Israel Update: 12.7.2018


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A closer look at the Israeli technology which helped the rescue of the Thai football players & their coach. Teams involved in the rescue efforts used high-tech communications systems donated by Israeli company MaxTech Networks.
1 min.50 secs into this video Maxtech Networks engineer Tom Gilad explains his company’s  “mesh” technology which  allows the creation of a “virtual”  communications infrastructure underground.
A group of Israeli photographers banded together for a special photo project to show the world the devastating results of the fires breaking out because of incendiary kites and balloons being flown into Israel from the Gaza Strip.
One said: “An entire region in Israel is being burned every day by dozens of balloons being flown in our direction, and we cannot remain silent “
More than100 days have passed since the kite and balloon terrorism  began. Firefighters, community security coordinators, and KKL teams worked tirelessly to put out 33 fires across the region on Monday.
Israel announced on Monday the closure of the Kerem Shalom border crossing with Gaza in response to the continued launching of incendiary device which have burned 8,000 acres in Israel. Only food and medicine will be allowed to cross. The IDF said the step was taken “in light of the situation in which the Hamas terrorist organization exploits the residents of the Gaza Strip – and launches kites and explosive firebombs towards the communities surrounding Gaza.”
A special task force has been formed to combat Palestinian arson terrorism against Israeli communities adjacent to Gaza.Palestinian kite terrorism, which has been ravaging ‎‎Gaza-vicinity communities since late April, ‎has so ‎‎far sparked ‎‎860 fires.  Over 8,000 acres   of ‎forest ‎‎and ‎‎‎agricultural ‎‎land ‎on the Israeli side of ‎the ‎‎border have been destroyed. The fires have ‎‎destroyed 25% of all nature reserves near the ‎‎border. The damage to the area’s flora and fauna ‎‎will ‎take years to rehabilitate. Hamas operatives have been trying to upgrade the kites to fly deeper into Israeli territory.
A Gazan man died Friday along the Gaza-Israel border, with Palestinian eyewitnesses and the Israeli army saying a device he was holding had exploded.Several other Palestinians were injured in the incident
289 rockets and mortar shells have been fired from Gaza into Israel since the beginning of 2018.In 2017, 35 rockets and mortar were fired, compared to 15 in 2016, 21 in 2015, and 4,897 in 2014.
Nearly every day, Israeli volunteers from ‘Path to Recovery’ arrive at the Erez Crossing in order to transport Palestinian patients from the Gaza Strip to hospitals in Israel where they receive medical treatment.
The IDF shot down a Syrian drone that penetrated several miles into Israeli territory from Syria on Wednesday, sending fragments of the aircraft crashing into the Sea of Galilee.

In overnight operations on Tuesday-Wednesday, the IDF delivered hundreds of care packages donated by residents of the Israeli Golan Heights to displaced Syrian children in camps across the border.The mission was part of the IDF’s “Operation Good Neighbour” which has been providing humanitarian aid to Syrians in the border area since June 2016.

Israel Police on Saturday foiled an attempted stabbing attack by a Palestinian man carrying a knife and a meat cleaver in the West Bank.. Earlier Saturday, border police at the a checkpoint near Jerusalem arrested a Palestinian who tried to pass through a metal detector while carrying a knife.
Representatives from more than 2,000 Chinese and Israeli companies attended the 4th China-Israel Investment Summit in Zhuhai.China is Israel’s third largest trading partner.


30 emergency responders from the U.S. were in Israel recently to learn battle-tested methods that have been honed by decades of conflict. To date, more than 7,000 American emergency personnel have received training sessions based on Israeli methodologies. One described how what they had learned in Israel had helped his team to save lives in a hostage situation in the U.S.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has approved a deal between a VA-approved manufacturer of wheelchairs and the Israeli firm SoftWheel to supply 2,000 sets of shock-absorbing wheels over three years.A flexible shock absorption system built into the wheel itself allows for better stability and a smoother ride without sacrificing speed


