are used to conceal armaments such as rockets, mortars, and anti-tank missiles… Hamas is continuing to invest millions of dollars into their construction. There are still some attack tunnels that the IDF has not yet discovered, as well as new tunnels under construction using new methods and materials, and Hamas assumes that the IDF will not find all of them. Hamas has not given up on its plan to make a painful “pre-emptive strike” on Israel via the invasion tunnels, seeking to abduct civilians or soldiers from the Gaza border.