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200 rockets & mortar shells fired into Israel, 4 Israeli civilians injured, 173 Red Alert sirens, 30 Iron Dome interceptions.


Timeline of weekend events: Friday afternoon 13 July: IDF officer moderately wounded by grenade thrown by a 15-year-old Palestinian along the Gaza border. The attacker was killed by responding soldiers. In a separate incident, a Palestinian was shot and killed trying to breach the border fence. Israel retaliated with air strikes on Hamas targets in the Strip, including a site used for manufacturing terror balloons.
Friday night: Hamas fired more than 30 rockets. All 4 members of an Israeli family were injured when their Sderot home was hit by a rocket. Another mortar hit the courtyard of an synagogue, fortunately empty at the time..
Saturday morning: Israel responded by destroying a terror tunnel and other targets  including Hamas’ battalion headquarters urban warfare training facilities, weapon storage warehouses & training compounds.

Hamas continued firing rockets.
Saturday night: Hamas announced a ceasefire  with Israel brokered by Egypt. This ceasefire reportedly included a gradual stopping of terror kites. (The ceasefire did not take effect right away., and arson terrorism has continued – see below)
Sunday morning: IDF gave the all clear to southern residents as the ceasefire appeared to hold.  Later in the morning, the head of a Fatah-aligned rocket unit and his 13-year-old son were killed in a “work accident”
Sunday afternoon: Israel struck a Hamas cell  launching incendiary kites during the ceasefire. No reports of further rocket fire.

(Taken from several Israeli media sources)


A Sderot man, injured when a rocket fired from Gaza hit his home described the shock and chaos of the missile strike from his hospital bed. “All the glass in the living room flew toward us, the whole house was filled with smoke, there was blood everywhere, shouting and madness…I had shrapnel in my face and legs, my wife and daughter had in their heads,” There was “screaming, shock and blood. A lot of blood. The living room disappeared, the television exploded. …”


39 second video:


VIDEO  (3 mins) showing damage to Sderot & reactions, including a synagogue which was hit



Yet again, some media failed to note the proper order of events that led up to a violent weekend in the region…When an IDF officer was moderately  wounded by a grenade during a Gaza border riot and with kites and balloons continuing to cause havoc, it was hardly a surprise that Israel reacted to Palestinian violence by launching precise airstrikes at Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

While Israel targeted terrorist infrastructure the response of Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups was to indiscriminately launch over 200 mortars and rockets at Israeli towns and villages in the border region. Four residents of Sderot were injured and tens of thousands of Israeli civilians were forced to hunker down in bomb shelters and reinforced safe rooms over the weekend.

But for some media, it all started when Israel fired back.

The Daily Telegraph’s headline was: “Israel pummels Gaza with biggest daytime bombardment against Hamas since 2014 ”.‘Pummeling’ Gaza gives the impression of an entirely one-sided assault. If the Telegraph sees fit to mention the considerable size of the Israeli response, why did it fail to acknowledge what was the largest Gaza rocket barrage against Israel since 2014?



A falcon was discovered dead near the Gaza border on Monday with strings attached that contained flammable material.


Tying flammable material to a falcon and sending it over the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel border with intent to start a fire in Israeli territory was deemed an “unacceptable” use “as weapons of war” by PETA.


Daily attacks continued including last Thursday when 21 fires broke out when fires broke out on in the Gaza border region due to incendiary balloons being flown into Israel.,7340,L-5309048,00.html


An incendiary balloon from Gaza landed in the yard of a house in Sderot last Thursday.,7340,L-5308926,00.html


On Tuesday, (the 3rdday of the “ceasefire”) 17 fires were caused by incendiary balloons launched from Gaza. One incendiary balloon landed in a kindergarten in an Israeli community near the Gaza border. Children were in the courtyard at the time. An Israeli aircraft targeted a Palestinian group launching incendiary balloons, reportedly wounding two


In response to continued arson kite and balloon terror led by Hamas, Israel announced Monday that it was cutting off fuel and gas supplies to Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing, but allowing medicines and food to pass through. In addition, the permitted fishing zone in Gaza has been reduced from six nautical miles to three. At the same time, the Egyptians announced that they were temporarily closing the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza,7340,L-5311269,00.html