In October 2000, two Israeli reserve soldiers, were lynched and their bodies mutilated by a Palestinian mob after they accidentally entered Ramallah. Many remember the photo of one of the Palestinians joyously displaying his bloody hands to the frenzied mob.Three of the Palestinians who participated in the murders and are imprisoned in Israel were recently honoured by official Palestinian Authority TV. The reporter visited the families of the murderers and referred to each of them as “heroic.”Since their arrests, the PA has rewarded each of them with a salary as is stipulated by PA law. As of June 2018, their salaries have reached a combined total of $583,606

The British government and other donors to the Palestinian education system will undertake a review of incitement against Israel and Jews in Palestinian textbooks…MP Joan Ryan, chair of the Labour Friends of Israel, quoted a report by the Israel-based Institute for Monitoring Peace andCultural Tolerance in School Education that “radicalization is pervasive across this new [PA] curriculum, to a greater extent than before.” For example, a book for 10th graders, titled  Arabic Language, Vol. 1,depicts the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel as a common cause against which Muslims and Christians must do battle


The Irish Senate voted 25-20 on Wednesday to advance a bill that would criminalize trade with any part of Israel located over the pre-1967 lines.Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “The Irish Senate has given its support to a populist, dangerous and extremist anti – Israel boycott initiative that hurts the chances of dialogue between Israel and the Palestinians; it will have a negative impact on the diplomatic process in the Middle East. The absurdity in the Irish Senate’s initiative is that it will harm the livelihoods of many Palestinians who work in the Israeli industrial zones affected by the boycott.”


Teams from around the world are set to descend on Netanya, Israel, to take part in the largest ever World Lacrosse Championship this week.46 teams from six continents are participating.



Richard Goldberg and Jonathan Schanzer: The UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) is singularly devoted to the Palestinian refugee issue. UNRWA labels more than five million Palestinians “refugees” – an impossible figure. The first Arab-Israeli war, in 1948, yielded roughly 800,000 Palestinian Arab refugees. Perhaps 30,000 remain alive today, but UNRWA has kept the refugee issue alive by labelling their descendants – in some cases great-great-grandchildren – as “refugees.”In 2012 Congress ordered the State Department to disclose how many Palestinians currently served by UNRWA fled the 1948 Arab-Israeli war and how many are merely their descendants. The Obama administration classified the report, citing national security – as if revealing foreign census data were a threat to America. In April more than 50 House members urged State to declassify the report.Removing the label of “refugee” from millions of Palestinians wouldn’t hurt them. Instead, it would unlock their economic potential and create an opportunity for lasting peace. Perhaps that’s why the Palestinian leadership is fighting it.


Ben- Dror Yemini: The amazing paradox is that the more the international community invested in the refugees of Palestine—and it invested in them more than it invested in any other refugee in the world—the bigger the problem became. The Arab world stubbornly refused to rehabilitate the refugees…The stubbornness was only and exclusively about the perpetuation of refugeeism.,7340,L-5299664,00.html

Orde F. Kittrie: A bill expected to pass Ireland’s Senate on Wednesday would criminalize trade in products and services produced in Israeli settlements. If enacted, it could force U.S. firms with Irish divisions or subsidiaries to make a costly choice. ..If companies abide by the Irish law, they could violate U.S. law, which prohibits U.S. companies from participating in foreign boycotts that the U.S. government does not endorse.  Violations of U.S. anti-boycott laws are punishable by fines and by imprisonment for up to 10 years.



Naomi Kahn:several years ago, another branch of the Jahalin Bedouin clan  voluntarily relocated; the families that remained in Khan al Ahmar agreed to move as well, but were bullied by their “representatives” into retracting their consent…Some 80% of the residents of Khan al Ahmar are employed in nearby Israeli communities – and have been for many years. Shepherding is a hobby for most, since the Bedouin of Khan al Ahmar abandoned their nomadic existence generations ago…The community will remain intact, its traditional culture and lifestyle fully protected in a location only four miles away, with electricity, running water, a government-built schoolhouse, and many other modern conveniences that the Jahalin have never had.