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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 24 March Book Club. “Dead Lagoon” by Michael Dibdin. New members very welcome. for details of the venue.

Wednesday, 25 March Pre-Purim Lecture: Get ready for the Seder. 8pm in Shul

Wednesday 25 March Ladies’ Israeli Dancing, 8pm in Shul

Thursday 26 March Kaddish Club: an evening of memory, 8pm at 42 Villiers Avenue

Wednesday, 22 April Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebrations, from 6.30pm in Shul. See flyer in separate blog.

Wednesday, 29 April Ladies Guild AGM in the Shul. Speaker to be announced.

Special Shabbats

Special Shabbats

14 March Grandparents’ kiddush. The Shabbat will be family-themed and all babies born in the last two years will have the opportunity to have a baby blessing in Shul! Bonus: a special kiddush.


Yiska Landau

 21 March Special Kiddush given by Rabbi and Shoshana Landau to celebrate Yiska’s birthday – a first for the whole family.

 28 March Shabbat Shalom Programme for Shabbat Hagadol – Explanatory service and hot kiddush


Stimulating discussion and good food snacks: Next Tuesday (3 March 2015) – Marks Bloom, 60/62 Old London Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6QZ.

What’s On: Triple Bill

The What’s On post (see separate blog below) also contains the children’s version and food guide.  The food guide includes a new phone number and latest opening times for the Kosher Food Outlet.

What’s On

Below are the main What’s On,  children’s version and food guide.  There are also some changes in the food guide including  a new phone number and latest opening times for the Kosher Food Outlet.

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Israel Update 26 February 2015

Flag of Israel


Lina and her daughter Maryam, who was born with a hole in her heart, are the first Iraqi Christian refugees fleeing IS to come to Israel for medical treatment.

False charges from Palestinians that Israel had opened southern dams, flooding Gaza, appeared in a number of media outlets including AFP, Al-Jazeera, RT, Maan and Xinhua. The story was proven to be an outright lie by virtue of the fact that there are no dams in Israel’s south.


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and his security guard helped subdue a Palestinian terrorist who stabbed a Jewish man in the city. Security footage of the event shows Barkat lunging at the terrorist. The Mayor served as an officer in the paratroopers.,7340,L-4629577,00.html

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Kingston Synagogue Hosts a “Mirv”-ellous Melave Malka

by Hazel Green

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis paid his first visit to Kingston, Surbiton & District Synagogue, the largest United Synagogue shul in South West London, on Motze Shabbat.

Over 100 synagogue members and guests were welcomed by Kingston’s Rabbi Samuel Landau with a Havdalah ceremony, and drosha including traditional Chasidic stories, before enjoying a three-course dinner organized by the Ladies Guild.

The Chief Rabbi congratulated the shul, saying that they were blessed to have the incredible leadership duo of Rabbi Samuel and Rebbetzen Shoshana Landau, and he enthused about the varied synagogue activities ranging from an impressive Holocaust Memorial Day programme for local schools to interfaith work and myriad of social events.

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Chief Rabbi visits Kingston Synagogue

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis is flanked by Rebbetzin Shoshana and Rabbi Samuel Landau, KSDS Chairman Martin Wolfson and KSDS Assistant Chairman David Assersohn.

Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis visited Kingston Synagogue for a Melave Malka on 21 February 2015. A link to a picture album of the occasion is on our Photo Gallery page.