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The Legacy of the Czech Memorial Scrolls

We have a sefer torah that was originally located in Ostrava in the Czech Republic and was lent to KSDS, on a permanent basis, by Czech Scrolls Trust. The Memorial Scrolls Trust has prepared this background article.  

People are fascinated by the story of the Czech Scrolls. How they were not destroyed. How they were not plundered or traded. How they remained together and forgotten as a collection in a deserted Prague synagogue for years. How they were rescued by the Westminster Synagogue in 1964 and put back into Jewish religious life.

It is a great story, and the success of the Memorial Scrolls Trust under Ruth Shaffer is a great achievement across 40 years. But it is much more than a story, and it is much more than any achievement. It is a key to opening a door to a whole aspect of Jewish life.

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How the Scrolls were Saved

We have a sefer torah that was originally located in Ostrava in the Czech Republic and was lent to KSDS, on a permanent basis, by Czech Scrolls Trust. The Memorial Scrolls Trust has prepared this background article.  

9 September 2015 (revised): When the Munich Agreement was signed on 29 September 1938, Britain and France agreed to Hitler’s demand to be given the German speaking border regions of Czechoslovakia, and the Germans marched in. The Jews from about sixty congregations in the prosperous industrial and commercial towns in the Sudetenland had 2 or 3 days to flee to the interior, which was still a free and sovereign country.

They left behind their synagogues, which were in German hands in time for the destruction of the Pogrom of November 1938, when synagogues across the expanded Germany, which now included the Sudetenland, were burned or vandalised and looted. In almost every case the ritual treasures of these Sudetenland synagogues were destroyed or lost.

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Kingston Heritage Open Days: September 2015

KSDS is participating in Kingston Heritage Open Days, 10-13 September 2015.

From the event website: The only Orthodox synagogue in the surrounding district. Find out about the synagogue and the Orthodox Jewish religion from members for the Jewish community. Sunday 13 September: 1030-1230.


South London Community Support Service

For those of you who attend the three times a year forum, please note next date is Monday 9th November and the title is “Living Well at Home”. More details will be sent out soon.

Do remember if you are an organiser please send all entries for the main edition to Ed Alan and for Children’s edition to Judi Shefrin by 21st September.

Wishing all readers a Happy New Year and well over the fast.



Section 1: DIARY

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Parashat of the week: Ki Teitzei

A parasha of numerous guides and mitzvot, of which only some are described here.

It starts with how to handle lust for a beautiful maiden captured during war, followed by the reiterations of the rights to inheritance of firstborn sons, even if he is born to the hated wife of a man with more than one wife. Next is the command to remove from society the ‘wayward’ child, and the command to bury immediately those executed by hanging.

One should show concern for his neighbour’s property, and return anything of his that is found astray. Men and women must not crossdress. A mother-bird must be shooed away before collecting her eggs.

Laws concerning cases of adultery are given. Forbidden marriages, and the barring of mamzerim, Ammonites and Moabites, are laid out. A camp, even when at war, must be kept clean and pure. Interest with a fellow Israelite is prohibited. Vows must be kept to. A worker on land may eat his fill, but not take extra for himself.

Divorce is permitted, however if the woman remarries and divorces, the original husband may not remarry her. One who kidnaps someone is put to death. One should be fair in payment, and give to those in need. One should be fair in weights and measures, and not trick. Everyone must remember how Amalek attacked the Israelites from behind as they left Egypt.

Israel Update: 28 August 2015

Flag of Israel

By Hazel Green


Several firebombs were thrown at a border police vehicle in East Jerusalem’s A-Tur neighborhood on Wednesday night, mere hours after a convicted killer stabbed a border policeman in the Old City. The suspect in the attack was imprisoned for the murder of Professor Menahem Stern, a recipient of the Israel Prize for History, in 1989. He was released in 2013 as part of the third round of Palestinian prisoner releases.,7340,L-4694896,00.html

A home in Duma belonging to the brother of Saad Dawabsheh, who was killed in a July 30 arson attack in the same West Bank village, in which his 18-month-old son was also burned to death, was burnt down early on Monday morning. The occupants escaped, but suffered smoke inhalation. Several Israeli web sites reported that some members of the family had been involved in criminal dealings and had been the targets of attacks in the past.

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Lost Children of the Holocaust

“Following the end of the World War Two, the BBC began a series of special radio appeals on behalf of a group of children who had survived the Holocaust but were now stranded as orphans in post-war Europe. A recording of one of these moving broadcasts still exists in the BBC archives. Seventy years on, Alex Last set out to find out what had happened to the 12 children named in this recording. They had been in many camps, including Auschwitz, Muhldorf, Kauferng, Theresienstadt, Belsen, and Dachau, and the modern-day search took him to Germany, Israel and the United States.

Five of the Holocaust survivors are still alive today, and four of them were well enough to speak to Alex, who was able to piece together their stories of courage and humanity.”

Source: BBC World Service website.



Sunday 27 September

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