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Israel Update 30 December 2015

The wave of terror attacks has continued. On Sunday 27 December there were five such attacks. Major incidents are reported below while “lower-level” violence including rock and firebomb throwing remains prevalent in the West Bank. Read more

Israel Update 24 December 2015

16.00 GMT. Another very difficult week for Israel as terror attacks continued.

The worst incident in the past week occurred yesterday, Wednesday 23 December:

Two Arab terrorists stabbed two people, wounding one seriously and the other fatally, at Jerusalem’s Jaffa Gate. Another civilian later succumbed to gunfire wounds, possibly inflicted when Border guards fired at the terrorists. The gunfire victim was Ofer Ben-Ari, 46, a married resident of Jerusalem and father of two. The man who was fatally stabbed was Rabbi Reuven Biermacher, 45, a married father of seven.,7340,L-4743358,00.html

The official Fatah Facebook page carried a message saying that the two people who murdered Ofer Ben Ari and Rabbi Reuven Biermacher are “heroes” and “martyrs” who engaged in a “heroic operation” and who are now immortalized and filled with glory. Read more

Flaunting it at the KSDS Chanukah Bash

By Hazel Green

Our Concert and Supper party on the eighth night of Chanukah was a swinging affair, thanks to a lively mix of guests and entertainment provided by younger shul members.

chanukah-candles Read more

Israel Update 17 December 2015

Several major terrorist incidents have been perpetrated over the past week; this summary does not include a large number of rock throwing attacks causing damage and minor injuries.

The worst incident was on Monday 14 Dec when an Arab terrorist plowed his car into a group of Israeli civilians at a Jerusalem bus stop, injuring 14 people. A 15-month-old baby was badly hurt, and two other people were moderately hurt, one of them a woman in her 70s. The infant’s mother was also among the injured.

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Israel Update 10 December


Thursday Dec 10 (as at 16.30 GMT)

Four soldiers were wounded, one seriously, in a vehicular terror attack. The car used in the attack was later found abandoned with an M16 rifle and a stun grenade inside. The attacker remained at large.  Read more

Clive Lawton speaks at WIZO Dinner

More than 100 guests enjoyed Kingston WIZO’s sell-out festive supper on the first night of Chanukah, with more than  £2,000 raised for WIZO projects in Israel. Read more

Israel Update 3 December

TERROR ATTACKS HAVE CONTINUED –some major incidents reported below:


An Israeli Arab man was shot and moderately injured and an IDF soldier lightly hurt near a checkpoint, north of Jerusalem. The attacker was identified as a member of the Palestinian Authority security forces.


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