Egypt has warned Hamas to significantly reduce or completely end the launching of incendiary balloons and kites into Israeli territory from Gaza within a few days,,7340,L-5311533,00.html


Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon wrote to deputy secretary-general of the UN Amina Mohammed, who is known for her strong advocacy on environmental protection.”For over one hundred days, Hamas terrorists…have used arson kites and other aerial delivery means to set almost 700 fires that have torched thousands of acres, including over 1,500 acres of agricultural fields in Israel.””This new face of terrorism directly targets the Israeli ecosystem and has caused over $2 million in damage.””Hamas is attacking Israel’s southern sources of livelihood and their acts of eco-terrorism have not only devastated land that provides food and livelihood to our civilians, but they have also caused irreparable damage to nature preserves and dozens of species of wildlife.




Gal Lusky, a founder and leader of the relief organization Israeli Flying Aid, has been working covertly—and audaciously—to support displaced civilians in southwest and northern Syria since the beginning of the insurgency against Syria’s President Assad, in April, 2011. She described “the extremity of the situation”—yet another daunting humanitarian crisis, the result of a massive regime-led military offensive in Dara’a.


Syria conflict: Injured civilians turn to historic foe Israel amid Deraa bloodshed’It’s strange for us that Israel is more humanitarian than our Arab brothers,’ says father-of-two.


The IDF used a Patriot missile to shoot down a drone approaching from Syria on Friday following a similar incident on Wednesday.



Several Palestinians, some from the Gaza Strip, have donated to the campaign for the establishment of a synagogue in memory of Reuven Schmerling (70 ) in his home town Elkana, Samaria; He was the victim of a terror attack in October 2017 and was stabbed and beaten to death by two Palestinians at his coal storehouse in Kafr Qasim.,7340,L-5311750,00.html



Israeli company Enlight Renewable Energy has signed an agreement to build a 350-megawatt wind turbine farm in Spain.




Israeli firm Sight Diagnostics has developed an accelerated blood diagnostics system based on computer imaging coupled with machine learning technology,  which enables medical practitioners to measure blood count directly in their office, obviating the need for a sample to be sent away for laboratory testing.Results are obtained in ten minutes, allowing physicians to place patients on the most appropriate treatment right away – during the initial visit.




Yehuda Cohen, chief executive of the Lipski Plastics factory in the Barkan industrial zone in the West Bank, said he could not understand the Seanad (Irish Senate) vote in support of a bill banning the sale of goods from Israeli settlements. Cohen, who employs 70 Palestinians in his factory, said last week’s vote would first and foremost hurt the Palestinian workforce. About 7,000 of the 10,000 workers in Barkan are Palestinian. Israeli trade officials predict that in the wake of the vote, companies may reconsider doing business with Ireland. Moshe Lavran, who owns three factories in Barkan, said, “Every time the Irish use their mobile phones or computers, they are using Israeli technology, so let’s see them boycotting anything Israeli.”



Editorial New York Post: Since the end of March, Hamas-spurred terrorists have flown hundreds of firebombs into Israel, setting aflame thousands of acres of farmland, forests and nature preserves. Israel’s Environmental Protection Ministry fears that particulate matter from the fires may boost cancer and vision problems as well as respiratory illness. If one combatant can launch environmental war without global censure, the tactic will catch on. Why aren’t the world’s greens screaming at this “assault on the planet”?


Michael Cotler-Wunsh: In defiant breach of international law, the Palestinian “scorched earth” strategy – using balloons and kites flown over the border – has set fires ablaze that are ravaging Israel daily. This strategy of destroying the food of the civilian population in an area of conflict is banned under Article 54 of Protocol I of the 1977 Geneva Conventions.


Rolene Marks:Animal lovers, take note: using a magestic falcon as an incendiary device is cruel and unusual…At first “protestors” set fires to rubber tires, creating an environmental hazard. Turkeys choked to death on the fumes. Nobody said a word. At one “peaceful protest,” a donkey was set on fire. The poor, tortured creature was still alive.  Nobody said a word…Those who love the land don’t burn it.

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